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14 Ways to Support LGBT Employees (2021)

Over the past 16 years or so, companies and organizations in all industries have moved towards embracing, supporting, and championing LGBTQ workplace equality. Focusing on creating a safe and welcoming workplace for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual, heteroflexible, and questioning (LGBTQIA+) employees have many benefits beyond just being the right thing to do. Many studies have clearly demonstrated that companies that truly support diversity and inclusion as part of their corporate DNA thrive in many areas such as but limited to:

  • Innovation
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Increased employee retention
  • Higher qualified talent acquisition pool
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Improved employee mental health
  • Reduction of absentee/sick days
  • Increased brand positive LGBTQ and ally perception
  • Client/customer satisfaction
  • Increase in financial performance
  • Shareholder value

So, supporting LGBTQIA+ employees is not just the right thing to do, it is good for business too. Here are some steps toward supporting your LGBT employees and attracting great talent candidates. Your LGBTQ employees and your clients/customers are tightly linked check out the LGBTQ Consumer and Employer Branding are Commingled article for more on that.

US Supreme Court Decision: Great Step But Still Work Remains

In July 2020, the US Supreme Court ruled that sexual orientation and gender identity are now covered under the US Equal Opportunity Employment Act for Non-Discrimination. That is cause for celebration, yet does not automatically transform all employers into workplaces that respect diversity, embrace inclusion, or have a work culture that is welcoming. In just the United States, based on other issues such as gender equality, racial equality, and sexual harassment, one can without much effort extrapolate that it may be decades before LGBT employees are fully and openly accepted in all workplaces, in all industries, and in all locations – if ever. We believe firmly in being the change and benefiting from it. Also, please keep in mind that in over 50% of the states in the US it is still legal to discriminate against LGBTQ persons in housing, finance, hate crime against LGBT persons is not criminalized, and many other issues that devalue and dehumanize the LGBT citizens. There is much work to do in the United States and countries around the world.

Your efforts to create a safe and welcoming workplace where all are treated equally with the same opportunities to contribute, grow and thrive are greatly appreciated.

Diversity, Inclusion & Welcoming

Diversity is about ensuring you have people of different backgrounds and experiences represented in the workplace. Inclusiveness takes it a step further by creating an environment where people’s differences of thought and experience are actually appreciated. Welcoming enables employees to be their authentic selves where their uniqueness may shine adding perspectives that are respected and potentially individually or collectively a business advantage.

A simple analogy is:

  • Diversity is being invited to a party.
  • Inclusive is while at the party, a cute person asks you to dance.
  • Welcoming is dancing like you have no cares in the world and no one is watching. Dang, check out those moves!
  • World-class is you inspire everyone to jump up to dance just as openly and boldly.
  • Everyone raves what an amazing party it is. Selfies are snapped and shared. It goes viral on social media. Your brand becomes the hottest epic party.

Ok, in this example eventually the neighbors may call the cops to shut the party down, but in business, it attracts top talent, employee satisfaction is high, employee retention is high, customer attraction and retention are high. You and your amazing team are crushing it.

So, how to get there?

Strategic Talent Acquisition Support LGBT employees workplace Equality Corporate employer branding recruiting lgbtq candidates gay lesbian bisexual transgender queer

1. Authenticity and Clear Mission

Being authentic in all aspects is critical. All too often we have heard of reports by employees that their employer launched a drive to obtain an LGBT Corporate Equality rating and once obtained management support nearly vanished and previous funding dissipated to a fraction. It makes the employees feel disenfranchised and like used pawns in the corporate goal to receive external publicity. Understand that true D&I can lead to great financial rewards, but if not deeply rooted in respect, value, and authenticity, you can do harm to your brand, employee morale, and customer perception. If issues arise it can leave a damaging scare that can take years to recover from, if ever. Don’t be that kind of organization. It is not necessary. As linked above, being authentic in supporting diversity and inclusion is proven to improve the company’s financial performance for many reasons. But why is a mission necessary? Because diversity alone does not necessarily mean there is the inclusion or a welcoming work culture. A clear mission will outline the objective and measurements. The LGBT community is very savvy so if striving to attract the LGBT customer market, they care about how you treat your LGBT employees and your authentic engagement in the community.

2. Top-level support

Ensure that LGBT employee support is a priority at the top senior management level. Have a top management staff person take the lead on LGBT employee inclusion. That person may not be LGBT themself, but an ally. This senior manager should be the LGBT employee resource group (ERG) executive sponsor. This person may be from any department. Indicate who your most senior-level employee who identifies as LGBT is on your OutBüro employer listing.

3. Take LGBT Reports of Discrimination and Harassment Seriously

Yes, in the United States it is now illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Is that enough? Do you feel that now covers you so there is no need for a company/organization non-discrimination policy based on sexual orientation or gender identity? If so, I bet your company/organization has policies covering gender, race, and religion. This is the same. I am also 99.9% sure you have a sexual harassment policy too, along with required annual training. This is no different. Your organization should have a strong non-discrimination policy in place, ensure it clearly states that it covers your recruitment and promotions. Create a communication plan to be sure all employees know what is not tolerated in the workplace. Not if, but when, homophobic bullying, discrimination, or harassment happens to acknowledge the validity of the concern raised, promptly follow procedures to investigate and take appropriate action. Ensure employees feel safe in making reports.

Have all reports reviewed by a team to reduce biases from even the HR staff. Do not assume that all human resources staff lack biases. Research and court case prove otherwise. Many discrimination lawsuits are based on the lack of action by the HR department. So take extra steps in training all HR staff and put teams in place with checks and balances instead of relying on just one gatekeeper. On your OutBüro employer listing link to your sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination policy. Make it easy for candidates to find it when researching you as a potential employer.

4. LGBT Employee Resource Group

Having an organized formal Employee Resource Group can go a long way in fostering an inclusive and welcoming work culture. It provides an opportunity to network and builds a sense of camaraderie. Many ERGs meet up during normal work hours to discuss work-related topics as well as off-hours social events to further the personal bonds that will translate into great working relationships. It is a great way to foster career development through mentoring. Encourage senior employees to mentor junior employees. If you support employee volunteering, the LGBT ERG could expand the organization’s LGBTQ community involvement by using their corporate volunteer hours in helping local LGBTQ charity nonprofit organizations and events. Encourage and support LGBT employees to participate in seminars and conferences. Encourage and support employees to participate in industry networking groups, LGBT professional associations, and to participate in content and groups on www.OutBuro.com – the LGBT professional and entrepreneur platform.

Having open and consistent dialogue with your LGBTQ employee resource group will improve employee engagement, company culture, and provide valuable information on ways to further innovate in the workplace. Create a company/Organization group on OutBüro where employees from around the globe can interact off company resources. Be an open group where prospective candidates may also join to connect with current employees, ask question, and get a great sense of you as an employer. Ask key ERG members to join the ERG Connections group on OutBüro. This is meant to be a Super Group for cross organization networking, sharing, learning and growing an LGBTQ ERG.

5. Support the Local LGBT Community

Show your support to the local LGBT community where you operate by providing information to employees about local events, groups, and resources. Sponsor a Pride Party, or even sponsor your LGBT ERG to participate in local Gay Pride events, have a corporate booth, use it for customer leads, and talent recruiting. Celebrate National Coming Out Day. Create a video series of employees sharing their stories of coming out personally and yet again professionally. Encourage volunteering at LGBT events throughout the year. Sponsor local organizations, from general support agencies, to those that provide needed services to the homeless, youth, seniors, persons living with compromised immune systems, students, and more. Sponsor local or national sporting leagues or teams. Sponsor the local gay men’s chorus or other cultural groups/events. Invite LGBT speakers to share their experiences with your team. There are also national and international organizations that support equality and human rights. The LGBT nonprofit sector operates on shoestring budgets and desperately could use your in-kind and financial support.

List and link to all the LGBTQ organizations and non-profits you support in whatever manner on your OutBüro Employer listing. So many companies do great things yet no one other than the benefiting organization has any clue. Show it. Tout it. It makes LGBT employees proud to work for you and it demonstrates to LGBT candidates, as well as customers, that you are involved in the community and therefore likely a super fantastic place to go to work or as a customer spend their money with.

6. Support LGBT Entrepreneurs

Sponsor the local LGBT chamber of commerce. Encourage LGBTQ employees to get involved to represent the company in the LGBTQ Chamber. If and where possible allow the employee to mentor small business owners. Sponsor LGBT founded startups – with funds, product/services discount or as in-kind sponsorship to help the small business grow. Add LGBT friendly procurement policies and actively seek products and services by LGBTQ owned businesses. Consider providing a workshop on how to do business with your company, the steps to becoming an approved small business vendor, if NGLCC certification is required or what other factors may help them secure a vendor agreement with you. The NGLCC has an LGBT certified business accreditation. That is great, but it is far from representing all LGBTQ business due to many factors. In your supplier diversity program certainly include NGLCC accredited LGBTQ suppliers, but be open to non-accredited ones too who as a startup not yet meet some of the accreditation requirements such as years in business with positive cash flow. Consider the merits of the business and found and advise them on how best to move forward.

List and link to all the organizations you support of LGBTQ owned business in whatever manner on your OutBüro Employer listing. So many companies do great things yet no one other than the benefiting organization has any clue. Show it. Tout it. It makes LGBT employees proud to work for you and it demonstrates to LGBT candidates that you are involved in the community and therefore likely a super fantastic place to go to work.

7. LGBT Inclusive Employee Surveys

On your periodic employee surveys allow the option for employees to anonymously identify as LGBTQ and ask specific questions regarding their experiences and feedback. Do not assume everyone will be open. Did you know that a recent study found that a whopping 29% of Americans under 30 years old identify as “heteroflexible”? So how you treat you open full out loud and proud LGBTQ employees has a much larger base than most assume and more than you will like ever truly exactly know.

8. LGBT Employer Rating/Reviews

Just like the employer reviews on Glassdoor.com, Indeed.com, Monster.com, and others, OutBüro (https://www.OutBuro.com) offers LGBTQ employees the ability to anonymously rate/review the current and recent past employers. Employers are strongly advised to claim their listing if already present or proactively add your employer listing. It is important to engage with reviews as you would on any other platform. It is advised to make all employees aware that you are participating in OutBüro. You may use the opportunity to reinforce your open and safe reporting policy while welcoming ratings/reviews on OutBüro. Such ratings/reviews can be a great source of insights as potential candidates seek information about you as an employer before applying. Check this article out: Company Reviews – Good for Companies and Their LGBTQ Employees

OutBüro logged in users may leave comments or questions on your OutBüro Employer listing or in groups. It is an opportunity to engage with potential candidates and customer. It should not be left ignored.

9. LGBTQ Competency Training

Having ongoing LGBTQ awareness training is important to fostering an inclusive and welcoming work environment. The content should be progressive and continual. If you don’t already, consider adding corporate notable figures and society historical figures to company communications regularly. It may feature persons who helped shape the company in the past or present. Feature diverse employees. The thing about LGBTQ employees is that unlike age, race, or gender, all, for the most part, are typically apparent. Being LGBTQ is not always as apparent and therefore if your culture is welcoming and the employee is okay with it, clearly state the employee’s LGBTQ identity along with all the great stuff they are doing within and for the company/organization.

This creates awareness as well as clearly demonstrates to all employees that the company/organization values the contributions of its employees including LGBTQ employees. Depending on the size of the company, I normally recommend featuring an employee once a week. Creating a video interview or video story is most ideal. For those features that are LGBTQ employees, you now have LGBTQ employer branding content. Share all via your YouTube channel. For LGBTQ features, add them to your OutBüro Employer listing too. This is a morale booster for other LGBTQ employees as well as a clear message that discrimination and/or harassment is not tolerated here. I recommend coupling this and/or other creative ideas with traditional training. It is a message however that reinforces the training provided and I consider it to be a micro lesson.

How about regular games that could become a tournament? Foster employee engagement activity where you can use an online quiz/survey tool to create a trivia knowledge game. Be creative and make it your own. Invite all staff to submit questions to be included. Heck, you might grow it into being quarter Family Feud like shows. Live Stream it to all offices, post on social media. Show what an inclusive, wicked smart team and fun culture you have. The point here is that LGBT biases, like others, are learned from a young age and deeply engrained. Creating new habits, and un-programing those deeply held biases take effort, energy, and but it can be fun and engaging.

Do you need help? We are happy to assist you and/or make recommendations to D&I consultant around the globe.

10. Offer LGBT-Friendly Benefits

For job seekers, today, inclusive benefits packages and non-discrimination clauses are some of the most important considerations when researching potential employers. In studies, it was found that having LGBTQ benefits also is important to young heterosexual job seekers. Overall job seekers want to feel they are working for an employer who is fair, socially, and environmentally responsible. Not being so can cost you in by reducing your chances of attracting top talent.

