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Anthony Bawn – LGBTQ Entrepreneur, Producer, Director & Writer

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Anthony Bawn, an LGBT entrepreneur who is a co-founder of VIM Media.

VIM Media is bringing fresh and innovative films and shows that are predominantly minority driven both on-camera and behind the camera with stories that both speak to the target audience while also being approachable to a wider audience. Bawn, a gay business owner, director, writer, producer, and actor who knows how to take a vision from concept to final product crafted for his target audience while smartly managing bootstrap startup budgets, locations, acting talent and so much more.

Bawn was born in Gainesville, Florida, and has a passion for acting and film since the age of two. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor’s in Theatre with a concentration in Musical Theatre. Anthony produced his first original series Cheetah In August in 2014, which helped him gain recognition from various local and international film festivals. Currently, Anthony is developing original narrative content focused within the LGBTQIA ethnic communities with the intention to showcase true to life stories.

Anthony’s List of projects on IMDB >> https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4869777/

His work has been award-winning constantly challenging the genre to bring fresh talent to the screen with rich stories that all can relate to. Sometimes the topics are ones we’d likely discuss with the family such as Conframa. A tale of confusion and drama as a male married couple explore the boundaries of their relationship opening it up to other persons joining in a poly experiment with UPS, down, and sideways moments.

VIM Media Anthoney Bawn Director Screen Writer Actor LGBT Entrepreneur Gay Business Owner

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We have added a few video trailers from the work of Anthony Bawn. Be sure to check out the VIM Media YouTube channel for lots more.

Cheetah in August


As I Am


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Conversation Transcript

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Unknown Speaker 0:02
Hi there, this is Dennis Velco with OutBüro and welcome to yet another episode of OutBüro voices, where we are having fantastic conversations with interesting LGBT entrepreneurs, community leaders, and folks who are just dating cool. Like today we are talking with Anthony bond. He is one of the cofounders of vim media which can be found as you can see on his screen at vi m two.tv. He’s been working on this for quite a while doing video and film production, casting, every all the damage you could imagine in what it takes to create episode shows and episodes of those shows. So I’m sure we’re going to have a very interesting and the light bill conversation and welcome so much Anthony to the OutBüro voices show.

Unknown Speaker 1:03
Thank you so much for having me. This is such an honor. And I cannot wait to

Unknown Speaker 1:09
tell you about my little thing that I do.

Unknown Speaker 1:11
Well also, Well, how about we just go right into that then and but I always like to start with a little bit of the background and kind of the journey as to how you got there. Like in our initial introduction call, we found that we have some, at least some similar commonalities in the schools that you went to in the past. So let’s kind of delve into a little bit of your history and then kind of lead up to how you got into coke. co founding the media. Yeah, um,

Unknown Speaker 1:44
well, I am I was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida. So I grew up in the south, always wanted to be an actor. I was so fascinated with theater, movies and things of that nature. My biggest mistake inspirations obviously are Spike Lee, as directors and actors, you know, you got to Laurence Fishburne and your Sydney protease and your Harry Belafonte. Those are my ideal people that I looked up to growing up. And then you know, recently directors you know, like Barry Jenkins and moonlight and if bill shoot if bills you could talk but I got my start in. Like I said in the second grade so in Florida, my mother wanted me to be a doctor, I grew up in a very, um, Island family, my family’s from Bermuda. And and basically, we, they she already had her vision for me and I was like, No, Mom, I want to be an actor. I want to do this and do that. And she’s, she’s like, okay, yeah, you do it for a little while. And then once you get to college, then you’ll do what I want you to do.

Unknown Speaker 3:03
And as

Unknown Speaker 3:05
I said, so I went to college. I graduated from Duke Ellington School of Performing Arts in Washington, DC. And from there I went to Columbia in Chicago where I majored in musical theater. But my primary focus was in theater. There I met a lot of my good friends that I have today also met my husband there at college, that that, that we’re still together now for almost 13 years and going strong. Wow. So after I went to after graduating from Columbia, then I went to New York with the dreams of I’m going to be this big Broadway star. And clearly I saved up some money for the first year and then after that first year, I quickly realized that honey, it ain’t happening. So

