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All submitted listings are subject to review/approval before being active.

Although not yet fully automated, when either type of listing is created, in most cases the other will be either administratively created, or you may create it. Subscription fees cover both listing types. For organizations under 50, process subscription under the Employer listing, we then will administratively process the Places listing. Companies/brands/employers/organizations may therefore have BOTH listings. The employer rating is for all internal such as employees, board members, interns, and volunteers. “Places” is a loose term. It could be an internet-only brand, not just brick and mortar locations. The Places are for all external ratings/reviews such as customers/clients in any form whether B2C or B2B,

Subscription is based on total number of employees. Subscriptions are quarterly. We offer a dicount if you’d like to leverage paying annually. The larger the number the larger the lower per employee quarter/annual costs.

Partnering is very important. Together we can do more. To learn how you may qualify for additional discounts schedule an introduction conversation.

45-day Trial

Add your organization to explore the features of an OutBüro Places or Employer listing for 45-days. No credit card required. Upgrade to a quarterly subscription plan at any time (Organizations under 50 employees) to unlock all Places and Employer listing features and retain editing/management. Organizations over 50 employees will receive a quote and administratively processed to continue their subscription.

Employee Add Employer

This is a free plan meant for Non-HR EMPLOYEES (not company/organization authorized persons). It provides very limited features. All listings under this plan will be moderated and assigned to OutBüro (Admin) making it unavailable for edits after submission and also making it available to be claimed by the employer authorized staff. No credit card required.

Public Adding Place/Company Non-Profit for Non-employee ratings/reviews (External Ratings)

This is free and meant for persons in no way employees/working being paid by the organization. Adding the business/organization is quick with only a few basic data point since this is a limited listing / not full featured. It will allow you and others to then begin providing ratings/reviews after your submission has been approved by site administrators. This is to limit spam. The submission aue is typically reviewed several times a day. It then will be available for the business/organization to claim the listing and subscribe to have full features.

Organizations Over 50 Persons

We are for all sized organizations.  Organizations over 50 persons, please start with the 45-day free trial. Schedule a get to know you session and we’ll provide a custom quote. In addition to starting your 45-day trial at any time, you may request a quote.


Do we offer non-profits discount? Absolutely! We offer nonprofits a 20% discount on quarterly subscriptions and 30% for a 12-month prepaid subscription. Want or need more of a discount including up to 100%? Schedule a conversation to explore how we might partner. We will ask you to send us your Federal Government Letter of Determination, 501 (c)3 or (c)6 if you are in the U.S, or an equivalent type of documentation if outside of the U.S. New customers can sign up for their free trial and send in the required paperwork before the end of the 45 day trial period.  Upon validation, we will provide a coupon code to be applied. If under 50 people processing online. Otherwise, your quote will itemize it.

Conglomerates/Holding Companies

We would value working with you across all your owned organizations. Start the 45-dat trial and view the growing user guides/videos. We’ll schedule a discussions and demos to learn more about each other and create a custom package.