An Interview with Rhyannon Styles, author of ‘Help! I’m Addicted; A Trans Girl’s Self-Discovery and Recovery’

Oh hi! We're back again after our completely scheduled and talked about loads end of summer break! After a lil catch up about what we've been up to- see: Mae Martin being in a fight with Olivia and Lucy and Tom Jones passing like ships in the night, we move onto a stunning interview with writer, artist and performer Rhyannon Styles.

We were delighted to be joined by Rhyannon to discuss her new book, 'Help! I'm Addicted; A Trans Girl's Self-Discovery & Recovery'. We talked through the cathartic process of writing a book which is so personal, the importance of community when embarking on recovery and also how we think dog owners need to rein it in a bit. Rhyannon's brilliant book is out October 21st 2021 and we strongly encourage you to pick up a copy!

Tracks of the Week:

Watch Me, ANOHNI

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