119. Donnie Darko with special guest Michael Morgan

"Donnie Darko. What the hell kind of name is that? It's like some sort of superhero or something." We watched Donnie Darko with MTMUG Superstar Michael Morgan and we have serious doubts about your commitment to Sparkle Motion! It's our first Jake Gyllenhaal review and this movie does not disappoint.  Remember when the gays would constantly claim Jake as one of our own?  We just couldn't resist that doe-eyed stare. Donnie Darko really put Jake on the mainstream radar.  First of all can we talk about this cast?  Drew Barrymore's Flower Films production company went to bat to get this movie made and and Drew herself plays Donnie's too-cool English teacher.  America's hipster girlfriend and Jakes real-life sister Maggie Gyllenhaal, absolute icon Patrick Swayze and the Legendary Beth Grant, to name a few, round out this stellar ensemble.  Is there really an answer to what this movie is actually about? Maybe not - but we try to get to the bottom of it.  We'll leave you with this... Cellar Door. 

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