Be sure not to unintentionally exclude LGBTQ families and transgender individuals. Offer equal benefits to all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation, including parental leave, adoption leave, and time off to take care of dependants. Gendered language can cause parental benefits to unintentionally exclude LGBTQ families. Make your benefits inclusive of all employees by being conscious of what words you use in your coverage and favoring gender-neutral terms. it is the right thing to do for all employees as it is gender equality focused too. Today, in opposite-gender relationships, it is not uncommon for the male to be the child care provider while the female works.

  • Sexual orientation non-discrimination
  • Gender Identity non-discrimination
  • Domestic partner benefits
  • Transgender inclusive health benefits

11. Foster a Gender-Neutral Environment

Create a gender-neutral environment by making some simple changes such as establishing unisex toilets and using gender-neutral language, like ‘partner’ instead of husband or wife, and asking all employees to list their preferred pronouns on email sinatur blocks and employee directory listings.

12. Keep Track, Evaluate, & Improve

Celebrate your successes and monitor your progress by tracking things such as the number of employee grievances naturally with details of the type, persons involved, location, department, and such. No matter how small or outcome, track it. This could lead to identifying trends over time that need to be addressed. Of course, as in all employee training, track D&I training by course completed inclusive of LGBT competency training. If legally able track who is an out self-identified LGBTQ employee and when they publically came out. The more that comes out is a direct relation to the success of the organization in creating a safe and welcoming space. Tract ERG involvement likewise. If active participation falls or doesn’t attract employees to participate, why? Do they not feel safe? Is the ERG doing things that are attractive to employees? How does it compare with other company ERGs? Have you networked with other company LGBT ERG leaders with strong employee participation to gain insights on how to be effective?

13. Support Transgender Employees

As transgender visibility within the LGBTQ community has increased over the past few years, it has become clear that transgender people face a unique set of experiences and challenges. Learn what steps to take after an employee comes out as transgender to create a supportive and encouraging environment. Human Resource is an important player in assisting transgender employees during the complex and lengthy process of transitioning. We recommend special training from trainers who are themselves, transgender. We are happy to connect your organization with outstanding transgender coaches.

14. Post your own LGBT focused company and employee content

Increase your employer brand awareness with LGBTQ professionals. With an OutBüro Employer Listing subscription, the organization may post content directly to our blog as an author. We’d strongly recommend the content be LGBT professional life-related in some way. Perhaps it’s articles about what local, regional or national LGBT related events the organization has sponsored. Or maybe articles and videos featuring LGBT employees or customers. The article will list the authorized person/person as the author in an author bio box that will link all other past submissions posted.

If there have been negative reviews/ratings, an article might address what the organization is doing or has done to improve. It’s also a great way to feature what activities and such the organization’s LGBTQ employee resource group is doing on a monthly or quarterly basis. So many possibilities for your organization to be proactive. Some of this may be in the form of press releases. All submissions will be reviewed for approval before going live to ensure it’s appropriate for our audience and in line with the goals of OutBüro.

15. Bonus Tip – Strategic Talent Acquition: Recruiting LGBTQ Candidates

This topic has been mentioned in numerous articles here on OutBüro. It is a topic that wide and deep thus we have dedicated a full article to it. Please refer to the Strategic Talent Acquisition: Recruiting LGBTQ Candidates article for more. Will link once completed later this week.

Be sure to check out these additional resources and search OutBüro for other related topics of interest to you. Please place questions and desired article/video suggestions in the comments. We are happy to add suggested topics to our content calendar that fit our broad focus. You are also welcome to post via the activity stream, articles, and more. This is your community. Jump in.


OutBüro is a growing valuable tool for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer professionals for networking and as passive or active job seekers. OutBüro is here to help you to demonstrate all the great things you do to support your LGBTQ employees and attract LGBT talent as candidates to join your team.

Study Explores LGBTQ Employees Experiences OutBuro professional online networking community gay lesbian bisexual transgender queer intersex asexual pansexual entrepreneurs

Study Explores LGBT+ Employees Experiences

New research (Feb 2021) from the CIPD has confirmed that LGBT+ employees experience higher level of work-based conflict, and almost one in five transgender workers feel psychologically unsafe at work.

The CIPD’s recent report, Inclusion at work: perspectives on LGBT+ working lives confirms that while workplace inclusivity is fundamental to good, fair work and positive employee outcomes, many organisations have been slow to make headway to support their LGBT+ workforces.

Unfortunately, LGBT+ employees are more likely to experience workplace conflict and harassment than their heterosexual, cisgender counterparts. In particular, 40% of LGB+ workers and 55% of transgender workers have experienced workplace conflict in the last 12 months, compared with 29% of heterosexual, cisgender employees. When conflicts occurred, many reported that their issues hadn’t been fully resolved. Close to half (44%) of LGB+ workers who had experienced being undermined or humiliated said this had not been resolved, and almost four in ten said this had only been partly resolved (38%). Close to a quarter (23%) of transgender workers said they had experienced discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Additionally, 16% of LGB+ workers feel psychologically unsafe in the workplace compared with heterosexual workers (10%). For transgender workers, this figure is even higher at 18%.

All of this suggests that employers’ handling of conflict and harassment towards LGBT+ workers must improve. It is further clear that employers need to develop a greater understanding of the specific experiences – and needs – of their LGBT+ workforce.

All of this news is obviously disappointing to hear, and disappointing to hear while we remain in a pandemic, where the majority of workers remain working from home, many of whom feel lonely and isolated – particularly those within the LGBT+ community.

The current status quo therefore must change, not just for the LGBT+ community but for all. There is no more an important time to do this as we seek to recover and thrive after the pandemic. Recommendations for all in this area therefore include the following:

  • Reviewing and ensuring that anti-discrimination policies and practices are fit for purpose, well understood, and carried out throughout the organisation. These should set clear expectations of what is and is not acceptable behavior, with practical examples, and provide robust guidance to managers on how to report and deal with incidences of conflict. A zero-tolerance approach to discrimination is fundamental for all employers regardless of size. Employers have legal obligations to prevent and address discrimination and should take a zero-tolerance approach to this.
  • Create visible leadership in this area, supportive and knowledgeable about the difficulties that LGBT+ workers may face at work. Reciprocal mentoring is encouraged, to enable both groups to learn from each other. Gaining true buy-in and support from senior leadership is vital for building more inclusive workplaces.
  • Provide training to enable the entire workforce to recognize where conflict exists or may exist and the value of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion. Understanding people’s differences, why they are important, and why they should be protected is key and will enable the creation of positive and inclusive work relationships.
  • Encourage the reporting of any and all forms of conflict and ensure that all such matters are properly and seriously investigated.
  • Offer support through the use of LGBT+, and allyship, networks. These can be used for LGBT+ workers to discuss difficult matters with other like-minded people. Appropriate training is of course necessary here, particularly for signposting purposes as network members should not act as counselors or dispute resolution experts. Such networks also allow LGBT+ workers to collectively raise important issues and suggestions to improve inclusion and diversity within the organization.
  • Leverage OutBüro’s (www.OutBuro.com) LGBTQ Employer Branding platform to share your organization’s strides and process with current and prospective employees. Utilize its employee reviews to create an open dialog while demonstrating your organization takes their feedback seriously and is striving to be a welcoming workplace where all are respected equally.

Employers are therefore encouraged, off the back of the CIPD’s report, and as prompted by LGBT History Month, to improve their understanding of challenges faced by their LGBT+ workforce, to combat all possible opportunities for conflict or prejudice in this area, and thereafter to celebrate their diverse and inclusive workforces. The fight for LGBT+ rights and equal opportunity is clearly not over yet; we all have an important role to play to ensure that everyone is treated equally and fairly.

Dennis Velco Employer Brandin Reaching LGBTQ candidates lgbt professionals gay lesbian queer community (1)

Employer Branding: Reaching LGBTQ Candidates

Let’s face it. To attract and retain top talent today you and your organization must adapt, expand, and grow. Today, candidates, and we’ll say in particular LGBTQ candidates, evaluate your organization as a potentially good fit for them personally and professionally. The LGBTQ community in particular will often prefer an employer with great LGBTQ welcoming policies, benefits, and business practices over a competitor with less but a sexier role. They want to know that the prospective employer values them, their skills and the unique perspective they hold. It has been proven time and again that companies that whole embrace diversity financially thrive.Sure, they want to be valued and have a great career path, but when push comes to shove being valued authentically wins hand down. This means that no matter the size of the organization, or the roles you offer, building your culture matched with supporting policies and benefit is key to attracting and creating top LGBTQ talent.

You are Awesome. Are Candidates Aware?

In the 14 Ways to Support LGBT Employees article I described the differences between diversity, inclusion and being welcoming as:

A simple analogy is:

  • Diversity is being invited to a party.
  • Inclusive is while at the party, a cute person asks you to dance.
  • Welcoming is dancing like you have no cares in the world and no one is watching. Dang, check out those moves!
  • World-class is you inspire everyone to jump up to dance just as openly and boldly.
  • Everyone raves what an amazing party it is. Selfies are snapped and shared. It goes viral on social media. Your brand becomes the hottest epic party.

What is Employer Branding

Employer branding is the company’s reputation in the job market. It influences whether candidates view the employer as a “preferred employer”. This will ultimately make them decide whether to apply to the job position, or not. The right employee value proposition can thus make or break a hiring situation. Employee value proposition (EVP) is nothing but what you are offering your potential future employees—good culture, LGBTQ friendly policies, benefit and practices (which can include inclusive supplier diversity, inclusive marketing, political donations a d more), emploer perks (tuition reimbursement, etc), competitive compensation, work-life balance, community I volvement(sponsoring LGBTQ no -profits and businesses, if there is an LGBTQ employee resource group and it’s activities (such as outtings, mentorship, participation in Pride, etc) and more.

What OutBüro has found is that even those employer who are generally know as great employers for LGBTQ have extremely poor visibility of all their activity and efforts. Meaning they have poor Employer Branding targeting LGBTQ canidates. We searched and searched for Company X plus LGBT and many variations seeking employer positive content as a candidate might and usually found very little and in most cases nothing at all. So, how are candidates supposed to know? Effective employer branding speaks to and reaches the target candidates. For LGBTQ candidates, OutBüro is your best choice. Although a fairly new company the founder of OutBüro, Dennis Velco, has over 12 years serving, reaching, and building the LGBTQ professional community. The OutBüro site is your tool to consolidate your employer branding message, demonstrate all you do today while on your path to maturity as an employer. Communicate your messages, engage with business owners, industry professionals and potential candidates. We are here to help and guide through our professional consulting services directly or as needed through our approved network.

Getting the right people to apply not only optimizes recruiters’ efforts and hiring costs but also improves later-on new hire engagement. But this process begins much before the recruiter even sees the candidate profile or meets him or her. It starts at the employer branding stage.

Continuing with the party analogy, Employer Branding is:

  • The idea to have a party
  • The planning, and preparation, cooking the food on the grill, getting the drink station set up, setting up the sound system and getting the music linned up (will there be a live DJ or streaming music), cleaning the house and pool, ensuring enough supplies all around (plates, cups, utensils, ice, napkins, toilet paper, garbage bags, etc), setting up additional seating, dramatic lighting, and depending on your party the list could continue.
  • Plan for parking, clean up, and more.
  • Inviting all the guests, extending it to their choice of plus one or more. You might want to notify the neighbors.
  • Being ready to ask a rude part guest to leave.

So let’s delve into that in case it’s not clear. Opening your doors as a business and choosing to focus on being conscious of your efforts to be an employer that embraces diversity is the idea to have the party.

For planning it, checkout these articles:

Get Started

At OutBüro, we don’t expect you to be perfect. Showing up and starting is what is important. Mistakes happen, it’s how you grow from them that defines you. No matter where you are in your openly embracing LGBTQ equality, OutBüro is for you and ready to help. The important thing is to begin. Any current or recent past employees may add your organization. Meaning your organization may start receiving rating/reviews even if you aren’t officially present. The best approach is to be proactive, control what is on your employer listing, receive customer and candidate inquiries, and engage on the platform.

  • Register for your individual professional membership.
  • Begin checking out the site.
  • Add your organization with a 45-day free trial.
  • Schedule a conversation with our team so we may get to know each other and answer questions you might have and get you started out on the right track.
What is LGBTQ Corporate Equality - OutBuro Employer Branding LGBT workplace ratings reviews Company Monitoring gay lesbian transgender employees

What is LGBTQ Corporate Equality?