Unknown Speaker 3:58
money goes very fast in New York City

Unknown Speaker 4:01
Yeah. So then I’m like, Okay, then you need to get you need to get a regular job use your degree and get a job. So, and I did just that I got a corporate job working for a wealth and tax advisory firm. And I was there for like a year and some change. But in in between that I was still yearning to for my creative urges in my spirit to be nurtured. And I started this first show that was a call. What’s the function? It’s a reality show. It started out as a talk show. That was five guys that’s supposed to be five gay guys on different spectrums. One was a recording artist, one was the author. One was a professional dancer, one was a fashion stylist and the other one was a philanthropist. And so it was just their whole viewpoint of what the world is and how they are treated. within this world that quickly became some spawned into a reality show I no longer about a talk show. And it to this day, it was like one of the largest, you know, view most viewed gay reality shows on YouTube when it first came out back in like 2010 2011 because there was nothing like that on YouTube during that time, and it was also featured or featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E. And then at that point, it just spawned into its own own thing. And then, from there, I started I moved to LA I was like, Okay, well you know what now, since I’ve had some semi success with this reality show, let me try to go to scripted content. I got a hold of my first TV show when I was working With one of my friends from college His name is Andrew Malone. He wrote like the script for what will be the the bones for my first TV show cheat in August. And from from there I did the first season and the first season got so much rave reviews there was classifying as the new Noah’s Ark that was done by Patrick and Polk and MTV logo, because that show had been off air for a long time. And then my show came along and it gave people that essence of what they want to watch had the drama You know, it had, you know, the story and everything was in it. And it had a sense of sci fi because when the main character has an alter ego that we see in the show, that so he Yeah, he battles with himself and his alter ego because he thinks he He’ll people through sex.

Unknown Speaker 7:03

Unknown Speaker 7:04
Yes. So. So once we did that show, and it just spawned into a countless amount of other original shows that I’ve either directed wrote or help produce. And then now we come to I started my own streaming platform, which was called bond television. And I’ve had on television for years, I think, maybe five or six years. And then I was approached by a small group of other like minded creators that they had a company, the media. And they approached me and said, Hey, we love what you’re doing with the LGBT side of things. We’re trying to start a platform, but we want to have one person to lead the gay section on the streaming platform, while we work on garnering in other different types of content. To make it all exclusive, but we want to make sure that the LGBT is very strong on our platform. So like we have very strong representation of that, because we don’t want to let that fall by the wayside. And they saw my catalog that I already had, and it was like, Okay, this seems like it’d be a good fit. So I agreed to it. And they brought me on board, sign me on for as a co founder for the new firm and I dissolved bond television and then they ingested my catalogue under their platforms. So now we are in the process of creating a ray of new material that I’m so excited for because not only are they allowing me to have have my voice and also to tell my story how I want it to be told They also given me the freedom to do it, how I want it to be done without restraints.

Unknown Speaker 9:05
Okay. And so you mentioned that it’s that, that in the media that they brought you on board for the LGBT content while they’re focusing on other things. So, is it is is a media looking to be more of a total LGBT kind of media enterprise or is it going to have, you know, cooking shows and dog, you know, like to have a variety of different kinds of shows or is it all going to be all LGBT, LGBT kind of centric,

Unknown Speaker 9:44
it’s gonna it’s going to have a variety of things on there, look, they’re looking at, they’re looking at doing their own reality shows. They’re looking at doing their own competition shows they’re looking at doing a news like a news broadcasting because on the website they do have a live they have a live feed where that they can you know stream live for I guess maybe like 25 hours or something like that 24 hours or whatnot, but they are they they are able to put on that put on this type of material on this platform so I’m excited to really be a part of it.

Unknown Speaker 10:24
Okay, well I’ll have to, if you have not checked it out before seen it. What’s happened in media based here in Wilton Manors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, started with a a weekly broadcast variety show kind of like the W and a huge following on Facebook. Now they’ve started Nightly News broadcasting. So it’s so it’s all gay news every night. Well, that that might be an interesting You know, opportunity for you guys to connect up. So, and I just I know that not because I’m connected with people, so is always in my feed and so but anywho So, so interesting. So So you are kind of in the so how far along is the media? It’s getting, you know, kind of really launching is it launched? Is it you know, people subscribe today and how do they begin to consume this and view your content?

