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Career Networking as an LGBT Professional – 7 Tips

The value of career networking should not be put off until you’re in the middle of a job hunt. All too often I hear people say that they are not active on LinkedIn or OutBüro because they are not currently seeking a new job. In reality, career networking needs to become part of your everyday job and career-related jobs. Everyone should be networking, yet as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer professionals, networking is essential.

Jump start your LGBT professional networking

Join the main OutBüro site for free to begin networking in the LGBT professional community. Leverage its new Job Portal by adding your resume so that companies can find you. We’re in dialog with many large companies to begin posting their open jobs on the site seeking LGBT candidates.

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Don’t let opportunities pass you by

Your career network should be set up for when you require it, possibly for proactive and reactive job hunting. No job is secure. You may be let go for no reason of your own and suddenly be needing to hunt for a new job. Also, the best time to be open to a recruiter contacting you proactively is when you have a job and passively open to hearing about other opportunities. If you are not actively networking and keeping your resume up to date on job sites including OutBüro’s Job Portal you may be missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime and have no idea.

Share your company insights

You can gain insight into potential companies from LGBT peers regarding the company’s policies, work culture and actual LGBT-friendliness potentially down to the department level you are interested in by leveraging the OutBüro LGBT Employer Reviews/Ratings. Without that insight, you are relying on the company’s public HR marketing machine that may or may not reflect the reality of the atmosphere. To learn more check out our article titled “Be a Superhero – Your Voice has the Power to Create Change”. Else you are relying on your own personal network to have the insight you need. We’d like to think that having both your network and the OutBüro LGBT Employer Reviews/Ratings tool as your growing best bet to transparency while furthering equality in the workplace for your and everyone’s benefit.

Career Networking Goal

Professional career networking entails using private, professional, educational or family contacts to help with a job hunt, reach career objectives, research the companies you are interested in, and learn more about your areas of work that interests you. Networking can be a fantastic way to hear about job opportunities or find an in; in the business, you’d love to function in.

  • Networking can help you to get hired and assist you to expand your own career. LinkedIn reports:
  • 61% of active and passive job seekers concur that routine online interaction with their peer community can result in potential job opportunities.
  • 70% of job seekers in 2016 were hired companies where they had a connection.
    80% of professionals consider professional network media to be significant to career success.

7 Networking Tips

1. Building and growing your sphere

Include the right people in a focused manner while also casting a wide net so that you widen your sphere of connections and uncover new opportunities.

I’m personally an advocate for open networking. A closed door is one you don’t open. But some feel a more closed network suits them. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Any and everyone
  • Business partners
  • Past or current co-workers, managers, managers or personnel
  • Past or existing customers and clients
  • Acquaintances, you know in your personal life – family, neighbors, etc.
  • College alumni
  • People through from community organizations – anywhere you interact with others
  • Past or current professors or teachers
  • Local business networking groups
  • Online networking sites such as OutBüro and LinkedIn (OutBüro on LinkedIn)

2. Know exactly what your professional network do for you

More than 80 percent of job seekers say that their network has assisted with their job hunt. Networking contacts might help with making you aware of new job prospects. They can provide referrals and insider advice about a company you may be interested in working for. They can offer advice on career fields you may want to research or the realistic job market is like in another town, across the nation or around the world. on the opposite side of the nation. Your network may advise you on where to search for jobs or review your resume providing valued feedback. The options are infinite.

3. Not mind readers

Likely no one in your professional network is a mind reader. So, for them to assist you, you have to have the openness and courage to ask for help from others. For people you already know asking for advice and help might be easy. When making new connections via sites like OutBüro and LinkedIn (OutBüro on LinkedIn) you might consider directly connecting with others based on seeing they are in the line of work you want, or a city or company you want live and work in. But unless you reach out, connect and then contact them with an introduction and request a phone call or email communication they will never know you and thus never be able to assist you.

4. Keep connected

Work your network. Do not only contact individuals for help when you have been laid-off out of your work or decide you would like to search for a new location. Individuals are more inclined to assist when they understand who you are.

5. Build a level of relationship

You must build your network and build a level of relationship over time. The idea is to build it for when you need it. Sometimes this can be as easy as liking postings, reaching out occasionally with a “Hey how goes it?” message. You decide how involved to be and at what frequency. Some put time on their work calendar on a set frequency to dedicate to building and nurturing their networks.

6. Give and Get

Also while building it you may be requested to help someone else. Pay it forward and do what you can within your resources and availability. What can you do to your career community? If you run into an interesting article or an appropriate job listing, share it with your network and individuals. Wouldn’t you love if other reciprocated feeding you job opportunities? Sure you would.

7. Be respectful and professional

Don’t treat your professional network in person or online as your faucet of dating or hookup potentials. Sure it happens. But maintain a professional approach with that not being your real motive. Keep your OutBüro and LinkedIn (OutBüro on LinkedIn) profile professional and messages the same.


Business and career networking can benefit you if you put the effort in it, providing more than you get is a great way to build your credibility and influence so that when you need others they’ll be there for you.

About the author: Dennis Velco Verified icon 1
An LGBTQ social entrepreneur who focuses on strengthening the global LGBTQ+ through connecting, engaging, online, and in person.

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