Roll Out The Red Carpet: QL Hits 100!

OMG we've only gone and finally made it to our 100th episode!

Is it a birthday? Is it an anniversary? Is this our jubilee?!

To celebrate making it this far together we talk fun facts about the number 100 and pledge to make it to our 100th year so that we can buy each other 10 carat diamond rings of course.

Wanna play a game? Lucy takes Olivia on a gorge trip down memory lane where she has to guess what we were chatting about in previous episodes. Tune in for some very funny and bemusing best bits!

Plus we fan girl over Josh Cavallo, van Gogh and Self Esteem (duh) and bring you our 100th(ish) entries to beloved segments: I Don't Agree With It and Track of the Week.

Thank you all so much for listening to us once, twice, always! We live, love and long for you all very much and we hope to give you at least 100 more!

Tracks of the Week:

Gnossienne No.1, Erik Satie

You Forever, Self Esteem

Oh and for all those interested in The Nowhere Inn trailer pls enjoy!