Unknown Speaker 11:34
Right? So yes, the website is up on the stages we’re in now is that we recently acquired funding for like, I think it was like $2 million to to create our own original material, but that’s, that’s going to be broken up over the next course of the next 10 years. So however, that yearly budget is going to come into the company. They are allocate the funding to each department. So my department for the LGBT sector will get a certain amount of budget so that I can create shows for the platform. Um, but right now the site is up there, you’re able to subscribe, you’re able to watch all the content. But we’re in the beta stages of launching our mobile app, which is going to be on Apple TV app, iPhone, Android, Roku, and then there’s going to have like the fire stick, I think, and it was like one other one. I think it was like Samsung TV or something like that. So yeah, so they’re really reaching out but that over the next over the next three to six months, we’ll, we’ll see the full rollout of the platform.

Unknown Speaker 12:51
No. Okay. And hopefully they’ll revise that budget from 10 years down to at least five is doing the math. Like, I know, it’s, you know, they do good quality content can take some money right now yeah, I’ve been doing it inexpensively. It still takes quite a bit, especially within aggressive, you know, trying to do your own reality shows, game shows. And so lots of sets have to be created. And

Unknown Speaker 13:20
well, you see, the thing is when it comes to that, how I view that process is that there’s a lot of people that have that have standards. And when I when I think that a lot of people who went to film school who graduated from film school and who went to those type of institutions, they’re conditioned a certain way to understand that this is what’s required in order for something to be made. And that’s not the case. I didn’t go to film school I didn’t go to I didn’t graduate as a producer or whatever. But I’ve worked with a lot of graduate students from UCLA Harvard. Verdun, Yale, that that no this type of business and there’s like, Anthony, what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, no one in the industry would be able to get it done on those types of budgets, but you get it done and it looks good. It’s not like shit. So they’re, they’re all amazed at how how efficient it gets done. Yes, you know, there’s some cracks here and there and things happen here and there but that’s just the nature that’s just the nature of the business. But at the end of the day, it does get done.

Unknown Speaker 14:37
Guy guy

Unknown Speaker 14:38
and not not not a million dollar budget or to do like, you know, some someone told me like, Oh, I need $100,000 to do 130 minute episode. I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 14:50
What? Yeah, you know that? Yeah. Yeah, right. No, I understand that again. No, no, what’s great, it’s true is taking that, you know, kind of crappy bootstrap, you know, approach, you know, the more success you have with that, you know, then as subscribers Come on revenue, you know, really begins to take traction, that’s just going to add to the budget and be able to do even more but, you know, so many entrepreneurs no matter what, no matter what industry you’re in, you know, we all have to, you know, like out Bureau is a bootstrap self funded, you know, startup as well. And, you know, I do lots with next to nothing. It’s all about you know, like in your industry, in your industry, yes, there is a certain amount of equipment you need to have,

Unknown Speaker 15:45

Unknown Speaker 15:46
you know, a certain amount, you know, if I tried to shoot it, other you can

Unknown Speaker 15:51
shoot a movie on your iPhone. It’s not it’s been done. It’s been done, and no, and it’s been nominated for a very Pristina, ward. tangerine was shot all on an iPhone.

Unknown Speaker 16:05
Really? Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 16:07

Unknown Speaker 16:08
All iPhone and it was nominated, I think either like a Golden Globe or something like that it was. And I’m like, it just further proves my point, you know that, that you can create mindful content, but not throw a million dollars at it. I mean, for me granted I would for a film I would take 15,000 to produce a film and get it done and make it look great. And then I’ll use the rest of that million to market it.

Unknown Speaker 16:42
Well, there you go.

Unknown Speaker 16:44
Well, I know a little bit of something my ex

Unknown Speaker 16:48
17 years while I was working in my technology consulting business that I owned, I actually supported him for nearly four years, while He went to film school that he went to both New York Film School and in Orlando, Florida, the New York Film Academy. And talking about doing things on a budget, obviously, when you’re a student in the school and I had a lot of fun for, for a couple of the shoots where I volunteered to do all the craft services. So right

Unknown Speaker 17:23
is very important to actually that’s a very important thing. You’ll be surprised more people spend more money on crafting services, then for a PA.

Unknown Speaker 17:34
Wow. And so for those who don’t know, craft services is the food and beverages that’s on this set so that everyone doesn’t get hangry Mm hmm. And but yeah, so they gave me a budget and I created a whole menu. So every day was different, you know, different food, different kinds of things because I enjoy cooking that’s one of my things, but So that was a lot of fun, met some great, great people through that process. So know a little bit about the industry from that. So, so what kind of projects if any, are you currently working? I did check out your website and I’ll just say, I didn’t, I didn’t subscribe to view all of the content but from what I could view certainly had, you know, some yummy factor going on there. You know, hunky hunky looking guys.

