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Bi.org Celebrates 25th Anniversary in Time for Bi-Pride Month and Bi-Visibility Day – Foundational Bi-Resource Commemorates Two Decades of Supporting Inclusivity Across the (Bi)Sexuality Spectrum

Now featuring bilingual content, with a wealth of articles, Bi 101s, and other info available both in Spanish and English.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bi.org proudly announced their 25th anniversary celebration in tandem with the annual Bi-Pride Month, and Bi-Visibility Day set for September 23. With over 1.3 million page-likes on Facebook as well as substantial Twitter and Instagram followings, Bi.org maintains its position as the largest online resource for Bi information and news. Originally founded in the 1990s as a research project for the American Institute of Bisexuality and The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid (KSOG), Bi.org continues to serve a population that is as diverse as it is inclusive.

AIB and bi.org founder Fritz Klein
AIB and bi.org founder Fritz Klein

“We’re happy that our founder’s work, psychiatrist Fritz Klein, is still going strong,” said Talia Squires, Director of Bi.org. “He originally created Bi.org as an online community to post news, host forums and dating profiles, and create an inclusive global hub for the underserved Bi population. People who, like many in the LGBT community, often had to live their lives in the shadows. But Klein lived his life proudly, out, and wanted the rest of the world to have the same freedom. Thankfully, times have changed, and over the years, acceptance has allowed Bi social media groups and dating sites to thrive. So while Bi.org maintains a thriving community, it also continues to publish important informative articles and resources, inspiring profiles of famous Bi people, and Bi character profiles to help fill everyday Bi folks with hope. Our core message is still the same – you are not alone.”

For important Bi-related news and content, visit Bi.org online. And keep an eye out for the Spanish Bi.org newsletter, set to launch in 2022. Follow Bi.org on social media @BiDotOrg: FacebookTwitterInstagram.

About Bi.org

Originally founded in 1996 by sex researcher and psychiatrist Fritz Klein, Bi.org (formerly bisexual.org) began with the simple goal of letting Bi people know they were not alone. When first launched, there were almost no online resources for the Bi community, or those resources were hard to find, highly sexualized, and/or catered to niche audiences. Since those early years, Bi.org has evolved to serve an increasingly diverse, global community.

Bi Pride Month
Bi Pride Month

Over two decades later, Bi.org continues its mission to connect Bi people around the world; providing accessible and scientifically accurate information about (bi)sexuality. Whether visitors need to learn about (bi)sexuality to better understand themselves, loved ones, peers, or conduct research – Bi.org will continue to offer valuable resources. Learn more about the global Bi community at: www.Bi.org.

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Talia Squires, Director of Bi.org


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