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Being LGBTQ and Sikhism with Gurchaten “Nanoo” Sandhu

In this episode of OutBüro Voices host, Dennis Velco chats again with our friend Gurchaten “Nanoo” Sandhu who is the LGBTQ Global Leader at the United Nations about being LGBTQ and Sikh.   

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During the recording of our initial interview (link below) at the tail end, I asked Nanoo about being gay LGBTQ, and being Sikh.  His response was rather surprising to me stating that, unlike several other prominent world religions, the Sikh faith has no mention of homosexuality in its scriptures at all.  Many LGBTQ persons around the world have grown up and have been hurt by family and faiths that believe, whether, right or wrong, or even long ago mistranslation. I find it refreshing to hear the Sikh faith speaks nothing about it.  

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In the past episode, we discussed his LGBTQ leadership role at the United Nations.  

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