Pray Away and Conversion ‘Therapy’ in Queer Cinema

This week on Out Takes, we looked at PRAY AWAY, the new documentary from producer Ryan Murphy and Director Kristine Stolakis about faith based conversion ‘therapy’ practices in the US and the incredible damage that they cause.

We also looked at a broader cannon of queer cinema that chronicles the harmful effects of conversion therapy: think BOY ERASED and THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST.

These are films that we’ve covered on Out Takes before, but they’re films that form an important weapon in our arsenal against conversion and suppression practices. So we revisited our exclusive interviews with Joel Edgerton, the director and star of BOY ERASED, and Desiree Akhavan, the director of THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST, as we explored the ways in which modern queer cinema denounces conversion practices that target the LGBTIQ community.

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