Generation Q – 2.06 Love Shack

There are few things I love more in this world than a karaoke night. This dates back to college when I stumbled into a karaoke night during an ill-advised Wednesday night out before finals week, and found a KJ playing saxophone while a regular named Rapper John performed "Gangnam Style." And (sadly, devastatingly) there is nothing that seems more ill-advised right now, in the middle of the ongoing pandemic, than being in a sweaty room full of strangers who are yelling their faces off to "Mr. Brightside." But luckily for all of us, there is no Covid in the world of The L Word and so there is nothing stressful about being at a bar, singing karaoke - except of course, for all the drama that could ensue. And ensue it does! Eyes are made across the bar, fights are had, drinks are sent. Big romantic gestures are made, and it cannot be said enough that, through it all, Gigi wears an absolutely absurd sweater. What a gift.   Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @tolandback

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Theme song: Be Steadwell @besteadwell

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Episode Produced, Mixed, Edited: Lauren Klein @laurentaylorklein