Franklin Covey Co. Launches Jhana for Individuals: Bite-Size Performance Support for Individual Contributor Effectiveness

‘Virtual Mentor’ Increases Critical Human and Professional Skills in Individual Contributors, Which Are Essential for Thriving in Today’s Dynamic Workplace; Joins Jhana for Leaders Solution

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AllAccessPassFranklinCovey (FC) (NYSE: FC), a global company specializing in organizational performance improvement, today announced the launch of a new training solution, Jhana® for Individuals, which features bite-size performance support for individual contributors. Jhana’s unique, just-in-time approach supports learning in the flow of work and serves as a “virtual mentor,” helping users increase the human and professional skills that are essential for thriving in today’s dynamic workplace.

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Paul Walker, President and COO, FranklinCovey, said, “It’s not enough for individual contributors to simply be good at their core job functions. In order to achieve critical objectives, organizations need talent with next-level skills to build effective relationships, solve difficult problems, innovate and communicate up, across and outside the organization. And now that Jhana for Individuals joins Jhana® for Leaders as an offering in our FranklinCovey All Access Pass®, every employee in an organization can develop these next-level skills and become a key asset in driving their organization forward and grow in their career.”

Jhana for Individuals uses a “push” and “pull” learning strategy. Not only do users receive practical, actionable tips and advice delivered in a weekly email newsletter, but they can also access a robust library of hundreds of articles, videos, and tools to increase their emotional awareness, understand their organizational context, and build and improve in a multitude of workplace skills over time. Learners can skim and find an effective new behavior to try on the job in three minutes or less, and can fit learning into the slivers of their already jam-packed days. The solution is also mobile optimized for easy access on any device.

Rob Cahill, FranklinCovey Executive Vice President, Innovations and Client Experience, said, ‘With Jhana for Individuals, every organization can build a culture of continuous learning. Learners have an easy way to make time for their own development with a weekly microburst of relevant content in their inboxes, where they’re already working. And, the emails are highly engaging, scoring 110 percent higher than that achieved by the next most recognized education and training benchmark. Learners are actually using the solution, which translates to on-the-job application and increased employee and organizational performance.”

FranklinCovey All Access Pass subscribers have instant access to Jhana for Individuals in their pass, as well as the companion product, Jhana for Leaders for people leaders. The two solutions work together, ensuring that people, no matter their role, have the resources they need when they need it.

Jhana for Individuals helps learners to:

  • Communicate with emotional intelligence. Jhana helps individuals tackle tough subjects like conflict management and difficult conversations. The step-by-step guides and sample scripts help learners feel confident communicating in a wide range of situations, from engaging with customers to running high-impact meetings and writing email.
  • Cultivate resilience. Topics like well-being and adapting to change will help employees handle stress and become more agile and effective in fast-changing environments.
  • Build relationships. Practical tools help individuals elevate their skills in collaboration, managing up, setting goals, and delivering value.
  • Manage their time and priorities. Topics like project management and productivity will help employees work more effectively and efficiently. As a quick-use resource, the learning only takes a few minutes at a time and learners can then get back to work achieving goals to help their organization be more successful.

Jhana for Leaders provides bite-size performance support on the messy, complex subject of people leadership. Leaders receive a weekly newsletter and can access the leader’s library to build key leadership skills, such as running effective 1-on-1s, navigating difficult conversations, performance management, and developing others.

Jhana for Leaders helps leaders to:

  • Meet business objectives. Jhana is a quick-use resource that managers use to problem-solve on the fly and get back to work achieving their goals, whether that’s improving sales numbers, increasing customer satisfaction, or training employees.
  • Recruit and retain top talent. Practical tools helps leaders evaluate their skills in hiring, coaching, trust-building, developing others, and additional essential skills.
  • Become more confident and problem-solve. Jhana’s friendly, informal style, helps new and reluctant managers. Step-by-step guides, worksheets, and sample scripts make it easy for leaders to incorporate their learning into their day-today work.

For organizations whose employees are participating in various FranklinCovey work sessions, Jhana’s reinforcement enables learners to quickly make behavior changes back on the job. The content easily maps to popular courses with dedicated support tracks, as well as additional FranklinCovey solutions. And, clients have access to quarterly engagement reports, to see what is trending with employees.

The FranklinCovey’s All Access Pass is an annually renewable pass providing passholders with unlimited access to FranklinCovey’s entire collection of best-in-class content and solutions. Its core content offerings are now available in 20 plus languages, in more than 160 countries. Passholders can assemble, integrate, and deliver content from 26 areas, in an almost limitless combination through various delivery channels — On Demand, Live-Online, Live-in-Person, and microlearning. Passholders also have exclusive access to an implementation specialist and additional add-on services, such as coaching, to ensure they are unleashing the full scope and power of the All Access Pass to achieve their key business objectives.

Since FranklinCovey launched the All Access Pass five years ago, annual subscription and related revenue has grown to nearly $100 million, making it one of the largest and fastest growing subscription services focused on helping organizations successfully address their most important challenges which require behavioral change at scale.

About FranklinCovey

Franklin Covey Co. (NYSE: FC) is a global, public company, specializing in organizational performance improvement. We help organizations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior at scale. Our world-class solutions enable greatness in individuals, teams, and organizations and are accessible through the FranklinCovey All Access Pass®. They are available across multiple modalities and in 20 plus languages. Clients have included the Fortune 100, Fortune 500, thousands of small- and mid-sized businesses, numerous government entities, and educational institutions. FranklinCovey has more than 100 direct and partner offices providing professional services in more than 160 countries and territories. To learn more visit www.FranklinCovey.com and enjoy exclusive content across FranklinCovey’s social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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