124. Madonna: Truth or Dare with special guest Marlene Stang

“Why would you say something if it’s off-camera? What point is there existing?” We watched Madonna: Truth or Dare with our friend Marlene Stang and anybody who says our show is “neat” has got to go.  Part documentary, part concert film, part reality show, this revolutionary movie knocked our socks off and sparked a sexual awakening in an entire generation. The biggest pop star on Earth was incorporating dance moves from black gay clubs, using ethnically diverse flamboyantly homosexual dancers and beaming it into YOUR living room whether you liked it or not. Madonna famously says it is her job to push peoples buttons and push she did. Truth or Dare showcased gay people in such a matter of fact way you couldn’t help but fall in love with these queens in her cavalcade of show biz shenanigans.

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