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LGBTQ Employee and Candidates

Despite the necessity of building an employer brand, studies indicate that not enough has been done to harness its potential. A 2019 survey of 688 U.S. employers revealed that less than half of companies have an employer branding strategy. More than 1 out of 5 employers said they were “unsure” about the efficacy of their branding efforts. Even worse, 24% said that they have never heard of employer branding!

  • Attract quality diversity talent from interns to senior roles. Partner with OutBüro for help in reaching LGBTQ candidates.
  • Engage with current and recent past LGBTQ employees.
  • Reach the LGBTQ target audience in an authentic way.

96% of HR and hiring professionals say employee experience is becoming more important. Diversity and inclusion hiring is the most embraced trend with 78 percent of human resource directors and recruiters responding that they are tackling hiring diverse talent, head-on. Why? Well, 78% of companies indicated they are prioritizing diversity to improve culture, and 62% are doing so to boost financial performance.  While recruiters fail to communicate the values of the hiring company in 55% of the time and significantly less when it comes to LGBTQ candidates.

According to the 2020 LinkedIn Talent Trends Report

LGBTQ Consumer

  • Customer Branding: Tout all you do in support of LGBTQ equality though your OutBüro company page. LGBTQ customers want to know that you are authentic – not Pinkwashing (yuck!)
  • Supports employer branding, diversity talent acquisition strategy, diversity vendor sourcing, social responsibly minded board awareness, corporate investor relations, and scoring on diversity and inclusion metrics/indexes.
  • The combined buying power of LGBT adults in the U.S. is $917 billion and rising! (Source: Witeck Communications 2016)
  • LGBT men and women spend 35% more time online than their heterosexual counterparts (Nielsen 2015)
  • LGBT households make 10% more shopping trips than the average US household (Nielsen 2015)

LGBTQ Entrepreneurs

  • Add LGBTQ owned business to your diversity supplier policy.
  • Leverage OutBüro to connect with potential LGBTQ owned businesses as potential sources for products and services. LGBTQ owned businesses are in every imaginable industry.
  • Do you offer products or services and would like to reach the LGBTQ entrepreneur as a target audience?

LGBTQ Non-Profits

  • Share what LGBTQ community non-profits you support.
  • If desired, we are happy to assist with identifying LGBTQ non-profits that are a potential good fit for your company to support.

Some extras

  • SEO, keyword targeting, social media, campaign work, and more.
  • Diversity, inclusion, unconscious biases training, and strategic road-mapping uniquely tailored to your organization’s goals and needs.
  • More in the works, let’s grow together.