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Dare Worldwide: Inclusivity Key to Organizational Performance

  • Company leaders say 85% of performance indicators are unreliable
  • Company leaders give their companies low ratings on purpose, connection and collaboration
  • Employees value trust, engagement and communication. Businesses favor rapid adaptation to technology to drive job performance.

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Business transformation experts Dare Worldwide, in collaboration with communications agency GCM, have unveiled research showing 85% of performance metrics are not linked to sustainable company performance.

Dare Worldwide

The State of Leadership, Culture and Purpose study, surveyed 1,000 managers at midsize to large companies in the US, measuring the processes and values that impact productivity, growth and employee experience. The study found company leaders gave their companies low ratings regarding purpose, connection, and collaboration, which are key to long term sustainability.

In the poll, employees said their companies do well in seven key performance indicators, but none of these were considered to have a positive impact on company performance. Only one performance indicator, purpose, strongly correlates with positive employee experience, yet 35% of respondents thought their company was underperforming in this metric.

Trust, engagement and communicating effectively were considered by respondents to create a positive employee experience. Yet these assets were not considered to drive company performance over the next five years.

Commenting on the findings, Rita Trehan, CEO of Dare Worldwide, said:

“Companies are prioritising expediency and rapid technology adoption, at the expense of purpose and inclusivity which are the key drivers of company performance. Businesses must incorporate inclusivity to achieve sustainable growth.”

The research also shows that employees above the director level are 50% more likely to think people within their organization have the same understanding of their business identity than those below their level.

This suggests there’s a disconnect in the messages sent to the company by the leadership. “This research is raising a red flag for communications leads at medium and large organizations,” said Zach Giglio, CEO of GCM. “Organizations not aligned on their identity internally are limited in their ability to communicate effectively with external stakeholders and, ultimately, drive growth, impact and revenue.”

The research was launched as Rita Trehan launches an online diagnostic tool in which companies measure their inclusivity and purpose.


Report and methodology available on request.


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