LGBTQ corporate or workplace equality at its simplest is an employer committing to creating a diverse, inclusive and welcoming work culture. It is an environment where all feel valued, safe in being themselves. Where it is safe to bring opportunities for improvement along with notifying appropriate management when they feel they are being discriminated against or harassed without fear of reprisal and that management take action to properly investigate and take corrective action in a timely manner. Many studies around the world have clearly demonstrated the benefit of doing so. It fosters ensure all employees. Check out the article on 6 Steps – Enhance LGBT Workplace Equality.

Corporate or Workplace Equality

LGBTQ corporate equality should really be called LGBTQ workplace equality. The term has been heavily associated with equality indexes around the globe who primarily focus their energies on the large corporate fortune 1000 level companies. Those indexes rate the companies on the presence of LGBTQ friendly policies, benefits, business practices, and internal education in an employer self-reported survey method. See our recent article titled “LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings – A New Approach for All Employers” for an overview of how OutBüro is different.

LGBTQ Corporate Equality Workplace Employees Rate Employer Branding Reviews monitoring Company OutBuro - Diversity Inclusion Gay Lesbian Queer

It Starts in HR

It starts in the recruitment process. Taking action to actively recruit LGBTQ employees and opening demonstrating that is the first impression to potential new hire candidates who have the great skills you seek yet to happen to identify as being LGBTQ. More and more LGBTQ candidates want to know how LGBTQ friendly is a potential employer before they submit their resume. They have potentially faced harassment and/or discrimination working at past employers and therefore want to clearly understand the employer’s full spectrum of LGBTQ inclusiveness. Education is a key component to address unconscious bias in all levels of staff but particularly everyone in the Human Resources department and all levels of management. Unconscious biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness. It is the prejudices and biases that were learned from a very young age. Everyone holds unconscious beliefs about various social and identity groups, and these biases stem from one’s tendency to organize social worlds by categorizing. A study from the University of Surrey found that LGBT people less likely to be hired, paid less, and not promoted.

It is Costly to Not be LGBTQ Inclusive

Dissemination and harassment is costly to the organization in the form of LGBTQ lawsuits, reduction of employee morale, reduction of other LGBTQ staff feeling safe. It is also costly due to lack of leveraging the well-proven fact that being fully diverse, inclusive and welcoming has a financial gain to the organization’s financial bottom line. Again, many studies around the world have clearly demonstrated the benefit of doing so. In summary, it improves employee morale, increases productivity, improves LGBTQ employee and customer loyalty, employee engagement, increased creativity and problem solving and team/customer/client interaction all leading to a proven increase in the financial performance of the organization.

Employee and Consumer Branding

LGBTQ employer branding and consumer branding are tightly woven. In today’s marketplace, a company’s or organization’s consumer marketing to the LGBTQ community is tightly commingled with its employer branding. A recent clear example of this the backlash many companies experienced during the Pride month of June in where they altered their company logo to incorporate the rainbow – a symbol of the LGBTQ community.

Transparent Feedback is Good for Business

As outlined in the article titled “LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings – A New Approach for All Employers” Current corporate equality indexes are limited in scope, depth, and transparency. Leveraging the LGBTQ focused OutBüro Employer Branding and Ratings/Reviews platform provides your organization of any size and any location in the world the opportunity to demonstrate and social proof all that the organization has been and currently doing to foster an LGBTQ inclusive environment for both employees and customers. Check out this article with a video discussion overview of all the site’s features for the employer. Additionally, take a look at this article that describes the site for the employee perspective. Continue to explore the OutBüro blog and site for more great informative articles to help you understand this better.

Contact Us for more Information and Recommendations

Want additional information on how to get started on your organization’s journey to being LGBTQ inclusive? Contact us. We’d be honored to speak with you, learn more about your organization, provide information and recommend Diversity and Inclusion consultants who are not only generalists but also have an LGBTQ focus.

LGBTQ Corporate Equality Workplace Employees Rate Employer Branding Reviews monitoring Company OutBuro - Diversity Inclusion Gay Lesbian Queer

Corporate Equality Employer Ratings from Verified LGBTQ Employees - GLBT Company Reviews Branding Diversity Inclusion - OutBuro

Corporate Equality Employer Ratings from Verified LGBTQ Employees

Reviewer now required to provide some form of validation of employment when providing LGBTQ corporate equality employer ratings on OutBüro.

To further LGBTQ corporate quality and trust in the anonymous employee provided employer ratings/reviews, OutBüro has added the requirement to provide some form of validation of employment. Other employer sites such as Glassdoor.com have been previously criticized for not validating the submitters’ employment and therefore the validity of their ratings as been questioned.

At OutBüro we want employers to feel confident in our process and the ratings they receive. For employees, we value your constructive feedback and views on great employers so this information we are requesting is for our internal verification and not displayed on the site at any time.

Always cover or blackout personal sensitive information such as a home street address, social security number, banking numbers, etc. when taking photos or scanning to upload. Keep it on hand for future ratings.

Employee Employment Validation - OutBuro - LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Employer Reviews LGBT Professional Entrepreneur community
LGBTQ Consumer and Employer Branding are Commingled Corporate Equality Employer Ratings Reviews Monitoring - OutBuro - Company Employee Recruiting Marketing Diversity Inclusion

LGBTQ Consumer and Employer Branding are Commingled

In today’s marketplace, a company’s or organization’s consumer marketing to the LGBTQ community is tightly commingled with its employer branding. A recent clear example of this the backlash many companies experienced during the Pride month of June in where they altered their company logo to incorporate the rainbow – a symbol of the LGBTQ community.

It was widely reported that of those companies around 40% did not at the time have any formal LGBTQ inclusive policies and/or benefits for their own LGBTQ employees. This is coined as “pink-washing”. The LGBTQ media spread the news like wildfire. It was viewed as pandering and an ill-informed marketing ploy.

[easy-tweet tweet=”LGBTQ consumers represent an estimated $3.7 trillion US dollars globally according to LGBTQ Capital” user=”OutBuro” hashtags=”#LGBTQ Marketing #LGBTQ Branding #LGBTQ Consumer”url=”https://www.OutBuro.com”]

76% of LGBTQ Consumers said they will give companies that support LGBTQ equality more of their business this year. However, it is the responsibility of the companies to make sure the LGBTQ community is aware of their support.

According to the 2018 Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) report who focuses on the LGBTQ market
CMI-Web-Graphic-LGBTQ Consumer and Employer Branding are the same
To learn more about CMI and access the 12th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey report, visit www.communitymarketinginc.com

LGBTQ consumers are also employees

Perhaps for those 40% rainbow touting logo companies, this may have been their first attempts. Companies are made of humans and humans make mistakes. OK. It’s what you learn from it, adapt and grow that matters. For any company /organization attempting to woo the LGBTQ consumers you must also realize they are all employees too, or business owners who still care about the authenticity of the company/organization doing the marketing. Overall the LGBTQ community are a savvy lot with activists and reporters who will leave no stone unturned. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that once a year rolling out a rainbow logo will yield swooning LGBTQ consumers to your products or services. In fact, without a comprehensive LGBTQ workplace corporate equality approach, quite the opposite is a high potential depending on many factors.

Sure, the LGBTQ community is well reported to be a wonderful typically high disposal income target audience. They are also an employee or business owner (that money comes from somewhere) and therefore wants to see not only general company branding messages to make them feel warm and fuzzy over a TV ad with a same-gender couple holding hands, but they also want to know the full reality of that company’s treatment of their LGBTQ employees. After all, why should the LGBTQ community support you if you don’t even support your LGBTQ employees? Pander with pink-washing and you are sure to reap negative attention as witnessed this past Pride season.

[easy-tweet tweet=”(OutBüro) is fascinating and much more aligned with the UN’s Global LGBTI Standards for Business than most indexes! – Fabrice Houbart – Human Rights Officer @UN” user=”OutBuro” hashtags=”#LGBTQ #WorkPlaceEquality #CorporateEquality” url=”https://www.OutBuro.com”]

United Nations Human Rights Officer Fabrice Houdart - In LinkedIn Group 2019-07-03 OutBuro More Aligned with UN LGBTQ Business Standards than most Corporate Equality Indexes

Want to win LGBTQ Consumers? Start with your LGBTQ employees.

Don’t pay a marketing company one cent to help you reach the LGBTQ community because it will be clear you are blind greedy panderer if you don’t first understand and support your own current and prospective employees. Your own LGBTQ employees know your products and services. They are also part of your target demographic. So doesn’t it make sense to support them with policies, benefits and business practices that demonstrate you value them? Then consider as part your LGBTQ employee resource group ask for LGBTQ customer-facing marketing ideas and feedback from that group of well-informed employees. If you do use an outside marketing consulting firm ensure they have actual experience and staff in the LGBTQ community. Don’t repeat the errors of others assuming a heterosexual male or female knows the LGBTQ community – they don’t no matter how many gay/lesbian friends they have.

Demonstrate that you value your LGBTQ employees and value your current and prospective LGBTQ customer/client by your earnest actions, even if mistakes are made. Learn from them and move forward.

OutBuro on LinkedIn - LGBTQ Employees Rate Employer Ratings Reviews Company Employee Rating Branding OutBuro - Workplace Corporate Equality Diversity Inclusion

Conduct LGBTQ brand marketing with authenticity

The LGBTQ community would love to see your brand marketing in a percentage appropriate LGBTQ inclusive manner. But prior to launching off into an ill-informed spiral sure to garner negative attention, again focus first on your own house and your own LGBTQ employees first. Do that through a top-level supported LGBTQ diversity and inclusion program that fosters an LGBTQ welcoming environment and reap the financial bottom-line benefits. Achieve it by focusing on your own internal policies, benefits, business practices and build a community involvement strategy from a place of authenticity.

Go ahead. Jump in.

I grew up in Florida with a pool in my back yard. We had lots of trees so the water even in the hot humid heat was always cold. As the youngest of three, I learned the value of the saying “why tip your toe in when you can jump and get it over with”. The slower I entered the cold water the more I pulled back onto the deck, wasted pool-time and physical shivering with purple lips. Then after being pushed in by one of my sisters enough times I realized, yes, jumping in was a shock at first, but I got use to the water temperature faster and so it allowed me more playtime in the pool having fun.

3 Month challenge

I feel that all too often employers take a super painfully slow process in allowing and creating change, no matter how much the benefits are laid out for them. Don’t be that. If you do you are missing out on so much as a company/organization and your employees are missing out on being treated fairly with dignity for who they are and what they can truly offer your company/organization if you allow them to be 100% their authentic self.

If it takes more than 3 months to lunch full workplace LGBQ corporate equality frankly that in and of its self is an issue. As a company, you have to be able to adapt or go out of business. Adding the policies are a few words added to your current policies. Health benefits are a phone call away. The training program can be a phone call away. Your inclusive recruiting can start with an OutBüro Employer listing. All that if you want can be just one week and here I’m challenging you to 3 months. It may not be 100% perfect and fully implemented/rolled out, but it can have the policies and benefit rolled out. Do not procrastinate waiting on what can be accomplished today for other action items you are working on.

If you believe all your employees and customers/client should be treated with dignity, respect, and equality please continue on.

Wait a minute aren’t gays already protected?

The simple answer is – NO. As of this writing in mid-2019 in the United States alone in over half the states LGBTQ people as a class are not protected from being fired from their job simply based on who they are. Not to mention they are also not protected from housing discrimination and more.

Even if you are based in a state and only operate in states/countries where sexual orientation and gender identity are legally protected, we still recommend having an inclusive nondiscrimination policy, because it clarifies and communicates your commitment to inclusion for all stakeholders, both internal and external. Just like as you’ll read further down, there have been US federal and state laws on sexual harassment for 40+ years and still nearly every company has a clear sexual harassment policy and training. This is no different.

Guides to terminology

A number of LGBTQ organizations offer helpful guides to terms related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Examples include PFLAG’s glossary of terms and “An Ally’s Guide to Terminology” from GLAAD and the Movement Advancement Project.

LGBTQ persons experience workplace stress

LGBTQ employees experience mental stress due to work environments and cultures that are not supportive and welcoming. One recent study places the number at 72%. Due to the hostile and discriminatory history, a recent study found that nearly half LGBTQ workers remain in the closet at work fearing to lose their job, discrimination, harassment and being fired from their job. Couple this with the fact that bisexuals are highly unlikely to reveal their sexual orientation and the number get larger. Further yet another recent study found 29% of Americans under 30 years are considered “heteroflexible” in where for the most part they might lead an otherwise heterosexual life yet open to same-gender encounters “if the mood and opportunity strike”. They do not reveal this part of their life typically in the workplace. There is also the “down-low” culture where particularly men of color (African American and Latino) are pressured to get married and raise children being oppressed and “play on the side” – who they really are. There are work immigrants that come from other geographic regions/countries where being LGBTQ is culturally or religiously governed by laws that oppress them – even with the threat of family abandonment at best and death at worse. They also will marry and have kids and also often if brave enough be on the “down-low”. It is easy for us to say, “Oh that’s morally wrong to marry a woman and have kids if you know you are gay – you are ruining their lives” But that is your lack of empathy into that person’s life assuming they had all the rights and privileges you enjoy. They felt they had no choice. For many lucky ones they flea their countries and leave their family and life friends behind in order to escape having to live a life of lies, self-hatred, environmentally or legally self-denial of being wholely happy.

