21BANG: Add Your Business to OutBüro by Jan 31, 2021

Start your 2021 year off right by creating your personal profile on OutBüro AND adding your business or organization listing. When doing so use the coupon code 21BANG to receive 21% off the annual subscription. For organizations with 1-50 employees, the system is self-serve. For organizations over 50 employees use this contact form by Jan 31, 2021, to have the 21% discount applied to your services quote.

When you subscribe to one you receive both. You may the utilize either or both. We’re happy to assist and open to feedback to improve the site features.

For LGBTQ Entrepreneurs – QueerReviews

Being an entrepreneur is often lonely, challenging, thrilling, scary, and exciting. Magic and miracle happen when we believe in ourselves AND take action. Take action today by joining OutBüro.

  • Create or join groups focused on your brand, industry, location, or more
  • Ask current customers/clients to rate your business on OutBüro
  • Locate and nurture business partnerships, find new clients
  • Build knowledge, awareness, trust, and community authentically where you belong
  • OutBüro ratings are Schema.org compliant meaning they are indexable and may show up on search engine listings
  • 88% of online shoppers trust reviews posted to consumer websites over word of mouth. Who knew that the opinions of strangers would make such a difference in consumer behaviors? Having more positive reviews can help your business to rank higher in search results, increasing your exposure, and domain authority. Having reviews on OutBüro builds trust within the LGBTQ market.

For Employers – EmployerRatings

There are tons of benefits for employers who join OutBüro no matter the size of the organization. Check out the overview page and let’s discuss your organization’s unique opportunity.

About the author: Dennis Velco Verified icon 1
An LGBTQ social entrepreneur who focuses on strengthening the global LGBTQ+ through connecting, engaging, online, and in person.

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