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With a mask of anonymity, you can shine a light on those that do wonders and the injustices that create workplace suffering. Unleash your inner superhero.

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With the majority of US states not granting rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people along with the Trump administration doing everything they can roll back the few protections in place, it’s left to companies to lead the charge by providing an LGBTQ-Friendly work environment through corporate policies.

OutBüro was recently launched as a Glassdoor.com-like community in where your voice can make a difference where you work and beyond. Through your anonymous company reviews of your current and recent past employers, you can shine a light on the reality of work-life for yourself and other LGBTQ employees. You may provide accolades for a work culture done right for you and your colleges and provide constructive feedback to make it better.

OutBüro is striving to be a global resource for the LGBTQ community by empowering LGBTQ people with a voice to influence business, company and corporate culture to improve the work-life for all both now and in the future. It is a feedback system for companies to gauge their real progress toward full LGBTQ workplace equality.

Every company listing in the CompanyReviews Employer Listing and JobPortal open job listing is required to indicate if the company has the following policies, benefits, and programs in place or not.

  • Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Domestic Partner Benefits
  • Transgender-Inclusive Benefits
  • LGBTQ Inclusive education

(Tip: participating on OutBüro is one way to accomplish this)

Are LGBT-Friendly Policies Enough?

Simple answer – No.  Having LGBTQ-friendly policies are wonderful and appreciated – but not the full picture. Remember, in the US Sexual Harassment policies have been in place since the late 70’s and still today it continues to happen. Just turn on the news. Now consider all the cases that do not make the news and those that go unreported. Discrimination and harassment of LGBTQ employees are no different. Just having policies is not enough. We must provide visibility and insight to make the change and ensure it is effective in its goals to protect.

Grab Your Spandex, Cape and Mask – Get Started Today

Jump in and be a part of making change a reality.

  1. Register for your free OutBüro account. http://outburo.com/community-registration/
  2. Complete your community profile – connect with others.
  3. From the Jobs menu, select Candidate Portal and add your resume to the searchable database so the diversity recruiters may find you in your active job search or passively with new opportunities.
  4. From the Company Reviews area, search to see if your employer is already in the system, if not add them for free.
  5. Add your review – it’s publicly anonymous (only we’ll know who you are) – just be honest and constructive following the Company Review Guidelines.
  6. Share the site with all your friends and co-workers.
  7. Feel great knowing you are making a difference.

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