Taking the numbers and situations into account and the lack of comfort self-identifying as LGBTQ or heteroflexible your actions in creating an LGBTQ friendly work environment and culture has more impact than you may have previously realized.

Transgender people face some of the highest levels of discrimination in the LGBTQ community. In the largest survey of transgender people in the U.S. conducted to date, 27 percent of those in the workforce reported being fired, denied a promotion, or not being hired because of their gender identity and expression.

Understanding deeply engrained prejudices

Your LGBTQ workplace corporate equality initiative has to start with a basic understanding that the company/organization is made up of people – humans. All those humans have a life long history of learned prejudices and beliefs, cultural, religious or agnostic, that affects their conscious and unconscious behavior. Simply observing children from infant to toddler and it is clear that we as humans are not born with these prejudices. They are learned from our environment – parents, relatives (those whom at a young age we must trust), learned religious views and in some areas laws based on religious dogma. All of which are repeatedly reinforced programming their brains deeply creating and reinforcing their own sense of self-identity early in childhood and adolescence. Sure some have a huge change/growth breaking free of most, yet a degree of that deeply-rooted programming can remain and influence consciously or subconsciously the thought, actions, and behaviors.

Creating policies is you requiring every employee to check their own “learned baggage” at the door. Coupled with other actions to foster an environment where all can thrive. Policies set the intent (and legal protection) of the employer along with the attempts to deeply understand through employee training, with an open and welcoming culture and environment approach is key.

Human Resource staff are also humans with learned prejudices

A recent study by the University of Surrey found that person in the hiring process – Human Resource personnel and departmental hiring authorities highly discriminate merely on the perception of a person being LGBTQ based on a headshot photo with the backgrounds removed and a second study took this further to include a voice sampling. The subjects had resumes/CVs and although the resumes/CV clearly had the qualifications, the perception of being LGBTQ whether true or actually heterosexual, the mere perception on those limit physical attributes would mean the job candidate was rejected at a much higher rate and if offered a position would be offered less money than someone who was perceived as heterosexual.

So, it starts with your Human Resources candidate screening and interviewing process. After all, those HR staffs are humans too with that life long learned prejudices as well. How do you help prevent one person’s, even HR staff, prejudices from undermining your ability to attract and retain great LGBTQ talent? Simple, require a diverse multi-person review committee during the full process from resume review through hiring and on-boarding.

Are laws and policies enough?

The simple and short answer is NO. But why?

I’m going to answer that question with one example – sexual harassment. I have been using that as a prime example for around a year now since launching OutBüro because sexual harassment has been a federal and state crime since the last 1970’s (note that’s 4 decades ago). Since then most companies over 50 employees also have sexual harassment policies coupled with typically annual required training and electronic or hand-signed employe acknowledgment documents to cover the company/organization should any employee step out of line and is a perpetrator of sexual harassment in the workplace. However, turn on the news and almost weekly in just the United States alone you will see high profile cases of alleged sexual harassment from sports figures, movie/TV stars, Supreme Court Justice nominees and even the current US President. Think about all the sexual harassment cases that don’t make national news. A recent NPR study found that in the United State alone 81% of women and 43% of men have been sexually harassed. The report did not include “where” the reported sexual harassment took place but it is still a pertinent analogy since most the perpetrators likely had the mentioned annual training at their place of work and generally, therefore, should know it is illegal and not acceptable anywhere.

[easy-tweet tweet=”81% of women in the United States experienced workplace sexual harassment.” user=”OutBuro” hashtags=”#LGBTQ #WorkPlaceEquality #CorporateEquality” url=”https://www.OutBuro.com”]

Therefore by the laws, training, and policies on sexual harassment, it is clear that laws and policies alone are not enough on their own when it comes to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for your LGBTQ employees whose co-workers have life long deeply engrained learned prejudices. But they are an obvious need to instill the best intentions of the employer as well as legally protect it from the actions of employees.

[easy-tweet tweet=”43% of men had experienced some form of workplace sexual harassment during their lifetime. ” user=”OutBuro” hashtags=”#LGBTQ #WorkPlaceEquality #CorporateEquality” url=”https://www.OutBuro.com”]

Diversity and Inclusion Director

If you don’t have a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion director on your team and company/organization is over 1000 employees we recommend adding a D&I professional.

LGBTQ workplace/corporate equality

Sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination policy

Having a policy prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression demonstrates your company/organization’s commitment to fairness and equal opportunity. Communicating your values to your shareholders, partners, the LGBTQ community, allies, current, and potential employees that the company/organization’s commitment to be inclusive and welcoming is clear internally and externally. It is crucial in LGBTQ active recruiting and LGBTQ employee retention.

Here’s an example but naturally review and edit to your company/organization requirements:

“The [Company/Organization Name] is committed to diversity and to equal opportunity employment. [Institution Name] does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability (including HIV status), veteran status, military obligations, or marital status. This policy applies to hiring, internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, and terminations and applies to all [Institution Name] employees, volunteers, members, clients, and contractors.”

What to avoid

Seek advice from your legal counsel, however, we recommend that your policy does not make reference to federal or state law. Many well-intentioned nondiscrimination policies are undermined by including language such as “in accordance with state and federal law,”  “to the extent prohibited by law,” or “we prohibit unlawful discrimination.” This type of reliance on laws makes your policy weaker since discrimination against LGBTQ people still is not explicitly illegal in many states, regions, and countries.

Domestic partner benefits

The term “domestic partner benefits” refers to employee benefit plans that offer to non-married couples the same or similar benefits as those provided to married couples. Some argue here in the United States that since it’s legal to marry only legally married couples should be covered. Well, my response is we as a community have had a lifetime of discrimination and oppression and use to living our lives as we choose. Legal marriage is a right, not a requirement and just because some fought hard for that equality right and choose to legally marry does not mean that now 100% of same-gender couples are going to change who society has forced them to learn to be. I personally find the “if you aren’t married then no domestic partner benefits” excuse to further discriminate. Most may have never considered the heterosexual construct of married and are fine living without the legal and tax privilege that legal marriage offers – they are comfortable being who they’ve been in the committed relationship they have and their relationship should be honored with domestic partner benefits as equally applied to all employees.

Transgender inclusive benefits

In order to truly be an equal opportunity employer, you should have at least one transgender-inclusive health insurance plan in your employee benefits package. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare, protects transgender individuals from discrimination by insurance companies — assuming the insurance company receives federal aid which most do. The cost according to studies is minimum in compared to the cost of your full employee base covered under insurance. Google it, lots of info to educate yourself on this topic.

LGBTQ employee resource group

This isn’t just about touting your LGBTQ employees in Pride parades, it can be a meaningful way for LGBTQ employees and allies to connect and foster an inclusive and welcoming work culture. ERGs help employees come together, support each other, collectively raise issues and opportunities to management, and create a community within your company/organization with a feeling of belonging.

When you have employees self identify as LGBTQ during the hiring onboarding process be sure to make them aware of the ERG and let the ERG leadership aware of the new employee that both parties may reach out to one another.

Have clear requirements for ERGs such as a budget, mission, and goals. The goals should outline the ERG’s planned activities, initiatives, and campaigns along with a proposed budget. Ideally, the ERG will have an executive sponsor whether they are themselves LGBTQ or a community ally to can help navigate the company/organization politics and keep upper management informed of the actions and progress. Plan on advertising the new or reinvigoration of the ERG through all internal company/organization’s employee-wide communication channels. Place posters in common area and invite individuals. In your goals, plan to have regular meetings, in-person where you can and be sure to include remote workers through videocasts. Depending on the size, geographic spread, and budget you may also consider an annual ERG meeting bringing all participants together for networking and career development activities. Local chapters may also plan and budget for participating in local Pride parades – it is a create camaraderie building and employer branding activity. The company may even consider sponsoring a booth for consumer and employer marketing. If the company has paid volunteer time, the ERG may also consider volunteering at local charities wearing company branded clothing.

All these employee-driven marketing and community activities will expand the personal skills of those employees. According to a study, 80% of millennials value companies that promote personal growth

Publicly demonstrate support for LGBTQ equality

I can tell you in managing LinkedIn’s largest LGBTQ group for 11 years now and in my initial researching the potential of OutBüro I personally found it very difficult to find most company’s LGBTQ content – even those that have been rated 100% on the HRC Corporate Equality Index for several years.

If you take the advice here and from others and create an LGBTQ ERG (events, participate in Pride and more), do LGBTQ active recruiting (LGBTQ career fairs, including LGBTQ employee video testimonials, etc.), and have LGBTQ inclusive customer-facing marketing it should be easy to find. But it’s not. Some of those same companies don’t even have much if anything on their own company website for customers and prospective employees to access. Thus one of the primaries focuses fo OutBüro is employer branding as a platform for you to consolidate and show off all that you do in an easy to find, manage and promote in one location coupled with your LGBTQ employee ratings/review with timely and continuous feedback to help you get better and better because you want to be an awesome employer.

Support the same policies, benefits in all regions you operate

If your company/organization operates locally or regionally this is pretty easy. If you operate in a state/province or country that does not have legal protection for their citizens your supporting LGBTQ equality everywhere you operated is further creating an employer brand that LGBTQ candidate will view as a great potential company/organization to work for. Even as of today, in over half the United States LGBTQ citizens are not legally fully protected from discrimination. Again recall the sexual harassment analogy here, and even other EEO requirements that you still have in your official policies. So even if operating in areas where LGBTQ employees are legally protected it is still a good business practice to have them and state them in your policies.

If you operated in countries where it is still illegal to be LGBTQ, work with your legal team and contact the resources listed at the end of the article for guidance on how best to move forward with the highest intent of protecting your LGBTQ employees in those countries.

LGBTQ inclusion – sensitivity training

As you roll out your LGBTQ workplace corporate equality initiative, LGBTQ sensitivity training will be crucial. There are resources you may leverage. One of which is Diversity Resource’s LGBTQ Sensitivity Training. You may already have a relationship with a training source provider. Check them out to see if they already have such training to add to your training portfolio.

Require the same from vendors/contractors

In the operation of your company/organization, you have a lot of interactions with other companies/organizations. Once you have your workplace LGBTQ corporate equality duckies in a row, you then are in a position to be a leader and influence those other employers to follow your lead. At some point, you may even consider it as a requirement for doing business with you.

Indicate your LGBTQ inclusive policies, benefits, and practices

As part of your LGBTQ employer branding, show off your hard work and how you are striving to create and maintain an LGBTQ corporate equality standard through OutBüro employer branding portal along with social proof to make clear and easy to know/find. Link to your own and/or third-party sites. You may also upload PDFs, for example, a document showing at least one of your company health plans provides transgender-inclusive health coverage and more.

LGBTQ Employer Diverity and Inclustion attributes - LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Branding Reviews monitoring Company OutBuro - Workplace Gay Lesbian Queer

Employer branding

LGBTQ Corporate Equality Employer Branding & Reviews Monitoring

LGBTQ Employer Listing Overview [Video]

Steps to Add an Employer Listing by Authorized Person

LGBTQ active recruiting marketing

LGBTQ active recruiting is best done once you have the above-mentioned policies and benefits in place. In involving participating in and maybe sponsoring LGBTQ focused career fairs, placing your sexual orientation and gender identity inclusive non-discrimination policy in your job postings and more. One of the issues, as mentioned that I have found, is that even though companies/employers may have these and may today do everything outlined here, it is darn difficult as a job seeker to find all the wonderful LGBTQ inclusive content.

OutBüro answers this problem as an employer branding platform geared specifically to highlight your workplace LGBTQ corporate equality efforts and activities allowing potential job seekers to easily see what a proactive, inclusive and welcoming LGBTQ employer you are. It has the most areas not only LGBTQ candidates are looking for but an attempt at demonstrating your company/organization’s full spectrum. We’ll further adapt as we get feedback.

OutBüro allows you to add the LinkedIn profiles of the HR recruiters who focus part-time or full-time on recruiting LGBTQ candidates. Also, you may link to any website, your own or others, that demonstrate your LGBTQ job seekers attraction activities such as career fairs and more. You may also link videos such as LGBTQ employee testimonials and other videos that support your LGBTQ active recruitment efforts as well as images, say photos of your table at career fairs, activities of your LGBTQ employee resource group and more.

