122. Friday the 13th Part 2 with special guests Jackson Cooper and Pickens Barringer

"These kids smoke better dope than I do." We watched Friday the 13th Part 2 with our friends Jackson Cooper and Pickens Barringer and the body count continues! Clocking in at a brisk 87 minutes (shorter than the length of this episode!) this quickie sequel cranks up the scares, the gore and the casual nudity - not to mention the wall-to-wall cute boys.  Pretty-boy Scott (Russel Todd), sensitive Mark (Tom McBride), oversexed Jeff (Bill Randolph), even prankster Ted (Stuart Charno) can all hit it six ways to Sunday.  Even square head-counselor Paul (John Furey) is serving up major 80's hottie vibes.  At the end of the day, final-girl Ginny played by Amy Steel is the real MVP of this one.  Donning full Mrs. Voorhees drag, she goops and gags Jason to take the crown and make it out of Camp Crystal Lake alive... barely.

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