Christopher Clawson-Rule: Writer’s Block is Bullshit!

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Christopher Clawson-Rule, publisher, author, out gay entrepreneur.

Christopher, who has several books published himself turned publisher with over 150 authors he represents says writer’s block is bullshit. He elaborates that writer’s block is just laziness. In our discussion, we explore his journey from starting his first book, ways to overcome writer’s block, and how he became a publisher. Christopher started writing after his 16-year-old daughter challenged him when after reading a book he said, “I could write better than this. Her reply was, “Well then why don’t you?”. When he completed his first manuscript she further challenged him to get it published. He was disappointed that the publisher simply handed him is now bound book and basically said, “Here you go.”. At the time Christopher was living in New York City. Eager to get his book out into the world he had an idea to gorilla market it by placing 100 copies in the subway stations. Passengers picked up his book and started reading it on their commute. Other passengers saw several people at the same time reading it and therefore thought it had to be good. This low budget marketing campaign paid off. It resulted in over 17,000 copies sold in a short time.

By the time Christopher finished his third book other authors began seeking his advice on how he was selling so successfully when the publishers offered little to no help or guidance. He realized that he wanted to help those authors in a professional way and so Breaking Rules Publishing was born. Watch or listen for his full story and examples of authors who break the rules to stand out.

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