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Please note, that OutBüro is NOT a non-profit/NGO, therefore it is not a US tax write-off. Rather you are contributing in appreciation of what I/we have done so far and for what our vision and mission are to accomplish. It is to help a bootstrap startup dedicated to you and the LGBTQ+ global community that is at no cost to general site members. I and we give every single day to you. Will you consider a financial contribution to support OutBüro today?

COVID had early employer conversations dissipated due to layoffs and frozen budgets. OutBüro is a service to the global LGBTQ+ community and our model is employers pay to participate. Dennis Velco has been working non-stop for over 2 years working 10-12 hours a day on average 7 days a week. Your generous donation will help keep OutBüro going while the post-COVID economy recovers and employer budgets open so that they may join us on OutBüro and employers financially support our growth. I humbly thank you for your consideration of supporting OutBüro, its mission, and its vision.