Coming out again

Hello and welcome to This Little Light of Mine, my name is James Powell and I'm so glad that you were able to join me for today's story episode entitled Coming out again.

In today's episode I walk you some of the uncomfortable yet necessary events that followed my big decision to JUMP! from S02E05. I'm putting my decision to attend an in-patient trauma-informed rehab facility into action. It's time for me to get vulnerable, out myself in an entirely new way, and have conversations with my parents and with my employer, to share that I need to take time away to heal.

I have so many thoughts and feelings come up when I think back to that time and space in my life. I was on a constant pendulum swinging back and forth between fear and relief.

What I now know for sure, coming out is not a binary process. When we are growing and evolving, we are in a perpetual process of coming out.

What are some areas of your life that you now feel safe enough to come out of your shell some more?