Global Relocation Conference Day 5: How To Move To The UK with Sylvie Froger of Simply London

Welcome to Day 5 of the  Adventure Calls 2021 Global Relocation Conference.

This interview aired live on Instagram on September 17, 2021.
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About Sylvie Froger
Originally from France, Sylvie launched Simply London after a personal relocation from Switzerland to London went awry, even though she considered herself an expert expat. Until that move, she had an international career in Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark. She was responsible for arranging the whole move on her own: she spent a day of apartment hunting driving on the wrong side of the road, and after relocating, she had problems figuring out her cell phone, Wi-Fi provider, and had to hang up on a utility company because she couldn’t understand a bill collector’s thick Scottish accent. Even the most experienced expats need a helping hand, which is why Sylvie founded Simply London to work with expats relocating to the capital and surrounding home counties.

Simply London works with expats coming on their own, with a family or with their company. The team she has built focuses on areas of expertise including home search services, school search services, settling-in services, move coordination services, visa application services, tax advice, intercultural coaching, language services, and more.

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