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DJ Doran for Chicago Mayor – Discusses Key Issues

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with DJ Doran, a media entrepreneur, LGBTQ community organizer, 23 year US Airforce veteran, and long-time Chicago citizen.

Chicago News: Breaking DJ Doran announces his candidacy for Mayor of Chicago. (April 6, 2022). The election is in February 2023.

Mayoral candidate DJ Doran has never held a public office, his background is well suited to tackle the big issues Chicago faces. In our conversation, Doran lists 7 key issues and the practical high-level steps he’d take toward improving life for everyone in Chicago. As he explains, the first step would be to assess the current situation by meeting with the 50 Alderman, and city key departments, auditing the city finances and auditing the city contracts, policies, processes, and systems. He will empower the great employees of the City of Chicago to work with him to make Chicago a well-run city where all have the opportunity to thrive in a safe environment.

For many, like myself, as soon as I hear “Chicago Politics” the first word that pops in my mind is “corruption”. I thought that maybe I’d seen too many movies. However, as Doran discussed the issues Chicago faces, that knee-jerk thought seems to unfortunately still be quite real. Compounding the issues is Mayor Lightfoot who is ineffective at best.

The system is full of career politicians who generally have little business life experience only appear to have their egos in mind. It would be nice to be proven wrong on that. The city has contracts that no reasonable business owner would ever sign such as a 100-year parking meter contract. WHAT? I’d love to see that agreement to pick it apart. How could any competent person working in good faith for the city do such a thing? It was a political hack job with only the crony politician who forced that through and the parking meter company’s bank account benefiting. DJ states that if he ran his business finances the way the City of Chicago currently does, he’d be in JAIL! The people of Chicago deserve a city government and leaders that have the community at large best interests in mind. DJ Doran is the right person for the job.

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Read more on Windy City Times: https://www.windycitytimes.com/lgbt/POLITICS-Gay-media-owner-to-run-for-Chicago-mayor/72852.html

Chicago deserves better than Mayor Lightfoot who said: ‘I have the biggest d*** in Chicago’Mayor Lightfoot is being sued for defamation, accused of profane comments – see news story here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpIQ2E4gXj0

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