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Ataeum Levels the Playing Field for Aspiring Entrepreneurs With New All-in-One Platform to Transform Ideas and Dreams Into Successful Businesses

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ataeumAtaeum has unveiled an innovative new platform that empowers entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into successful businesses. The all-in-one approach is unique in that it removes obstacles that commonly discourage would-be entrepreneurs from pursuing their startup dreams. The Ataeum platform – which until now has been in private beta – is now accepting new members at ataeum.com.

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Entrepreneurs with even the most brilliant ideas often falter because they’re hesitant to leave the security of their job, or they don’t know where to find the right collaborators to get their startup off the ground. Ataeum addresses both pain-points by automating the most time-consuming legal and administrative tasks associated with creating a joint venture, and by connecting entrepreneurs with other co-founders and individual contributors to build the right team to get the startup off the ground.

Ataeum is unique in its approach to smart vesting. No other startup platform offers such a robust set of legal tools to ensure fair and equitable distribution of the venture’s future commercialization value. As each participant joins a venture, the founders determine their target ownership and vesting schedule based on mutually agreed-upon responsibilities and budget contributions. The Ataeum platform then keeps track of vesting, ensuring participants are appropriately credited for the work they perform and the financial contributions they make to the venture.

How Ataeum Works

Joining the Ataeum community is free. Members can build their profile, network with other entrepreneurs and browse a growing list of projects – or create a project of their own. Ataeum Projects enable members to document their ideas and use Ataeum’s “MVP Flow” to define and refine their minimum viable product (MVP) vision. Starting a project gives members the ability to sign unlimited NDAs with other members, making it easy to explore collaborative options with full protection of their intellectual property (IP).

Once an Ataeum Project has a clearly defined MVP and a team of collaborators in place, it’s time to upgrade to an Ataeum Venture. This step forms contractual relationships between the co-founders, allowing them to take concrete steps toward assembling a team to build the MVP. An Ataeum Venture enables co-founders to expand the team while defining roles and fairly managing the participants’ potential ownership interests and reinforcing them legally. At the Venture stage, Ataeum holds all IP in escrow and enables founders to assign future ownership and set clearly defined vesting schedules for all involved.

With the team in place and the MVP built, Ataeum Ventures then have the option of commercializing the project. At this stage, once the Venture delivers a commercialization notice, Ataeum then establishes the Venture as a Delaware corporation. In addition to filing the certificate of incorporation, Ataeum also obtains an IRS EIN number, issues stock to venture participants, creates contractor agreements for personnel, and transfers the related IP to the newly established corporation. At this stage, the Venture graduates the Ataeum platform.

Get Started Today!

Not only is joining Ataeum free, but members can interact with fellow members and create as many projects as they like at no cost. This includes unlimited use of Ataeum’s MVP flow, which guides founders through a series of questions to help them take their startup from the idea stage to a fully conceptualized MVP. Once a member converts their Project to a Venture, Ataeum charges a fee of $699 plus 3.99% of future commercialization entity (for a limited time, Ataeum is offering early bird pricing of $199 plus 1.99% of future commercialization entity). Ataeum then charges a $999 fee for incorporation, at which time the Venture becomes its own legal entity.

Visit ataeum.com for more information about the Ataeum platform. Like Ataeum on Facebook, follow on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn to stay up to date on the company’s latest news.

About Ataeum

Founded in 2021, Ataeum’s mission is to empower people to turn their ideas and passions into businesses, and build a world where everyone designs their own lives and loves the work they do. Ataeum delivers an all-in-one platform that empowers entrepreneurs to bootstrap startups in an automated, low-cost, no-paperwork way. The company’s innovative work-based approach minimizes co-founder uncertainty and conflicts, and facilitates fair ownership based on the amount of work performed. Ataeum is privately held and headquartered in Menlo Park, CA. For more information, visit ataeum.com.


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