Unknown Speaker 18:32
Like Hello, yes, yes, you a new a new.

Unknown Speaker 18:40
So, you know, what kind of are you currently working on any production projects or?

Unknown Speaker 18:48
Yeah, um, as of right now, where I come from a season two, we’re just now wrapping that up. We’re still in the process of releasing those episodes. So I think this week We have the last few couple days of for this season and we got a third season thank God in which which shows that again confirmer confirmer. Yes, it’s an 80s term that means that it means confusion and drama. Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s what was told to me. My uncle is like my mentor. I, he told me I was telling him, me and my husband were talking about something. And we were telling him about a situation that was going through and then he was like, Oh, my gosh, you guys just come from? I was like, What is that? He was like, he said, it’s an old term from 80s, like confusion and drama. That’s what you guys are doing right now. I say, you know, I’m taking that. I’m taking that and I’m gonna create a show off of that. And so I did. Now this is our we’re in our second season now and our third season is coming out 2021 hopefully with no COVID

Unknown Speaker 19:54
Oh, my goodness. So tell us a little bit about the the premise of that particular Show, you know, what’s it about? And, you know, kind of what’s the general storyline of this confusion and drama?

Unknown Speaker 20:08
Yes. So come from it is about a married couple who have invited a third person into their marriage to become their boyfriend. So it showcases the rawness of emotions that this married couple goes through with this young with this young man. And it’s, it’s comedy, it’s a comedy, it’s drama is really serious. And it brings up a lot of a lot of things that that most people don’t want to have the conversation about polygamy, and no, like, those things are real, like, you know, those are real things that happens in the world. So and I wanted to speaking from experience I wanted to write a show about that, because I had an experience me and my husband had an experience with that. And it was not

Unknown Speaker 21:11
the best situation. But, um, I wrote a show about it. A great show came out.

Unknown Speaker 21:19
Okay, now so you say a married couple is that a heterosexual are gay married? Gay married couple gay married couples. So gay male. Yes. All right. So I so polygamy or a lot of terms would be lovely.

Unknown Speaker 21:32
Yeah, but it could work both ways. Right?

Unknown Speaker 21:35
Yeah. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. It seems like it seems. Trends. Well, because

Unknown Speaker 21:42
and that’s another thing because in the second season, we introduced that because another female that’s in our show. She in the first season, she talked about her experience dealing with that in her marriage, and that’s why her and her husband divorced and we brought that story in the second season and we introduced her relationship and her situation with with her ex husband and the girl that he left her for. So it’s like you have that so you have that you also have my character situation I’m in the show actually. Angel as Angel, but my character situation dealing with now I’m in a pending divorce with my husband from the situation and then I ended up moving to a new a new apartment and then I started messing around with an other married couple that happened to be my neighbors.

Unknown Speaker 22:43
Yeah, I gotta say certainly on point. I tell you what, it certainly seems I’m fairly still fairly new to the Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors area and then also recently divorced three years ago. But, and quite ready for that to change up by folks out there hello handsome, handsome potential husbands out there. But, you know, I’ve, you know, have I been an angel throughout all of my past travels and so forth? No, but I guess I was just a little oblivious. Uh huh. As to how much in the gay community and I’m sure heterosexual to some point, but specifically in the gay community. It’s like in Wilton Manors in Fort Lauderdale, it’s like 95%, at least my exposure 95% of the couples are either open or cheating on each other.

Unknown Speaker 23:46

Unknown Speaker 23:48
there’s a difference. Well, and that’s the one thing that I do

Unknown Speaker 23:51
and the threat levels. Yeah, I have. I have met several couples who have three or four where they’re all For the best, yeah. Well, we’ll say, even when they have three in the relationship, they’ll still go out and do things.

Unknown Speaker 24:10
No see enough. And that’s it. And I guess that’s the thing that I in the show that I really want to put to head because there’s a difference between being open and there’s a difference between having understand a level of understanding and communication. So and that’s exactly what I outline in the show that more most people think that you know, gay couples are very men are very promiscuous and then they want to like you know, see things outside of marriage, but then in the show it outlines that no, that’s not the case is that these two couples, they love each other, but they just like they their appetite to sexual appetite is in heightened when they have another person that’s involved. It’s not that you know, it’s not that they want to cheat or go out and you know, mess around with other folks. That, oh no, we have a level of understanding Oh, that person wants to come in. Hey, we, we, it’s a community level of communication. And that’s, and that’s one thing that I’ve that I love about the show. Because I wrote, I hope, you know, right now, God the first season this season, I didn’t write as much until the later episodes, but like all of my writers, they understood what I meant and how when I came across in the development process of the show, like they were just on point on all levels, so I was like, oh, okay, and I didn’t even tell them like, a detailed backstory. And I was like, This is situation.