LGBTQ active recruiting marketing employer branding rating by empoioyee LGBT corporate equality Workplace reviews monitoring - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

LGBTQ employees in management

When employees who are part of the diversity sphere including LGBTQ are in positions of management it fosters a sense of belonging for other employees. In addition to adding the total number of employees to your OutBüro LGBTQ corporate equality employer listing, we recommend adding the total number of employees in management across all diversity categories. Then further as a subset, the number of out known LGBTQ employees who are in positions of management. Additionally, you may indicate the title of the highest-ranking LGBTQ employee and please provide a link to the individual’s LinkedIn profile as social proof.

Diversity and LGBTQ Management Recruiting LGBT corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - inclusion discrimination

LGBTQ community involvement

As part of your full picture, we have added the ability to link and show the LGBTQ owned businesses and non-profits/NGOs your company/organization supports/sponsors. Additionally, you may consider linking to videos, maybe LGBTQ conferences you sponsor and/or have a speaker at, webinars you are a part of and more.

We Sponsor Businesses Non-profits LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination


If your company/organization sponsors any LGBTQ owned businesses and/or non-profits, you may indicate that is awesome. You should let the world know by adding them to your OutBüro LGBTQ employer branding listing.

We Sponsor Businesses Non-profits LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

They, in turn, may indicate you as a sponsor too.

Our Sponsors LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

Need funding or got funding?

As a source of funding you may indicate the types of funding you have available, the amount, a description of the types of companies/organizations that are an ideal fit, link to more information and upload files such as an application or brochure.

Provides funding sponsorship capital investorment loans grants LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

As an LGBTQ owned business or LGBTQ non-profits, you may indicate if you are seeking funding of any type, provide a description of what it would be for, who it will impact and the amount sought.

Seeking funding sponsors capital investors loans grants LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

LGBTQ consumer inclusive marketing

Media advertising

OutBüro provides you the option to indicate if you are currently marketing your products or services in an LGBTQ inclusive manner percentage appropriate. In addition, the months that your marketing is active. Social proving is important, you may link to sites that demonstrate your LGBTQ inclusive marketing, link to videos, upload images, and PDF documents.

LBGT inclusive marketing LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

Proactively disclose policial contributions

OutBüro provides the location where your political contributions can be disclosed in a proactive manner both pro-LGBTQ and anti-LGBTQ. We added the anti-politician donations sections not to beat you up because we understand you don’t control who are in political positions that have influence over local, state/province and national laws that can benefit your company/organization. The idea is to disclose it here and make a statement and/or video about why those contributions needed to be done. This is ideal before the LGBTQ media and activist learn through other sources and frame the message. This allows you to get in front of the conversation in a positive manner alongside all the other pro-LGBTQ inclusive stuff you do setting it into context.

Pro and Anti-political donations LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace social proof - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

LGBTQ employer ratings/reviews monitoring

OutBüro for the employee is an LGBTQ employer ratings/reviews platform. We have lots of content on that to learn more. Our goal is to help you shine. The system allows your current and recent past employers to rate/review you on many LGBTQ specific factors and also feedback in several areas in while remaining anonymous.

LGBTQ corporate equality LGBT employer ratings Workplace reviews monitoring recruiting marketing branding - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

Steps to Rate Your Employer as an LGBT Employee

Employer Review Guidelines

Your Voice has the Power to Create Change

Resources to assist your company/organization

GLAAD – Regarding Media

GLAAD - LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Employer Branding Reviews monitoring Company OutBuro - Workplace Diversity Inclusion Gay Lesbian Queer

GLAAD rewrites the script for LGBTQ acceptance. As a dynamic media force, GLAAD tackles tough issues to shape the narrative and provoke dialogue that leads to cultural change. GLAAD protects all that has been accomplished and creates a world where everyone can live the life they love.

United Nations: Free & Equal

United Nations Free and Equal - LGBTQ Employees Rate Employer Ratings Reviews Company Employee Rating Branding OutBuro - Workplace Corporate Equality Diversity Inclusion

In July 2013, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) launched UN Free & Equal – an unprecedented global UN public information campaign aimed at promoting equal rights and fair treatment of LGBTI people. In 2017, UN Free & Equal reached 2.4 billion social media feeds around the world and generated a stream of widely shared materials – including powerful videos, impactful graphics, and plain-language fact sheets. Several campaign videos – including a popular Bollywood-themed clip “The Welcome” – rank among the most-watched videos ever produced by the United Nations. National UN Free & Equal campaigns and events have been organized in almost 30 countries, with visible support from UN, political, community and religious leaders and from celebrities in all regions of the world.

Out & Equal

Out and Equal - LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Employer Branding Reviews monitoring Company OutBuro - Workplace Diversity Inclusion Gay Lesbian Queer

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates is the world’s premier nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer workplace equality.

We partner with Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies to provide executive leadership development, comprehensive training and consultation, and professional networking opportunities that build inclusive and welcoming work environments.

Pride at Work

Pride at Work - LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Employer Branding Reviews monitoring Company OutBuro - Workplace Diversity Inclusion Gay Lesbian Queer

Pride At Work is a nonprofit organization that represents LGBTQ union members and their allies. We are an officially recognized constituency group of the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations) that organizes mutual support between the organized Labor Movement and the LGBTQ Community to further social and economic justice. From our national office in Washington, DC, we coordinate and support more than 20 Chapters across the country.

We seek full equality for LGBTQ Workers in our workplaces and unions. We work towards creating a Labor Movement that cherishes diversity, encourages openness, and ensures safety & dignity. We aim to educate the LGBTQ community about the benefits of a union contract for LGBTQ working people and to build support and solidarity for the union movement in the LGBTQ community.

Pride at Work Canada

Pride at Work Canada - LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Employer Branding Reviews monitoring Company OutBuro - Workplace Diversity Inclusion Gay Lesbian Queer

Through dialogue, education and thought leadership, Pride at Work Canada empower employers to build workplaces that celebrate all employees regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. We help create safer, more inclusive workspaces that realize the full potential of all employees and bring down barriers to employment. Our learning, networking and community events happening across the country, celebrating and connecting the most inclusive Canadian employers.

Stonewall UK - OutBuro LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Employer Branding Reviews monitoring Company OutBuro - Workplace Diversity Inclusion Gay Lesbian Queer

Stonewall UK

We work with institutions to create inclusive and accepting cultures, to ensure institutions understand and value the huge benefits brought to them by LGBT people, and to empower institutions as advocates and agents of positive change. We will work with all organizations (including employers, schools, healthcare providers, sports organizations and religious institutions) to ensure they offer inclusive, equal and inspiring environments for LGBT people, and to empower them as advocates and agents of change in wider society. We will help institutions recognize the value of different perspectives, and the benefits these bring to employees, service users and members of the community. We will collaborate with local LGBT campaigners to help UK-based multinational employers extend their LGBT inclusion work to every country they have an influence in.

Rainbow Tick – Australia

Rainbow Tick - LGBTQ Corporate Equality Ratings Employer Branding Reviews monitoring Company OutBuro - Workplace Diversity Inclusion Gay Lesbian Queer

The Rainbow Tick is a national accreditation program for organizations that are committed to safe and inclusive practice, and service delivery for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) people. Organizations wishing to receive a Rainbow Tick are required to undergo accreditation against the Rainbow Tick Standards, owned and developed by Rainbow Health Victoria (formerly GLHV).

Other resources

If you need referrals of Diversity and Inclusion consultant with a specialty focus on the LGBTQ community please contact us.

Additionally, if you are aware of other resources no matter where in the world that helps employers promote on LGBTQ corporate equality we’d love to add them to this list and/or create a separate resource guide including them with these great organizations. Contact us with their website URL if they have one and if not whatever contact information you can provide.

LGBTQ Corporate Equality Employer Branding Ratings Reviews Monitoring - OutBuro - Company Employee Recruiting Marketing Diversity Inclusion gay lesbian transgender

LGBTQ Corporate Equality Employer Branding & Reviews Monitoring

This is a transcript of the video and slightly edited for clarity in text form. The text is in the order of the discussion dialog, which is not exactly in the best structure of article content writing. You know, I said “you know” about 1,000 times in the video so I edited those out in the text to make it cleaner, ya know. LOL.

Any employer. Any size. Anywhere in the world. YOUR voice for LGBTQ corporate equality.


Hi, I’m Dennis Velco founder and CEO of OutBüro as well as founder and moderator of OutBüro on LinkedIn that’s been running around for 11 and a half years. As of the time of this video recording (July 2019) the OutBüro on LinkedIn group has over 46,300 Global members. I am very proud of that. I built that (OutBüro on LinkedIn) 100% voluntarily on my time and my funds. There has been barely a handful of days over the last 11 years where I have not been actively working inside of that LinkedIn group to hone it and make sure that it stays on course. That is why it has a high amount of engagement and participation.

Any employer. Any size.

You are tuning into this likely because you are an employer of some type. You are either an entrepreneur or company/organization and you’re wondering, what is OutBüro and what can it do for me and our company/organization? Maybe you have a couple of employees say, you know, 15-16 employees or you’re an employer of 500, 1000, 5000 or 200,000+. That is a key thing about OutBüro, it is for all employers and all types of employers.

You are tuning into this likely because you are an employer of some type. You are either an entrepreneur or company/organization and you’re wondering, what is OutBüro and what can it do for me and our company/organization? Maybe you have a couple of employees say, you know, 15-16 employees or you’re an employer of 500, 1000, 5000 or 200,000+. That is a key thing about OutBüro, it is for all employers and all types of employers.

OutBuro on LinkedIn - LGBTQ Employees Rate Employer Ratings Reviews Company Employee Rating Branding OutBuro - Workplace Corporate Equality Diversity Inclusion

So let me clarify that for you. And by the way, I’m going to talk more about the actual features for you as an employer and having your listing on OutBüro in the next video. So I’m going to try really really, really, really hard not to get into the nitty gritties of features in this particular video here.

What’s the name OutBüro about?

OutBüro is pronounced just like “out bureau”. Büro with the umlaut, which is the two dots, is German meaning office. So “out office” also, of course, hearing the words “out büro” you can think of newsdesk reporting and so forth. So I wanted, an English / American word as well as a more European based word. I happen to have lived in Germany serving in the US Military (Army) and as a US Department of Defense civilian for five and a half years. That’s why I chose that word. Also, it is a nice, short and sweet URL so that you can type it very quickly and get to it.

Back to the who

So getting back to who it’s for – it is for any employer any size anywhere in the world. So let’s talk about for first types of employers. Okay, so you could be a for-profit entity of any size, again one-three people all the way to a huge organization with 200, 250, 300 thousand employees globally. The platform as it grows and adapts will be trying to fit all different levels. We’ll be honing it to try to tailor the interface based on the size of company/organization as well as we move forward.

Tech issues addressed – focused on building value

It’s a fairly new site in that it’s about a year and a half old. Recently we overcame some technical difficulties that I was having (not being a “real developer myself) and had to bring in a web applications developer earlier this year to assist. Since those issues were solved, over the last three months (as of this taping) we have been focused on honing the site toward its vision. We’ve been zeroing in on getting it down to something of value for both the employees as well as the employers. Hopefully, after this dialogue and learning a little bit more in the next video, you will hear an overview of the current set of features for you as an employer. My goal for this video is to convey its intent and value.

Feedback welcomed

I’m always open to constructive feedback on how to make it more useful and beneficial for you. So when you’re reviewing it adding your Employer listing, if you have ideas and you think things should be done this way or that way or added additional fields for input and so forth please let me know. Contact me through our support contact form. Once you get to know me a little bit, shoot me a direct email and let me know what your thoughts are providing the constructive feedback for us to make a make the system more effective for you because it’s for you.

For LGBTQ employees and employers

It’s predominantly geared for the LGBTQ employees as in information service and for companies/organizations as an LGBTQ employer branding and review monitoring system. [Lamp flickers] Okay, and I’m sorry about that. The light keeps flickering. It’s a little distracting for me. But I don’t want to turn it off. Hopefully, just laugh at it or something.

So as an employer, again getting back to that, you can be a for-profit company. You can be a sole proprietor. You can be a non-profit. You can be a political action committee (PAC). That’s what we call here in the United States a political action committee. You can be a government entity federal/national, state/province, county/regions or city/town level government and so forth.

Step 7 - Authorized - Add Employer Listing LGBTQ Employee Company Reviews Ratings - OutBuro - LGBT Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

Within that for example, I happen to live in the Fort Lauderdale area. So I’ve already added the City of Fort Lauderdale. I’ll be adding the police department and Fire Department too along with the education department and so forth.

