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LGBTQ Corporate Equality Employer Listings Overview [Video]

Any employer. Any size. Anywhere in the world.

Your voice for workplace-corporate equality. Leverage OutBüro as your LGBTQ consolidated employer branding solution that will not only impact your image with current and prospective employees but also customers/clients.

LGBT Diversity And Inclusion: Benefits Company, Employees and Customers

United Nations Human Rights Officer Fabrice Houdart - In LinkedIn Group 2019-07-03 OutBuro More Aligned with UN LGBTQ Business Standards than most Corporate Equality Indexes
(OutBüro) is fascinating and much more aligned with the UN’s Global LGBTI Standards for Business than most indexes! – Fabrice Houdart – Human Rights Officer @UNClick to Tweet
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Steps to Claim Employer Listing on OutBüro

Steps to Add an Employer Listing by Authorized Person

  • Employer Branding – Control the Employer Listing level content
  • Review Monitoring – Interact with a reviewer anonymously
  • Timely Pulse – Your rating is ever-present live.  Raters/reviewers may rate/review every 4 months on their individual timeline so the potential of input daily if used.  The more LGBTQ employees participate, the more accurate the picture
  • Active LGBTQ recruitment marketing along with social proving throughout
  • Showing Off – Consolidate LGBTQ diversity and inclusion messaging making it easy for candidates to clearly see you as an amazing employer.
  • LGBTQ inclusive marketing company customer-facing marketing with social proving
  • Political contributions and whether Pro or Anti-LGBTQ share why it was import
  • Sponsorships / Funding – If you give.  That is appreciated and others should know.
    • Goes both ways – Let’s the community know who sponsors you.
    • Got funding?  Need funding?
  • Say Thanks – If you receive support let us know. Add them as a Sponsor
  • Social Proof/Proving your commitment to your employees, customers, and community
  • Flag It – Ability to flag reviews to be considered for moderation
  • Reap the Benefits – All sizes wishing to reap the benefits of actively engaging with past, current and prospective employees who identify as LGBTQ+.
  • Add your company/organization to the Employer Listing today.


Using the LinkedIn Marketing platform to send a SINGLE email to all our global group of over 46K members would be a LinkedIn one-time fee in the neighborhood of $23,000.  That better be one heck of a one-time marketing email.

Whereas with an OutBüro Employer Subscription priced according to organization employee total count, you benefit from a full range of targeted branding, communication, monitoring and engagement opportunities on OutBüro at a fraction of that at the largest employer subscription. 

When you submitted content/article postings it may also be cross-promoted on our channels including our “OutBüro on LinkedIn” group.

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