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  • Marketing the Rainbow: fly, fly away

    The battle for the favors of the LGBT travelers also takes place in the sky, perhaps at ’10 miles high’. It started in the US, where it still happens a lot, but soon Europe and other parts of the world followed. This resulted in funny, wrong, colorful and effective campaigns. There are special websites, loyalty programs, benefits and, above all, cheerful attention.

  • Marketing the Rainbow: BMW, from paradox to Unexplainable

    Car brands have been targeting the LGBT consumer (especially the L and G) very early on – as buying a car involves quite a bit of money. Some brands focus on gay men, others typically on lesbians – but in recent years it’s mostly been ‘loading the brand’ with diversity, via lifestyle campaigns. It is […]

  • Picture1-1-0879ff49

    Marketing the Rainbow: 5 bizarre LGBT videos

    How often can you tell that your product is good? In order to get attention, some brands have resorted to the Realm of Bizarre. Here’s my top 5 of “Memorable LGBT Videos”.