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The LGBTQ+ Professional & Entrepreneur Networking Community

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As LGBTQ we face many challenges others don’t.

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I am so glad to have found the site and the amazing video interviews. I am touched by the video that you shared chatting with Gina. It breaks my heart to hear people’s stories and how they face all this psychological struggle for being LGBTQ. I haven’t been my authentic self too at my workplace because I fear discrimination. Sad but true. Thank you, Dennis, for all that you do.

There is nothing else out there like OutBüro

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Todd Evans – CEO Rivendale Media

We represent 95% of LGBTQ media (print and digital) in the USA and Canada, and I am very aware of every LGBTQ media entity in the world. There is nothing like OutBüro. It is a huge opportunity for our community as well as for employers and brands to engage with the LGBTQ community like nowhere else.

Visibility and representation create a path to equality so the next generation has it easier.

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Ashley Brundage – Trans Author and Corprate VP of D&I

Networking professionally on OutBüro supports visibility and representation. In my career so far mentors have been key to my success. I love that OutBüro allows members to connect and seek a mentor or mentee to grow in their professional lives supporting each other.


Pronunciation: [out] [ byoo r-oh ]

Definition & Meaning:

  • Out a common, well-established idiom within the international LGBTQ community denoting that someone is no longer hiding one’s identity in the closet and refers to the act of “coming OUT’ of the closet.
  • Büro in German means “office”. When pronounced correctly it sounds exactly like the English word “bureau” meaning an office for collecting or distributing news or information, coordinating work, or performing specified services; agency.