Global Relocation Conference Day 6: How To Move To Spain with Jess Gaspari of Adler & Marlow

Welcome to Day 6 of the  Adventure Calls 2021 Global Relocation Conference.

This interview aired live on Instagram on September 20, 2021.
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About Adler & Marlow
Adler & Marlow is a travel company based in Barcelona with connections throughoutSpain, Portugal, and Morocco. Specializing in authentic, unique, and exclusive travelexperiences, the team hosts private tours; creates tailored-made travel itineraries and luxuryretreats for couples, families, small groups, and companies; and has begun working to assistpeople who wish to live and work temporarily in Spain as nomads or expats. Adler & Marlowis now launching Relo, relocation services to Spain, primarily for digital nomads and short-term stays for families.

Today's interview was with Jess Gaspari, who runs the Relo program at Adler & Marlow. Jess is from Philly and has been loving and living in Spain since she moved there for the first time in 2007. Through Relo, she's able to help other remote workers fully immerse themselves in the country and culture that she now calls home. Relo combines the local expertise of Adler & Marlow with trusted legal partners to make your transition to the Spanish way of life easy, exciting, and like no other.
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Adventure Calls is the podcast that helps you live your biggest dreams by listening to your inner voice, finding your dream team, and following  your call to adventure. Adventure Calls is produced, edited and written by me, Jess Drucker, a four-time expat, world-traveler and author of How To Move Abroad And Why It's The Best Thing You'll Do: