Ep 338: Christmas Lights and Halloween Scares with Author Roan Parrish

To kick off the holiday season, Jeff & Will welcome Roan Parrish. The conversation starts with Christmas and Roan's holiday romance "The Lights on Knockbridge Lane." The book, the third in the "Garnet Run" series, is historic in that it's the first time an m/m romance has been a part of a Harlequin series line. Roan talks about the romance between Adam and Wes, writing about pets that aren't cats and dogs, as well as writing her first ever child character.

Shifting gears to Halloween, we discuss Roan's Audible Original "Strange Company." This collection of creepy short stories includes a mix of old and new stories perfect for the season. Roan shares her love of Halloween and scary things, as well as the experience of working with her girlfriend, Timmi Meskers, who composed the music for the production.

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