So think about that and think about all the potential employees out there who are affected. So any organization of any size and any type as well also anywhere on the planet. OutBüro is not limited to the United States or to England, India, Australia, or Japan. It’s everywhere. Some of our future features will be making it multilingual as well. I’m going to try not to get into features. I have a really bad habit of doing that.

Step 23 - Authorized- Add Employer Listing LGBTQ Employee Company Reviews Ratings - OutBuro - LGBT Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

Why is this important?

So just a little bit about the why. How did this come to be? And why is it important for me, important for you, and your employees? There are several, employers / corporate equality indexes around the globe. From what I have seen and from what I have gathered through various sources my perception is, and I don’t believe I am incorrect and I happily accept additional information, but they are all focused for the most part on the Fortune 1000 level. Obviously, I would love for all of the Global Fortune 1000 level organizations to join and participate OutBüro and be rated by their employees.

Current corporate equality indexes narrow in scope

Here’s the thing, just looking at the United States where I live Fortune 1000 level companies employ approximately eight percent of the United States’ population. What about the other ninety-two percent, right? Granted, I understand why those entities have taken on and focused on the Fortune 1000. I understand. I truly do. Because it is when politics and laws are not moving fast enough, you can still create, protections and so forth for people through their employer. I get that totally 100% and I applaud all of those organizations out there who have been working with the Fortune 1000 because I know it is not easy. My past clients for 13 years was Fortune 1000 level and I consulted on change in processes in and around taking old processes to new processes and then implementing the systems to support those new processes. I totally understand how difficult that that is. But at the same time, focusing for 5, 6 and 10 years on only the fortune 1000 has left 92 plus percent of not only the US population but even more across the globe kind of just out there floating. Who’s paying attention to them and that’s where OutBüro, and I in creating OutBüro predominantly have seen the opportunity. That there’s a huge vast void of an opportunity for all employers to be able to share what they doing the realm of LGBT inclusivity and creating a welcoming and belonging environment.

United Nations Human Rights Officer Fabrice Houdart - In LinkedIn Group 2019-07-03 OutBuro More Aligned with UN LGBTQ Business Standards than most Corporate Equality Indexes

Small businesses can shine as LGBTQ inclusive too

Add LGBTQ Employer Listing Ratings Reviews OutBuro - GBLT Employees Rate Reviews Company Employee Branding - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

One of the things I like to share and I use it as an example pretty often is while I was living in Clearwater, Florida, there was a small Mexican baker about two blocks from where I lived. I loved their pastries. They were absolutely phenomenal. So I went there about once a week and got friendly with some of the staff. One of the staff was clearly gay – flamboyant. You could tell, you could just tell, that he loved his job. He absolutely loved everyone that he worked with they loved him. There’s nothing at all wrong with that. They probably employed, in and around 12-13 people or so. A company of that size probably didn’t have an official non-discrimination policy. They most likely didn’t have transgender-inclusive health care benefits and so forth. So, under the current equality measurements, they would be dismally scored. They’d be like zero even if they responded to the surveys – but they’d never be included due to their size. At OutBüro yes, we want you to have those policies, procedures and benefits and all of that stuff especially as you’re a larger organization, but, you know even small companies even though they don’t have those in place they can still be an incredible place for an LGBTQ employee to go to work and thrive. On OutBüro that employee can add that employer for at no cost (with limited features), that employer may claim their listing or add their listing themselves and take advantage of all the features and still have a positive employee based review on OutBüro.

A little background

So clarifying a little bit about why and how. As I mentioned over 11 years ago, I started the first LGBTQ group on LinkedIn and that was before they had the blue button to for anyone to start a group. It didn’t exist. I actually contacted LinkedIn customer support and had about two weeks worth of email exchange with them. I basically volunteered to moderate the group and they agreed and started it. As agreed they assigned me as the moderator.

OutBuro on LinkedIn - LGBTQ Employees Rate Employer Ratings Reviews Company Employee Rating Branding OutBuro - Workplace Corporate Equality Diversity Inclusion

Also for several years, I have been involved at least in a passive capacity and most recently with OutBüro, starting to post in about five or six groups on LinkedIn for diversity and inclusion professionals. These groups represent, I’m sure there’s some member overlap there in the various groups, but they represent in and around 60,000 diversity and inclusion professionals around the globe. So between the OutBüro on LinkedIn LGBTQ professional group and the diversity and inclusion groups, I get a lot of information.

Group members reach out for advice

Over the years I’ve had individual people contact me a couple of times a month asking me for help, advice and so forth. All of that ranges from people seeking asylum and how do they go about it. Business owners both in the United States and around the world will contact me for information, about seeking funding for their business. I’ve also have had people contact me and say, how they work for such and such company. Then when they (the company) reached the 100% score on a current corporate equality index management backs off funding, all the top management who were so focused on that now is off on the next big project/initiative. I get that but it left the employees feeling a little disenfranchised. It caused them concern and to question WTF happened? As a company, many take two steps forward then one step back, two steps forward again and one step back. We all do it. We grow and we make mistakes. So I also want to be very very clear, I don’t expect any business/corporation/organization to be perfect. I’m not perfect. How can I expect you to be perfect? We’re human and businesses/corporations/organizations are made of humans.

US Supreme Court and LGBTQ workplace-corporate equality

So that gets me to the next point as to why OutBüro is so important. Coming up here in December of 2019 there is a US Supreme Court case about LGBTQ protections from employment discrimination. They are supposed to hear that case and possibly vote. I hope they’ll vote positively on this making LGBT discrimination in the workplace across the entire United States illegal. Wonderful. I hope it happens. Currently, in the United States, LGBTQ protection laws are spotty leaving 50% of US LGBTQ vulnerable to legal discrimination.

Sexual harassment and LGBTQ corporate equality

To remind you we have had sexual harassment laws on the federal books since 1978. Most states followed within one to two years of that. If you employ more than say 500 people your organization it likely has a sexual-harassment policy. You likely have anti-sexual harassment training and you likely every year require your employees to sign off affirming awareness. Whether it’s electronic or on paper that they know that sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the workplace. Okay, however, turn on the news almost weekly. It’s really sad how many cases of sexual harassment right here in the United States, almost on a weekly basis, makes prime news. Now if sexual harassment has been illegal for 40 years and almost every call it at least 80% of all employers in the United States has all of those policies and procedures – laws, policies, training, procedures and all that has been going on for 40 years. How come that’s happening?

they found that:

So by that example, it is clear that laws, policies, training, and procedures are not 100% effective at eradicating sexual harassment.

Although having these LGBTQ policies and benefits are absolutely amazing. I applaud you for having them. However, if we just take sexual harassment and the 40 years since that was enacted as an example then it’s going to be decades for full LGBTQ corporate equality. I hope it won’t be that long and I hope OutBüro will be a mechanism to help speed up the process of true LGBTQ corporate equality where LGBTQ employees will feel welcomed, safe and protected in their workplace in the US and everywhere in the world.

Employees have deeply rooted learned prejudices

Let’s say you’re an organization of 10,000 employees. Wow, that’s a lot of people right? If you’re an organization of 50,000 or 100,000 or more just think of the complexities. Here is the thing. You’re employing people. People come with lifelong learned ingrained mindset learned from their parents and their environment. So when they come to work, you might have all these fantastic, policies, benefits, training and specifically LGBT sensitivity training and so forth, but you’re trying to unlearn deeply rooted engrained attitudes. You’re trying to take those employees and erase a lifetime of learned prejudices. That’s really tough. People just don’t switch that off after a mandatory once a year one hour LGBTQ sensitivity training.

Just like when sometimes people will say, “Oh, I’m not racist“. But then you hear the next thing out of their mouth five minutes later. It’s like that or they would never do sexual harassment, but then something falls out of their mouth that makes you go. “Wow. I just can’t believe you said that.” I understand you are working on LGBTQ corporate equality and striving to create a welcoming environment I applaud you because you have a very very tough job. You are trying to create the precedent and the intention of the company, but you have all these people who work for you who bring their discrimination from their learned prejudices and all their baggage to work with them. You are asking and training them and hopefully giving them enough negative incentive that they’re going to realize they need to clamp it. Keep it shut. Keep it to themselves or walk out the door. It’s tough.

OutBüro employer branding timely feedback tool

OutBüro can be a mechanism for you to get timely and frequent feedback. I need to move forward because I’ve already been doing about 22 minutes here, but I wanted you to understand that I understand and I get it’s a tough job. So let’s talk about how you can utilize OutBüro with all that information to benefit your LGBTQ corporate equality efforts.

LGBTQ corporate equality LGBT employer ratings Workplace reviews monitoring recruiting marketing branding - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

Customer branding too

Okay, let’s get started on employer branding. What you’re going to see in the next video as we break down is a discussion about the features. OutBüro is a platform where you may consolidate all of your branding messages to your LGBTQ current and prospective employees. Also as a ratings/review site, your customers may also see the content and ratings/reviews. There’s one company added to the site about a month ago that is an online retail company. And all of a sudden recently their listing is receiving like they’re it’s like 5-7 hits a day. Right now that is a lot. I was curious about that. I think it’s because people are coming to OutBüro because they are an online retailer and I think it’s potential customers looking for reviews about that company – [based on web analytics].

LGBTQ employer-corporate rating monitoring

As employees start rating that company for their workplace-corporate equality from the employee perspective current and potential clients/customers are also going to see those ratings. People like to do business with (and shop/purchase from) companies that they can identify with and feel good about. Having a presence on OutBüro and putting your best foot forward on OutBüro not only can be beneficial in your employer branding, but it also can be beneficial in your client/customer marketing and branding as well.

LGBTQ employer reviews workplace corporate equality ratings branding - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination harassment gay lesbian transgender queer

For employers, OutBüro employer branding is one of the main site feature and benefit. It’s also employer review monitoring. As an employer, you won’t be able to edit what a reviewer says but you’ll be able to flag it for a potential administrative review if for some reason you feel a review/rating needs to be brought to our attention for potential moderation. You will be able to after claiming or adding your Employer listing you are in control of the content that is representing your company. You will have a contact record and also will be able to anonymously interact with the raters/reviewers

Timely LGBTQ employer review/rating insight

OutBüro can be a timely pulse on your state of LGBT inclusivity. The reason I say it’s a timely pulse is that once someone posts a review/rating <<BAM>>, it’s instantaneously online. Additionally, an employee reviewer/rater may post a review/rating every 4 months on their own unique timeline.

So let’s say you’re a company/organization of 100,000 employees for simple math sakes. Let’s say 10% of your employee base is LGBTQ, heteroflexible and so forth whether they’re out at work or not. so 10% of 100,000 is 10,000 LGBTQ+ employees. Each of those employees come on board OutBüro partly from you make it known that your company/organization/government/corporation/non-profit/PAC, etc, has claimed/added your Employer listing on OutBüro. Although you don’t incentivize them to leave you a review/rating you make it known you are on OutBüro and you embrace feedback and hope that they will review/rate you in whatever capacity that they see fit. So as each employee begins rating/reviewing you potentially as frequently as every 4 months as your company makes improvements or falls (has an incident). You’re going to see your OutBüro score go potentially up or down based on that immediately and continuously. So it’s a timely pulse for you.

Real LGBTQ employer rating by empoioyee LGBT corporate equality Workplace reviews monitoring recruiting marketing branding - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

LGBTQ candidate active recruiting

With OutBüro’s employer branding you are able to demonstrate your active recruiting of LGBT employees/candidates/job seekers. Even other LGBTQ workplace/corporate equality indexes around the globe are wanting to see that you are actively recruiting LGBTQ candidates. Social prove it by linking to the job/career fairs you participate in, show your LGBTQ employee testimonials, and link to the LinkedIn profiles of company recruiters focused on LGBTQ candidate/job seeker recruiting.

LGBTQ active recruiting marketing employer branding rating by empoioyee LGBT corporate equality Workplace reviews monitoring - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

Social proof of your LGBTQ diversity and inclusion efforts

You’re also able to show off and consolidate your LGBT diversity inclusion messaging as I mentioned earlier by linking/social proving. It’s not you just saying that you have a transgender-inclusive health care benefits for example, but actually linking to your website where that is stated publicly. And so most of the fields on OutBüro you are able to leverage social proof. This is very important because again it’s not just you saying it or it’s not just some report saying that you have it. You are proving it.

