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Forgotten Passwords: Finding Your Bliss

It is highly recommended to use different passwords for each online site you access. Further, it is also recommended to change those passwords frequently. Additionally don’t use common words, personal dates, family members, or per names as all those could be guessed from, you got it, information right on your social media accounts. A tip I use is to use a combination of several words, numbers, and special characters. Then use things in your environment. An example: Pl4nt1ngRow5ofYel!ow+Fl0wers. It can be both memorable, yet long and complex making it difficult. Mix it up. Sometimes the password rules and limitations of the system make a long complex password like that not possible. It may not allow special characters or the length may be short. Ok, do a variation of one of your longer versions. With the example, you can easily change it while remaining close to other sites. Think of all the fun and unique things you can do, such as using positive affirmations.

There are tools to store the most current passwords, but occasionally you can find yourself in what I call “Password Hell”. This happens when for whatever reason, those tools don’t have the current password, and you have attempted to login cycling through your current recent past “standards”. Many sites like OutBüro will force a waiting period after so many u successful login attempts from the same device or same ID. It can be frustrating. When those forced timeouts happen, take the time to do a pause yourself and follow the below guide.

If this happens to you on OutBüro do the following:
1. Use the forgot password feature to reset your password.
2. Sit back, close your eyes and count 30 slow deep breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
3. Refresh your beverage.
4. Add a reminder in your calendar to log in to www.OutBuro.com every day to share content, like someone else’s post, and comment in a group.
5. Invite 2 people to OutBüro every day.
6. Sit back in your chair again, repeat #2. This time envision the joy, wonder, and surprise your activity on OutBüro brings to others. Feel the gratitude OutBüro community and team have for you for being an awesome community member.

Repeat steps 2-6 daily.

The time-out for multiple failed login attempts is part of our safety and security. Follow the above steps and the site will likely always be ready for you to give and receive.


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