FedArb Updates Mass Employment and Consumer Arbitration Framework

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FedArb announced it rolled out a new mass arbitration protocol designed for consumer and employment cases to efficiently and cost effectively resolve mass arbitrations. By using the case-hardened MDL type procedures, FedArb can resolve all common issues of fact or law, simplifying the process and reducing the cost and time to resolve the matter.

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“A year ago, we announced our initial mass arbitration protocol based on an MDL framework that has been battletested in the federal courts,” said Kennen Hagen, FedArb president and CEO. “Since then, we have modified and improved the MDL type process whereby common legal, discovery and other issues are resolved by a panel of former federal judges. We have also embraced technology to create a front-end user interface for law firms and claimants to initiate proceedings, which reduces filing fees and saves participants time and money.”

Streamlined web-based interface. FedArb developed a front-end web interface that allows claimants to file and pay their filing fees for their arbitration claims online. This online procedure integrates into FedArb’s case management system and simplifies the filing for claimants and the company. With this interface FedArb can also administer mass arbitrations using rules of other ADR providers, such as AAA, CPR, JAMS and others.

MDL Type Framework. FedArb’s MDL framework is tailored for mass arbitrations (ADR-MDL) and offers significant advantages to mass arbitration procedures. All common issues of fact or law are decided by a binding decision of an MDL panel comprised of three former federal judges. This three-judge MDL panel will also devise a damages formula that will be applied to each individual claimant through a claim form. And to the extent individual facts and circumstances need to be resolved, individual arbitrations will proceed after many of the issues in the MDL proceeding have been resolved.

About FedArb

For almost two decades, leading law firms use FedArb’s panel of more than 60 former Article III federal judges and 30 distinguished neutrals to successfully mediate and arbitrate hundreds of high profile complex civil cases, typically achieving results more efficiently and cost effectively than through litigation. FedArb’s panelists also work with law firms on internal investigations, mock trials and on corporate monitoring assignments. FedArb provides around-the-clock administrative services and requires its neutrals to honor the parties’ deadlines, saving clients time and money.


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