Pro-LGBTQ and anti-LGBTQ political contributions disclosure

Also on OutBüro, you’re able to annotate your political contributions at a city, county/region state/province and a national/federal level. Very important that both your political contributions to known pro-LGBTQ political candidates or currently in office political folks as well as anti-LGBTQ politicians. Not only indicate that you do donate but you may explain why it was important to your business/organization to do so. We know that sometimes you have to do business with and/or “grease the palm” of politicians that you really don’t necessarily agree with all of their stances on every issue. But because of the position that they’re in such as a chairperson of particular committees, you have to deal with them. All right, it’s okay. We all have to deal with people that we don’t like or we would rather not. But we have to because of our job, company/organization needs. Just give a proactive statement on OutBüro as to why that was important to the company and how that benefits your organization and then therefore how it benefits your employees and your customers.

Pro and Anti-political donations LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace social proof - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination
ATT AT&T - LGBTQ Corporate Equality Workplace Employees Rate Employer Branding Reviews monitoring Company OutBuro - Diversity Inclusion Gay Lesbian Queer

So, you know, I’m not here to beat you up over donating two and a half million dollars to anti-LGBTQ US congress members AT&T. I know they’re probably sitting on or chairs of committees that affect your business. Okay, you can’t control that that person is still in a position of power and influence. You have to do it. I get it. But then you also now have the opportunity to proactively briefly explain yourself on o OutBüro. Annotate it right next to the positive things that you are doing and the entire record is about the positive and the balance. It’s just reality. None of us can just deal with unicorns and rainbows our entire career/business life and be successful. Sometimes we have to deal with companies/organizations, politicians, people and entities that don’t always follow our own core values, but we still got a deal with them. All right, so just explain it proactively on OutBüro as your space to do that. I recommend that you do it as soon as you know that those donations are happening. Come to your OutBüro Employer listing and make a statement here. Get in front of the conversation before all the reporters and LGBTQ rights activists try to rip you apart. You then say, “Oh I/we have already disclosed that on OutBüro.

LGBTQ inclusive marketing social proof

As part of your LGBTQ employer branding on OutBüro, we also have the ability and want you to include demonstrating your LGBTQ inclusive marketing naturally with social proof. That is the company/organization’s customer-facing marketing. It allows you to indicate the months in which your LGBTQ inclusive market is active. Social prove it by providing links to, videos, websites and uploading images so that a whole picture is seen in a consolidated view.

LBGT inclusive marketing LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

Bi-directional sponsor and sponsors indication

LGBTQ Own Business and Non-Profit Support/SponsorshipOn OutBüro you may indicate what LGBTQ owned businesses and non-profits you support and sponsor. Then also who sponsors you perhaps you’re a small organization like some friends of mine, Debt-free Guys. They run a personal finance blog for the LGBT community. They are sponsored by some outstanding financial institutions like Prudential, MassMutual, and CaptialOne. Thank you for that. And so those organizations can indicate that they sponsor the Debt-free Guys. Then on Debt-free Guys record, they can indicate who sponsors them. So it’s a cross-reference opportunity that it kind of a little bit of a check and balance there. So that goes both ways.

Our Sponsors LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination
We Sponsor Businesses Non-profits LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

Seeking Funding and Funding Available

You’re able to indicate whether if you are an organization seeking funding there are multiple types of funding to indicate you are interested in. I’m going to get in the features later and the next video different kinds of funding that you’re seeking grants loans venture capital., etc.

Seeking funding sponsors capital investors loans grants LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

As an organization, if you have funding, grants, provide small business loans, sponsorships, donations, are an investor, etc. I’ll talk about that next but on both sides of the fence whether you need or seeking funding or whether you have funding available you’re able to indicate that on your Employer listing record.

Provides funding sponsorship capital investorment loans grants LGBTQ corporate equality employer reviews ratings monitoring branding Workplace - OuutBuro - diversity inclusion discrimination

We’ll be adding search features so that if you’re an organization, you could search for a new nonprofit or new small business to support and vice versa if your nonprofit or a small business looking for funding you can then search organizations that have it available

As mention above, indicating who sponsors your company/business/organization is both saying thank you and also helping that organization demonstrate their LGBTQ community support. W

LGBTQ employer reviews monitoring

You’re able to flag reviews if something comes up that you feel needs moderation. We do have employer ratings/reviews guidelines and if you’d like to look at the employee-focused video that I did about posting ratings/reviews. Together they cover the do’s and don’ts and the whys and the how’s and so forth.

There are incredible benefits to being LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming. Not only are you providing a welcoming space for your employees, but there are also many studies about this I wrote about. Organizations no matter what size they are who focus on inclusivity and creating a welcoming space for all their employees, magic and miracles begin to happen because people are able to bring their authentic self to work. They are able to feel that their ideas are welcomed that they don’t have to hold anything back. Communication is improved when you have happy employees. Happy employees create a positive experience for your customers and your clients. You then get repeat business that leads to more money. That is more money in your pocket or more money for your shareholders. Everybody wins. So it’s a lovefest.

No one and no organization is perfect. Learn, adapt and improve.

Focus on LGBTQ workplace and corporate equality utilizing the OutBüro platform to help you get the to your message out in a consolidated platform. Receive that employee provided feedback rating/review as a timely pulse on how you’re doing, learn, adapt and improve. Remember you’re not perfect. I’m not perfect. Your organization isn’t perfect. We all make mistakes. We all make blunders we make errors. That is not what defines us. It’s not what defines me it is not what defines you. It is what we do with that.

OutBüro pricing and value

Let’s talk a little bit about value right here, OutBüro is priced on an annual subscription basis based on the total number of employees. To send our LinkedIn group of 46,000+ global members via LinkedIn’s marketing platform it would cost over $23,000 no matter the size of your organization. OutBüro provides so much more ways to communicate your employer brand to our current and growing LGBTQ professional target audience.

For an organization over 30,000 employees, OutBüro is about half that LinkedIn one-shot price. On OutBüro could build and consolidate your entire LGBTQ employer branding and get all the benefits that are associated for example posting regular articles on the site. So it’s not just about your listing when you are a subscriber you also then can post content. Posting content could be employee features, it could be highlighting a customer, it could be highlighting you at Pride somewhere, quarterly updates on your efforts, OR the quarterly activities of your LGBTQ employee resource group.

The field is open on what you can post but want it to remain, LGBTQ centric. For example, if you work for NASA please don’t post your new rocket system and its propulsion capabilities, unless highlighting LGBTQ employees on the project.

Ratings/reviews will happen. Get in front and shine.

Remember, any current or recent past (up to 5 years) employee may add your company/organization for free with limited feature and then rate/review you. You have no control or input over that. You may claim your employer listing if already present or add it if not already on OutBüro.

It’s your choice whether you are going to be proactive and take control of the conversation/your brand and join us and partnering to help you shine as much as possible understanding that blunders will happen. But it’s what we do with it that matters.

OutBüro Ambassador program

We have an ambassador program. Where if you as an organization, an individual or a company of any size, or a non-profit, or a political action committee (PAC), or a chamber of commerce, or Community Center anyone, anywhere may participate.

Let’s say you have contacts in the business world and you sign up for the OutBüro ambassador program- it is an affiliate marketing system. It is a very transparent system. You have the ability to earn a percentage of the annual subscriptions for those employers that you bring on board to OutBüro. It’s not just the first year. It’s every year that they maintain their subscriptions. So it’s a way to create an immediate income and residual income. So it’s great for organizations that are looking to supplement or increase their revenue.


Thank you so much for tuning in thus far and I hope you will join us. I’m a little I’m a little windy. I hope you can tell I’m just a plain person like you. I’m just trying to do something for my community that benefits the companies/organizations and LGBTQ employee of the world. But you know, hey, I have my issues too and one of them is I’m a bit chatty. So I’m going to end this now and we’ll see you in the next video talking more about the actual features on an employer listing. Thank you so much, and I look forward to getting to know you and your organization better as we move forward in the future. Thank you.

LGBTQ Workplace-Corporate Equality Index Employer Branding Reviews Ratings Monitoring - OutBuro - Company Employee Recruiting Marketing Diversity Inclusion gay lesbian transgender

LGBTQ Workplace-Corporate Equality Employer Branding

Attracting quality candidates/job seekers and retaining the staff/employees your company/organization has already invested in can be a challenge. Further adding that as an employer you are dedicated to building, fostering and maintaining a work environment and culture that is diversity and inclusion focused is a worthy, and rewarding huge task. So many organizations struggle with how to best reach the targeted diversity job seeker audience they desire with few resources to make your efforts well known. OutBüro (www.OutBuro.com) is a resource for employers of all types, sizes, and no matter where in the world you operate who desire to have a robust LGBTQ employer branding and recruiting marketing strategy.

[easy-tweet tweet=”(OutBüro) is fascinating and much more aligned with the UN’s Global LGBTI Standards for Business than most indexes! – Fabrice Houbart – Human Rights Officer @UN” user=”OutBuro” hashtags=”#LGBTQ #WorkPlaceEquality #CorporateEquality” url=”https://www.OutBuro.com”]

United Nations Human Rights Officer Fabrice Houdart - In LinkedIn Group 2019-07-03 OutBuro More Aligned with UN LGBTQ Business Standards than most Corporate Equality Indexes

OutBüro meaning and pronunciation

Out is an English world and often used in the LGBTQ community. Its history of use stems from the phrase “Out of the Closet” meaning not hiding one’s sexual orientation.

Büro is a German word that in English means “office”. The two dots are called an umlaut and makes the “u” long sound. Büro sounds exactly like the English word “bureau”, such as a news bureau.

So combined OutBüro means Out Office, which in the context of the site is Out Company, Out Organization, Out Employer in support of your LGBTQ employees and job seekers.

Why is LGBTQ Employer Branding needed?

You may believe that if your company is listed one of the LGBTQ Corporate Equality Index that obtaining a top score there is your golden grail of letting the LGBTQ community know you’re a great place to work as an LGBTQ employee. However, those listings are limited in so many ways. For those organizations fortunate enough to be large enough to be on those listings it merely indicates that LGBTQ inclusive policies benefits and some business practices are present to a degree. They might state if the company/organization does LGBTQ-focused marketing and actively recruits LGBTQ candidates. They are however not a platform for you to control and consolidate your LGBTQ messaging. Further, OutBüro provides social proving allowing you to link to your and 3rd party website clearly showing the policies in place, benefits you have, your marketing in video and print, your inclusive recruitment marketing efforts, your political contributions and your community involvement to name some of the features. It allows you to also upload lots of photos and link to lots of videos further demonstration all the hard work you are putting into your full LGBTQ diversity and inclusion program. You may indicate LGBTQ organizations and businesses you sponsor, any form of funding you have available for LGBTQ non-profits and LGBTQ owned businesses to apply for. Further you may indicate the number of out and visible LGBTQ management within your organization. In addition, it provides you an opportunity to post articles directly on the platform highlighting all that you do. Some ideas might be quarterly updates on the activities of your LGBTQ employee resource group, LGBTQ career fairs you are participating in, feature LGBTQ employees, and pretty much any news/stories related to your LGBTQ inclusive efforts. Go ahead and show off all your hard work.

LGBTQ employer ratings by employees

Your OutBüro rating is based not only having policies, benefits, and practices in place, although those are important, but rather from the ratings/reviews from current and recent past employees. Recent past as we define it means up to 5 years. See the employee-focused video below for more information from that perspective.

Even a small business/organization that do not yet have official LGBTQ inclusive policies and benefit may still be rated as an excellent employer by their employees.

Timely LGBTQ employer equality ratings

Your company/organization is constantly evolving so OutBüro’s LGBTQ employer ratings/reviews are too. Employees may initially rate/review your company/organization at any time 24/7/365. Once an employe posts a rating/review it is live on the site immediately and aggregated into your overall rating. They may rate/review you every 4 months on their own unique timeline. Imagine an employer of say 100,000 employees. Let’s say 7% of the workforce identifies as LGBTQ and heteroflexible. That would be a potential of 7,000+ reviews/ratings up to every quarter. This provides you timely and insightful feedback on the state of your environment and culture.

OutBüro for employers

Most company/organization career/job pages have little to no information regarding all the incredible policies, benefits, employee resource groups and LGBTQ community the company/organization has and participates in.

Although in a few countries there are LGBTQ Workplace/Corporate Equality Indexes, these are typically limited to only the Fortune 1000 and/or the countries very largest organizations. Being present on those lists is quite an achievement for which you should be rightly proud of. It is however not the full picture of all you do. They are limited to indicating the policies and benefits you have if you are large enough to be invited to participate.

In just the United States the Fortune 1000 employs approximate 8% of the workforce. That represents around 33 million employees and obviously a huge number. We’d love to have all those employers leverage the OutBüro LGBTQ employer branding and review monitoring solution and welcome all employers of every type and size.

