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Let’s start off with some research-based stats:

98% of leaders think employees feel their company is inclusive.


80% of employees report feeling included in their workplaces. This near 20% difference is called the “perception gap”.


50% of current employees want their employers do do more to increase diversity and belonging.


84% would consider leaving their current job if offered a job by a company with an excellent reputation.  


69% of job seekers would turn down a job offer from a company with a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed.


68% of those turnovers were “quits” rather than layoffs. That means that employees are becoming more mobile, leaving companies scrambling to fill vacant positions. And remember: every employee turnover costs the company about 6-9 months of that employees’ salary. For a $60,000 / year position, that’s a $45,000 loss.


The annual turnover rate for US employees in 2020 was 45%.


67% of job seekers consider diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunies.


57% of qualified candidates click away from your job board if robust DEI info can’t be easily found.


29% of Americans under 30 years old who identify as heterosexual have occasional same-gender experiences.


46% LGBTQ+ employees remain closeted due to fear of discrimination and/or harassment. This number has barely changed over the last decade.


26% of LGBTQ+ employees who are closeted at work wish they could be out, safe, and welcomed.


15% of LBTQ+ women believe that their sexual orientation will negatively affect their career advancement at work. 


30% of GBTQ+ men believe that their sexual orientation will negatively affect their career advancement at work. 


By 2025, millennials will make up more than three-fourths of the U.S. workforce.  Millennials are empathetic to DEI issues and want to work where everyone is valued and where they feel good about their employer.


31% LGBTQ+ workers say they have felt unhappy or depressed at work due to not feeling welcomed, included, or safe.


53% of LGBTQ+ workers report hearing jokes about lesbian or gay people at least once in a while.


20% LGBTQ+ workers report having been told or had coworkers imply that they should dress in a more feminine or masculine manner.


59% of non-LGBTQ workers in a range of workplace sectors say they think it’s unprofessional to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace, even though by their own self-reporting they regularly talk about these subjects through everyday conversations about spouses, families, and life outside of work.


56% of LGBT adults reported that they or someone they know lost their job during the pandemic compared with 44% of non-LGBT adults


35% of employed LGBTQ youth (13-24 yo) experienced workplace discrimination, with significantly greater rates reported by transgender and nonbinary youth.


LGBTQ Social Media Reach


OutBüro Site Members


OutBüro on LinkedIn Members

  • 33,500 – in the United States
  • 3,700 – in the United Kingdom
  • 1,100 – in Australia
  • 4,200 – work in Information Technology, Software, Online Media
  • 2,500 – work in Healthcare, Medicine, and Pharmaceuticals

OutBüro’s Job Board

Our job board allows your organization to target LGBTQ+ active and passive candidates. Being an organization member of OutBüro has job posting as part of most packages and if you desire one-off job postings are available. Here are some statistics on the current resumes already on the job board platform.

Experience Level

  • Manager / Supervisor of Staff – 41.9%
  • Experienced (non-Manager) – 22.6%
  • Executive (VP, SVP, Department Head, etc.) – 16.1%
  • Entry-Level – 12.9%
  • Student (Graduate) – 3.23%
  • Senior Executive (CEO, CIO, CFO, etc.) – 3.23%

Education Level

  • Bachelor’s Degree – 51.6%
  • Master’s Degree – 16.1%
  • Some College – 9.68%
  • Doctorate – 6.45%
  • Vocational – 6.45%
  • High School – 3.23%
  • Associate’s Degree – 3.23%
  • Some Post-Graduate – 3.23%

Claim/Add Your LGBTQ Employer Branding Listing on OutBüro

LGBTQ job seekers don’t look for jobs the same way non-LGBTQ persons do. Here’s how we help.

Share your company story with our audience of experienced LGBTQ job seekers.

