Honey, I think I’m a homosexual

Do you have any gay Christian role models or mentors?

On today's episode, I'm joined with Dr. Mike Rosebush who describes himself as somewhat of a gay Christian Yoda.

In this first part of our conversation, Mike will share how his wild journey of his 'most unusual gay Christian life' got started.

In Part 1 of our conversation Mike talks about:

  • growing up with 'John Wayne' as a father
  • being top of his class in the US Air Force Academy
  • speaking life, for the first time, at age 30, to a homosexual person
  • Coming out while in the US Air Force
  • Coming out to his pregnant wife
  • Going into conversation therapy
  • Starting as a VP with Focus on the Family

To read more from Dr. Mike Rosebush, check him out on Medium.