Halloween (2018) feat. Richard Newby

Pull your phone out of that pudding because we're heading to Haddonfield to revisit David Gordon Green's 2018 sequel to Halloween titled...Halloween! Tapping in for the discussion is Richard Newby, the author of the horror short story collection We Make Monsters Here!

Join us as we take a deep dive into this legacy sequel that wants to remind us of every previous sequel in the franchise despite also wanting us to forget about them. We'll discuss the film's portrayal of trauma and how it compares to the portrayal in Halloween: H20. Oh, and how about the 30 minutes of deleted scenes (not all of which are on the Blu)?

Plus, Joe's magical talents, Creighton Duke, British Ellie Kemper, baby-killing, Bánh Mi, "Gotcha!" and.....is that the same wig from 1981's Halloween II just spray-painted gray? Oh, and we need to talk about Cameron...

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> Richard's Book: We Make Monsters Here

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