Retain and Attract Top Talent

Despite the necessity of building an employer brand, studies indicate that not enough has been done to harness its potential. A 2019 survey of 688 U.S. employers revealed that less than half of companies have an employer branding strategy. More than 1 out of 5 employers said they were “unsure” about the efficacy of their branding efforts. Even worse, 24% said that they have never heard of employer branding! Check out our Employer Branding content. Gain a talent acquisition competitive advantage attracting and retaining top talent leveraging the OutBüro Employer Branding suite of services.

Equality is the Right Thing to do and Great for Your Bottom Line

Studies show that when this information is not readily available 57% of qualified candidates click away.

Highlight and social proof your LGBTQ-friendly policies and benefits. Whether it’s domestic partner benefits, transgender healthcare, gender-neutral modern family leave policies, or gender-neutral restroom, highlight the policies, programs, and benefits that appeal to LGBTQ employees.

Company Policies & Benefits

Showcase LGBTQ Role Models & Involvement

Go Ahead, Tout Your Greatness

70% of LGBTQ job seekers want to know if a company has LGBTQ leaders, mentors, and community involvement. Use your OutBüro Employer Profile to showcase LGBTQ role models, share what non-profits and LGBTQ-owned businesses you support, share what activities your LGBTQ Employee Resource group does, share employee success stories, and more to help LGBTQ candidates envision working with you.

Grow with Authenticity

Authentically communicate your employer brand story. We can assist you to develop custom content, strategies, and recommend community involvement options that are designed for and promoted to the LGBTQ talent you’re looking to attract, delights current employees, and creates brand awareness within the community at large. All leveraging your in-house resources, our team, and specialized consulting based on your needs, goals, and budget with our dedicated support team. We can even make operational systems recommendations that respect the diversity of employees and customers.

Bring Your Diversity Initiatives to Life

Fill Your Open Jobs

Be a Proactive Employer

Leverage OutBüro to reach and target LGBTQ job seekers and non-LGBTQ candidates who value diversity and inclusion with your company job posts on OutBüro. Optimize the visibility of your open positions with highly focused target diversity candidates. Our growing candidate repository can be searched and receive email alerts of new resumes matching your requirements. Ensure that more qualified LGBTQ candidates see and apply to your open jobs coupled with our employer branding solution. LGBTQ Virtual Career Fairs will be next on the agenda. Be an early adopter and help bring these new features to life.

Data is Actionable

At OutBüro, we are developing a comprehensive diversity study. Optionally, at any point with your partnership, we can roll it out to your employees and/or customers for insights into your organization. Your study may be customized to align with your concerns and goals. Your results will be shared with you, compared to the larger set, and then aggregated into the larger study pool. No identifiable information is shared.

Studies & Surveys


Strengthen Your Diversity Supply Chain

Leverage OutBüro to connect with LGBTQ-owned businesses to become part of your diversity supplier program for the full spectrum products and services to support your operations and growth. Participate in our Diversity Supplier Virtual Match-ups.

LGBTQ-owned businesses are in every imaginable industry.

Reach LGBTQ Owned Businesses

Do you offer products or services and would like to reach the LGBTQ entrepreneurs as a target audience? Reach them on OutBüro.

Connect with Customers

Your LGBTQ workplace diversity matters immensely to LGBTQ consumers unlike any other consumer demographic.

LGBTQ consumers don’t want empty marketing – they want authenticity.

  • The combined buying power of LGBT adults in the U.S. is $917 billion and rising! (Source: Witeck Communications 2016)
  • LGBT men and women spend 35% more time online than their heterosexual counterparts (Nielsen 2015)
  • LGBT households make 10% more shopping trips than the average US household (Nielsen 2015)


Some additional employer resources:

96% of HR and hiring professionals say employee experience is becoming more important. Diversity and inclusion hiring is the most embraced trend with 78 percent of human resource directors and recruiters responding that they are tackling hiring diverse talent, head-on. Why? Well, 78% of companies indicated they are prioritizing diversity to improve culture, and 62% are doing so to boost financial performance.  While recruiters fail to communicate the values of the hiring company in 55% of the time and significantly less when it comes to LGBTQ candidates.

According to the 2020 LinkedIn Talent Trends Report
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