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Earn Residual Income with OutBüro

Let’s grow together! Are you a Diversity and Inclusion consultant or other professional providing products or services to companies, non-profits, universities, or government entities? Or maybe you an an organization with a membership base.

Check out this short introduction to the OutBüro Ambassador Program.

Leveraging your relationships with employers, brands, companies, non-profits, and/or government agencies introduce OutBüro as an employer branding, talent acquisition, and customer engagement platform. Earn 15% commission on subscriptions you bring to OutBüro with no limits or caps. This is a great opportunity to offer past and current clients a new and needed solution. Their LGBTQ employee and customer ratings may be an indicator that they need more of your primary services such as diversity and inclusion training/coaching.

The OutBüro Ambassador Program agreement is open to individuals, companies, or organizations. Therefore the commission can be used as an additional personal income stream, business revenue, or as a fund supporting your non-profit.

Our ideal target market for leads is but not limited to business owners, Marketing Directors, Human Resource Directors, Directors of Diversity and Inclusion, and the lead person representing an employer LGBTQ Employee Resource Group.

After viewing if you are interested, use this link to complete a short form providing a little bit about you and your company/organization or

After receipt of the form, it will be reviewed. We may schedule a call/video chat, and if it appears to be a potential fit, we’ll send you the agreement along with a link to a video discussing each paragraph of the agreement in detail. Watch it a few times if you like. While viewing make notes so that we can follow up to address any questions or concerns you might have.

Once all agree to move forward, we’ll send the agreement to you for electronic signature(s). After that, we’ll provide information to have you ready to begin touting the benefits of joining OutBüro as an employer/brand. You create the initial interest to learn more and get the prospect booked for more detailed exploration calls. We will work as a team to win over the employer/brands.

Create your own profile OutBüro today and begin familiarizing yourself with it. Have questions? We are here to help.

OutBüro the LGBTQ professional and entrepreneur online community network for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, allies, and our employers who support LGBTQ welcoming workplace equality focused benefits, policies, and business practices. https://www.OutBuro.com

Earn Residual Income with OutBüro

We appreciate your interest in helping to market outreach for OutBüro.

Before hitting Submit, right-click this link to schedule a 30-min introduction chat with OutBüro's founder to discuss this over a video chat. 

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