Libryia Jones talks finding your freedom in remote work

In conversation with Libryia Jones, a leading remote work expert and co-founder of Wandering Moms talking about creating freedom in your life while working from anywhere.

When her daughter was born, Libryia was in grad school, sharing a twin bed with her newborn, living on food stamps and WIC checks. When her daughter was around a year old, she saved up for her first international trip to Jamaica. Since then, she’s visited 38 more countries, 14 of those with her daughter.

Today, Libryia is a remote work advocate, coach and consultant based (for now) in Omaha working as an IT Project Manager.

In 2016, she launched My Wander Year and took a group of 30 adults around the world for a year - and her daughter came along for the year! She then co-founded Wandering Moms, a 22,000 person community for moms who literally want to show their children the world. 

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