Elion Partners Joins CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™

Real Estate Investment Firm Joins Nearly 2,000 CEOs in Unprecedented Commitment to Advance Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elion Partners (“Elion”), a vertically integrated private equity real estate investment firm, today announced it has joined CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™. Elion joins nearly 2,000 CEOs who, through this initiative, have come together to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ is cultivating a new type of ecosystem centered around collaboration and sharing. As signatories, the firm’s four Managing Partners have pledged themselves and the firm to further cultivating a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected and where employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion.

“As a 100% minority-owned registered investment advisor, we support and recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion, both within our firm and across our industry as a whole,” said Shlomo Khoudari, Managing Partner at Elion. “We strongly believe our team is our most important asset and our greatest strength, and we are proud to have cultivated a team comprised of more than 65% women and minorities. A diverse and inclusive workforce not only facilitates collaboration, but also drives innovation and creativity.”

Managing Partner Juan DeAngulo added, “We have the opportunity—and responsibility—to play a meaningful role in addressing and advancing such an important societal issue. We are proud to join this initiative and commit Elion to further cultivating a work environment where employees can openly address challenges, present opportunities, and share perspectives.”

The CEOs who earlier signed on to this initiative have already shared more than 1,400 actions via CEOAction.com that showcase real-life examples of open and transparent conversations to cultivate more diverse and inclusive workplace environments. The addition of new signatories expands the impact of this work beyond the office to communities and industries.

About Elion Partners

Elion Partners is a minority-owned, private equity real estate investment firm focused on the industrial sector. As a vertically integrated platform, Elion is both a fiduciary and operator, managing real estate assets through closed-end funds and permanent capital investment vehicles. For more information, please visit www.elionpartners.com.

About CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Bringing together nearly 2,000 CEOs of America’s leading organizations, the commitment outlines actions that participating companies pledge to take to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and respected, employees feel comfortable and encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion, and where best known—and unsuccessful—actions can be shared across organizations. Learn more at CEOAction.com and connect with us on Twitter: @CEOAction.


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