Global Relocation Conference Day 7: How To Move To Portugal with Carmo Hatton of Eres Relocation

How To Move To Portugal

Welcome to Day 7 of the  Adventure Calls 2021 Global Relocation Conference.

This interview aired live on Instagram on September 21, 2021.
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About Carmo Hatton + Eres Relocation 
Carmo Hatton started her career as an immigration lawyer and has been working in global relocation in the Portuguese market since 1992. Her company, Nau Relocation, merged with Eres Relocation in 2013.  Eres is a full-service DSP founded in 2007 by Elaine Hery and José Antoniode Ros, who have both been in the mobility industry since the early 90s. Today, Eres is arenowned and privately-owned DSP with nine offices across Spain, Portugal, France, Italy,the Netherlands, and Germany.
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