Unknown Speaker 25:39

Unknown Speaker 25:41
situation B. Let’s make it happen.

Unknown Speaker 25:44
Yeah, girl, because in the gay community who has not experienced that, seriously, seriously, so, but yeah, you want any more material? Hmm, just come on over to Fort Lauderdale. And, you know, I could go boop, boop, boop, boop boop boop boop. And I mean, it’s, and I’ll be I mean, okay, so, so here’s the material for you and your show. We might have to talk a little bit offline. I don’t know how much of this that I was put on this. However, you know, whenever I first but what I will share publicly, is whenever I first moved there a little over a year and a half ago, I started seeing this very nice guy. Well, I won’t say we’ll just say he was from New York retired from a very early retired from a very prestigious

Unknown Speaker 26:41
organization at a very high level. And

Unknown Speaker 26:47
when we first started seeing each other, it’s like omg walk into his house. It’s exactly my style all mid century modern furniture. Also an artist I’m an artist, a painter. As well, he’s also a painter. So I’m like, I’m complimenting all the art. And it was like, finally at the end of the first, you know, evening at his house, he’s like, Oh, well, that’s actually mine. I’m like, Oh my god, you just went up. And, you know, it was like every, every 30 minutes, there was something up and up, and up and up. I mean, he was already an incredibly good looking, well fit in everything else, man. And we actually saw each other for almost eight weeks, and then all of a sudden, one day he goes, Dennis, I’m not going to be able to cry. I’m probably not going to be able to see you for about two weeks, possibly three. I’m like, Oh, are you going out of town? He goes, No. My husband is coming into town.

Unknown Speaker 27:46
Now, I have been in this man’s house

Unknown Speaker 27:51
three to four times a week for eight weeks. There was not one time any hint, no photos. In the house, no Hinton conversation. Wow. And I, you know, I’m like, well, is he as hot as you? And and he’s like, Well, yeah, he’s actually a dancer in the New York ballet. And so he’s, you know, incredibly good body. And 70 picture. I’m like, are you guys? Are you guys open to a truffle? And he’s like, Well, let me talk to him. I’m like, Oh, you haven’t had this conversation before, but we have to you have been seeing me now for eight weeks. And I just, you know, though, I didn’t like feeling like if he would have been open about it. Yeah. Like upfront. Mm hmm. And we had had the opportunity to have those conversations as adults, the whole waiting room. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:57
Ah, you know,

Unknown Speaker 28:58
I would have been a different story right? My yeah would have been a different story,

Unknown Speaker 29:02
the and that’s and that’s what I’m saying in the show. That’s exactly what happens. The conversation happens. We’re straightforward. We have a conversation with the other young gentlemen. And we just lay it all out. It’s like we have no expectations. We don’t want anything for you. We just want your time. And we just want like, if you’re interested, yes, we think you’re cool, but blah.

Unknown Speaker 29:25
That’s it. It was 100%. transparency.

Unknown Speaker 29:30
Okay. Well, I think that this is very onpoint. This so is that currently streaming on? Yes. First TV.

Unknown Speaker 29:39
Yes, the first season is and the second season it the first four episodes of the second season is on them right now, streaming, and then we have a couple more episodes. Those are going to be releasing over the next few weeks.

Unknown Speaker 29:51
Well, now I have to watch it.

Unknown Speaker 29:56
Now now Now you’ve already got me hooked and I’m

Unknown Speaker 29:59
and It’s a very sexy show, I will tell you that it’s very sexy.

Unknown Speaker 30:04
Well, nothing wrong with that with a handsome fella like yourself in the show as well, I’m sure you’re gonna get lots of views, hopefully from this. And so. So on the subscription is that a monthly subscription for the year,

Unknown Speaker 30:20
we have a monthly and we have an annual subscription. So the monthly subscription is on 999. And the annual subscription is $83. For right now we have a promo that’s going on that if you use the promo code, newbie 2020 you’ll get 30% off for the the entire subscription for the lifetime of how long ever you

Unknown Speaker 30:45
have it. Oh, wow. So newbie. 2020 Yes. So 30% off perpetually so long as you maintain your subscription.

Unknown Speaker 30:57

Unknown Speaker 30:58
Awesome. Awesome. We like that. And and what’s so great about that is, you know, folks when you are subscribing to them to.tv what you’re also what you’re doing is you’re not only you’re getting original content and you’re supporting an LGBT business and an LGBT media business, that I helped bring you additional content focused on our community. So it’s supporting our community and and supporting, helping to further get LGBTQ characters out in the world on to media. So Hello. Hey, who doesn’t love some yummy guys? Right, right hands? Well, I mean, it’s stories. And that’s the

Unknown Speaker 31:45
other thing I just wanted to I wanted to make sure that like, yes, the actors that we cast literally just happen to be attractive. That’s not what we’re looking for. We’re looking for For actors, and they, it’s just so when they come in audition room, and we look at them and they get the script, and they read the material, and we like, wow. So you can actually act and you’re attractive.

Unknown Speaker 32:15
Right? So like,

Unknown Speaker 32:18
how it works, it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt. Well, you know, every, every, every film, every TV show, you know, you know, is not going to name names. If I, you know, I, you know, are some actors not exactly the, the, you know, the hottest Sure, yeah. But, you know, they they play particular characters. And you know, they do those characters well, so I understand, right, but in I’m visiting my sister right now in in Central Florida, and, you know, she knows, if I’m a I don’t watch much TV, but when I do I’m gonna watch several episodes, you know, or several seasons of something. It’s gotta have some yummy factor. Right? It’s got like, I’ll just do a shout out right now. Well, there’s a few shows I recently watched. I love the new Netflix show called Hollywood. Oh, I love that show that has

Unknown Speaker 33:18
I love Ryan Murphy. You know, I’ve that’s one other person that I, I think deserves a lot more recognition. Just because what he does with the community and how he tells us stories, and how inclusive he is in all of his material, not just like white, black, you know, it he’s like, very inclusive across the board. I think that needs he needs his roses and his praises for that.

Unknown Speaker 33:47
Absolutely. And one additional show. I’ve seen all eight seasons now. I’m going to give a big O shout out for the last kingdom. Folks, if you haven’t seen the last Kingdom

Unknown Speaker 34:00
Oh isn’t the zombie one

Unknown Speaker 34:02
No, it’s the United Kingdom before it was all United Kingdom. And there’s the one main character it’s centered around this character called Goodrich blueprints is Danish. He’s a Denmark from Denmark and he’s like a kingmaker. Oh, we’re just gonna say, okay, hot as fuck. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, right? And they have they portray homosexuality, lesbian I mean they portray a lot throughout the whole show, but if you’ve not seen it, it’s worth putting in your queue. Let me tell you for for for beautiful, hunky. Hop man if you’d like to see that. The last Kingdom book rich sauna boot rich

Unknown Speaker 34:59
definitely have a Check that out.

Unknown Speaker 35:02
Well, so wonderful. I appreciate you coming on today and giving us a little bit of background on VIM media, which again, as you see on your screen is that VIM2.tv head out, head over there right now, and subscribe. Be sure to put in the promo code of newbie 2020, or your 30% off your subscription. And I believe that is both for the annual subscription as well as the monthly subscription. And that is perpetual for as long as you maintain your subscription status. So there you go. You’ll be supporting this fantastic gentleman right here and the bond as he is striving to create a original LGBTQ content. So check that out. And again, if you would like to hear this Or continue this, or watch or hear other episodes. Check us out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, pod, Spotify, or iHeartRadio. And be sure right here if you are watching this on YouTube, right now go right over here and hit the subscribe, as well as check out some of the other videos that we have. We’re looking to bring you original content as out your voices, featuring LGBTQ entrepreneurs and community leaders. So if you would like to be on the show, please head over to OutBuro.com choose podcast and you’re going to see be a guest fill out the form and let’s schedule a get-together and learn more about you so that you can also be featured here, just like Anthony bond of vim media again, that’s the M two.tv. Thank you so much, Anthony, for being With us today and when you have new shows and new things to announce that you would like to come back please give me a holler and we’ll be sure to get you scheduled back here. We’ll do thank you so much. Ready you have a wonderful rest of your week. Thank you so much for tuning in everyone. This is Dennis Velco. Without bureau that is O ut buro.com where you belong and your voice matters.

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