Deconstruct and Unhook from Unhealthy Theologies with Crystal Cheatham

Welcome to the first episode of the guest series that we will be putting out over the next couple of months. We feature a whole array of amazing, interesting, and motivating people who have been doing the work and are putting their legacy out there for everyone to see, read, or hear. We start this series with Crystal Cheatham (she/hers). She received her MFA from Antioch University. She is an LGBTQ+ rights activist with a focus on religious liberty. Since 2011 Crystal has worked simultaneously as a ghostwriter and queer rights activist with groups such as Soulforce and the Attic Youth Center. 

As an entrepreneur Crystal is the founder of two projects: Follow the Red Balloon and The IDentity Kit, both of which provided resources for marginalized communities of faith.  As an outspoken activist, she has written for The Huffington Post on the intersections of faith and sexual identity, a faith and spirituality column for the Philadelphia Gay Newspaper, sat on the steering committee of the HRC as the Faith & Spirituality chair and partnered with Equality PA to influence clergy to support non-discrimination legislation. 

She is the host of Lord Have Mercy, a podcast about God, sex, and the bible, and has been featured in TeenVogue, Autostraddle, and LGBTQNation, amongst others. 

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