LGBTQ employee marketing difficult to find

As a corporation/organization works to create all the great LGBTQ inclusive policies, benefits and business practices to be an attractive employer to LGBTQ candidates often the marketing of that effort is a second thought if at all. While focusing on building the OutBüro and our initial adding around 300 Fortune 1000 companies we discovered that for the vast majority it is downright difficult to find LGBTQ information about the company/organization. Now put yourself in the position of the LGBTQ job seeker wanting to have a clear picture of the kind of company/organization they are considering applying for. The absence of information or difficulty locating it on the internet searches is a potential indicator that the company/organization is not very LGBT friendly at all. OutBüro is your solution to consolidate your LGBTQ employer branding making it super easy for potential candidates to see you as an outstanding LGBTQ employer.

For Every Employer Type

OutBüro recognizes that LGBTQ people are employed by every type of company/organization. When claiming/adding your Employer listing to OutBüro you specify the legal entity type which currently includes the following:

  • Company – Public
  • Company – Private
  • SubsidiaryBranch/Franchise
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Government
  • College / University
  • PAC – Political Action Committee
  • Non Profit (General)
  • LGBTQ Focused Non-Profit

For employers everywhere

LGBTQ people live everywhere and likely where your business/organization operates. Therefore, OutBüro is not geographically bound. In fact, our LinkedIn LGBTQ professional group currently has over 46,000 global members and site traffic to the www.OutBuro.com website demonstrates interest globally. Here’s an OutBüro site traffic map of June 2019.

OutBuro Global Site Traffic June 2019 - LGBTQ Corporate Equality Workplace Employer Branding Ratings Reviews Monitoring

Consolidate your LGBTQ employer branding

OutBüro is your tool to consolidate and focus your employer branding efforts to clearly demonstrate what a fantastic employer you are for LGBTQ candidates/job seekers and your current employees. We’ll be adding articles/postings discussing all the current features very soon and in the meantime check out the following:

Steps to Claim Employer Listing on OutBüro

This is a user guide for when your company/organization is already present on OutBüro detailing the step to claim your listing as an authorized representative of the company/organization.

Steps to Add an Employer Listing by Authorized Person

This is a user guide for adding your company/organization to the OutBüro employer branding and reviews monitoring platform when it is not already present as an authorized representative of the company/organization.

LGBTQ Employer Rating/Reviews Overview [Video]

This explainer video discusses OutBüro employer ratings/reviews intent and process from an employee’s perspective. It is beneficial as an employer to review so that you are aware of the information and data OutBüro seeks input on.

LGBT Diversity And Inclusion: Benefits Company, Employees and Customers

Every company/organization can benefit from embracing and fostering a work environment and culture of diversity and inclusion where your LGBTQ employees feel welcomed and that they belong. It improves team communication, problem-solving creativity, promotes happy employes that in turn create amazing experiences for your clients/customers that lead to improved financial benefits.

It’s not a perfect

No, that’s right, OutBüro does not claim to be perfect. It has been developed from our experience and industry practices. We’re off to a strong start in helping you consolidate your LGBTQ employer branding and reviews monitoring. We are a new tool and platform that is focused on evolving, growing and expanding for you and LGBTQ employees/volunteers. Just as your organization evolved from its beginnings to where you are today, so will OutBüro as more company/organizations come on board and we receive constructive feedback on way to improve the system.

Get started today

Add LGBTQ Employer Listing Ratings Reviews OutBuro - GBLT Employees Rate Reviews Company Employee Branding - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

To get started on OutBüro you don’t have to be perfect either. You are also evolving and we recognize that. OutBüro employer annual subscriptions are based on the total number of employees so it’s affordable for any size employer.

Your employees/volunteers may add you to the system and rate/review you even if you have not yet claimed/add your employer listing yet. Ideally, you’ll jump in and claim/add your listing providing as much of the information as possible. Note that to get started there are only a few required fields and you may edit your listing at any time as you gain more information, locate resources, improve your LGBTQ policies, benefits, and practices. Let’s grow and evolve together.

Beyond Scope HRC Corporate Equality Index - LGBT Employees Rate Review Company Empoyer Branding - OutBuro - GLBT gay lesbian queer diveristy inclusion ratings

Beyond Scope, Depth and Reach of HRC’s Corporate Equality Index

A simple way to describe OutBüro is as a mashup of Glassdoor.com and HRC’s Corporate Equality Index while OutBüro moves beyond the scope, depth and reach of the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. OutBüro relaunches to enhance LGBTQ employees ability to anonymously rate/review their current and recent past employer(s) at no cost to the employee. The ratings capture many factors both unique to their LGBTQ work-life experience and general employee satisfaction with an intuitive user interface and user guides to make it simple.

72% of LGBTQ employees report mental health issues due to work environment often caused by discrimination and harassment. Today, even in the United States in many states it is still legal to discriminate against LGBTQ workers. Companies and organizations that create an LGBTQ friendly work environment reap the financial benefits according to many studies.

OutBüro aims to be the open and employee reported source for insight into the LGBTQ friendliness of every employer everywhere. OutBüro is inclusive yet not limited to US Fortune 1000 companies. OutBüro is available to all employers, any type, any size, and anywhere in the world. In the US, most Americans work for small and mid-sized companies as well as government, non-profits, and educational institutions to name a few.

Not only does it indicate if an employer has the following LGBTQ friendly policies, benefits, resources and practices, but it enables the employer to provide links to employer’s and 3rd party sites to socially prove it:

  • Sexual orientation non-discrimination policy
  • Gender Identity non-discrimination policy
  • Domestic partner benefits
  • Transgender-inclusive benefits
  • LGBTQ employee resource group
  • Requires same LGBTQ equality standard in contractors and vendors
  • LGBTQ inclusion competency training
  • Has same policies, benefits, resources and practices throughout the globe and subsidiaries
  • Publicly demonstrates support for LGBTQ quality Globally, Nationally and Locally
  • Appropriately leverages LGBTQ content in it’s marketing year round – not just Pride month

Manage Your Employer Reputation and Brand

Employers may claim their listing if previously added by a current or recent past employee with limited feature. Or an employer may add a new listing themselves to control the content representing their company/organization. It also allows the appointed contact to interact with the anonymous employee reviewers while not having the ability to alter what has been posted. Claim or add your Employer listing now.

To learn more and get started today visit www.OutBuro.com.

5 Financial Companies Standing Out Supporting the LGBTQ Community - LGBT Employees Rate Employer Review Company Employee Branding OutBuro - Corporate Workplace Equality Gay Lesbian Queer Diversity Inclusion

5 Financial Companies Standing Out Supporting the LGBT Community

Companies of all sizes are realizing not only the social responsibility to their gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and heteroflexible employees but also the many benefits of it while reducing their legal risk exposure in the process. They take a stand to reduce and eliminate the stressful harm that 72% of LGBTQ people report experiencing from un-supportive and sometimes hostile work environments through discrimination in its many forms. If your company doesn’t yet fully support your LGBTQ employees there are steps you can take to raise the bar for equality.

The road to equality has been long and we have not yet arrived at our destination globally let alone here in the US where still today nearly half of the U.S. states do not have full protection for its LGBTQ citizens. Through the vision, courage, hard work and determination of many LGBTQ leaders and community allies, they started the process and continue to work tirelessly toward full equality. It’s important to recognize those companies that stand out in support of their LGBTQ employees and customers. They took and continue to take risks and realizing the right thing to do is always the best approach. Companies can be the bridge when the waters of the political climate churns.

OutBuro where you belong lgbtq entrprenuers out gay business owers lesbian startups queer professionals employer ratings customer reviews bisexual transgender equality community 1

Thank you to the following companies. Not only do they support our equality, they care about our personal and business financial health and security.


MassMutual - OutBuro LGBT Business News Employee Company Employer Reviews GLBT Gay Professional Networking Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer job portal seeker community
Rate MassMutual as an LGBTQ employee
Debt Free Guys - OutBuro LGBT Business Reviews Rating Gay entrepreneur community Professional Network Lesbian startup Networking Company Queer Bisexual Transgender

A huge stand out is MassMutual. They were one of the first to jump on as an original signatory on the 2013 amicus brief to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). They have taken all the steps to ensure their work culture and the environment is a safe and welcoming space for the LGBTQ employees and participated in community events and created a Vow to Protect campaign featuring LGBTQ staff talking about what marriage equality means to them. Their products and services such as life insurance, investment, and retirement services are all designed to be inclusive for all customers. It’s awesome when companies use LGBTQ people and couples in their advertising. Often that is most notable during the Pride month of June. MassMutual is again a stand out supporter who is as of right now, the only financial services firm who feature a same-sex couple on their company homepage. Also, MassMutual is a supporter of the Debt Free Guys– IMHO, the best personal finance blog focused on the LGBTQ community where they offer solid advice on getting your finances under control and growing your financial health and freedom.

Mass Mutual supports the LGBTQ community. They are solidly worth your consideration. Do business with a company that supports the whole you.

Wells Fargo - OutBuro LGBT Employer Reviews Rating Diveristy Recruiting Jobs Company Sexual Orientation Policy Gay Professional Network Employee Advocacy Lesbian Queer Bisexual
Rate Wells Fargo as an LGBTQ employee

Wells Fargo

Well prior to same-gender marriage becoming the law of the land nationally in the U.S., Wells Fargo created and sponsored the Accredited Domestic Partner Adviser (ADPA) designation through the College of Financial Planning, the accrediting body of Certified Financial Planning (CFP) professionals. The ADPA training and certification to guide same-sex couples to financial planners versed in special personal finance issues unique to them.

The ADPA educates advisor on state and federal tax issues, retirement planning, wealth transfers, federal taxation, critical health financial planning, and end-of-life needs. Although some of these topics with marriage equality may be the same as heterosexual married couples there are areas that still need special attention with same-sex couples. Further, even though we can marry many couples decide to not marry yet still want to do the right thing and plan for their financial future individually or as a couple.

In 2015, Wells Fargo took its first step in airing a commercial that included a TV commercial featuring a lesbian couple adopting a little girl. They and their employees participate in Pride events around the country.

Capital One

Capital One - OutBuro LGBT Business News Employee Company Employer Reviews GLBT Gay Professional Networking Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer job portal seeker community
Rate Capital One as an LGBTQ employee

Not only does Capital One support its employees with LGBT friendly policy and benefits, but they also support the general community too. In 2016, Capital One donated $10.3 million to the San Francisco’s LGBT Center renovation capital building project. The San Francisco LGBT Center provides a large array of services like for the youth, medically challenged, employment training and placement as well as assistance to LGBT entrepreneurs.

CapitalOne was a Champion Sponsor of Out & Equal’s 2017 Workplace Summitheld in October of 2017 in Philadelphia. Financial security for most is founded on stable employment and feeling safe at work is the cornerstone workplace equality. Out & Equal is a leading US-based nonprofit global organization that educates and advocates for that workplace equality. With Capital One along with its other sponsors, Out & Equal focus on its core mission.

Capital One doesn’t just publicly market itself as LGBT friendly during the Pride month of June. Despite the potential risk and leveraged the hilariously Ross Mathews in a series of educational online videos. Funny and money don’t

Capital One is a bank holding company that specializes in providing credit cards, loans, banking and savings accounts. LGBT community – What’s in Your Wallet?

Prudential Financial - OutBuro LGBT Business News Employee Company Employer Reviews GLBT Gay Professional Networking Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Queer job portal seeker community
Rate Prudential as an LGBTQ employee.

Prudential Financial

Prudential and their family of global companies offer insurance, investment management, and other financial products. Research of LGBT money Prudential did in 2012 and 2016 with its LGBT Financial Experience Surveys is a valuable tool in understanding the LGBT financial client invaluable.
In order to continue to grow the strength of the LGBT community, each person needs to be financially solid, through good financial management, good jobs with supportive employers, and build our companies as entrepreneurs. We then can individually provide our time, expertise and financial support to our LGBT community non-profits who support equality goals and persons in need.

JPMorgan Chase Co - OutBuro LGBT Employer Reviews Rating Gay Professional Network Lesbian Business Networking Diversity Recruiting Jobs Company Queer Bisexual Transgender
Rate JPMoran Chase as an LGBTQ employee.

JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase was also a sponsor of Out & Equal’s 2017 Workplace Summit held in October of 2017 in Philadelphia. In addition to robust LGBT friendly policies and benefits, their LGBT employee resource group and allies participate in Pride events around the country. 

JPMorganChase also featured an article about the Debt Free Guys LGBT personal Finance blog on their website in June 2017 which received lots of positive feedback.

Are you aware of what other companies in any field are doing for their LGBTQ employees, community and customers?  We’d love to highlight them here on OutBüro too.

Contact us with a little information and the best company contact to learn more.