Generation Q – 2.10 Last Call

Get on in here to listen to the last episode of To L and Back of the season! Last week I said that things were starting to get capital-S Serious and well, I wasn't wrong. Relive the head-spinning relationship escalations of Tess/Shane and Alice/Tom! Yell with us about Finley's intervention! And obviously, obviously, let's all gasp together about that ending! And friends, because it is our final episode of the season, I will be honest and brave in this post and say: I did not dislike this episode as much as my pals Drew and Riese! But more than anything I will be honest and say we've had such a blast recapping this often infuriating, always entertaining television program this season and we hope you had a blast listening. If we made you laugh or cry or even just roll your eyes, please consider donating the Autostraddle fundraiser! And let's all keep our fingers crossed for another season, because as Riese says, even when we hate it...we love it!    Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @tolandback

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Episode Produced, Mixed, Edited: Lauren Klein @laurentaylorklein

This episode was sponsored by Candlewick Press and The Heartbreak Bakery! Available now wherever books are sold! You can check out a recipe for Syd’s Breakup Brownies and a sample chapter of The Heartbreak Bakery here, and in our Autostraddle show post!