Boundaries — Part 2

We’re going on a field trip! The last episode of The United Outsiders podcast was all about boundaries. There, we set the foundation for how to cultivate healthy boundaries for yourself and for your relationships with others. Now, we’re diving even further into the world of boundaries by assessing how implementing healthy boundaries can help us deter loneliness by experiencing authentic connection.

A special experience is happening for this episode where this conversation takes place on my podcasting icon and friend Phil McAuliffe’s podcast, The Loneliness Guy! My conversation with Phil can be listened to in-full here.

Check out what Phil has to say about our discussion on boundaries:

“In this episode of my podcast for gay men experiencing loneliness, I have a coffee with my friend Kevin Moran who provided his tips on how to have kick-ass boundaries on the blog last week. Kevin loves talking about the importance of boundaries – knowing them and maintaining them – through his work. This love is evident in the conversation you’re about to join. I know you’re about to feel seen by his words and beautiful insight. You’ll also be challenged to review, build and maintain healthy boundaries as you work through your loneliness and put your authentic self into the world as you connect with your self, those most important to you and to your community. Let me get you a coffee and let’s talk about that with Kevin.”

Listen to The Loneliness Guy podcast and my conversation with Phil McAuliffe on how to have kick-ass boundaries here!

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