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Georgia student assaulted, dragged across the floor for wearing LGBTQ Pride flag

Georgia student assaulted, dragged across the floor for wearing LGBTQ Pride flag. Metroweekly reports that a Georgia high school student faces multiple charges after attacking a classmate who was wearing a rainbow Pride flag. Video of the incident, which took place on Sept. 2, shows the student at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Ga., running up behind the victim and pulling the flag — which was draped around their shoulders — so forcibly that the victim was yanked down onto the floor. Students watched and laughed as the attacker, who has not been named, ran while still holding the flag, dragging the victim along the cafeteria floor. Another student, who was seated with the victim, rushed over to try and stop the attack. After struggling, the attacker took the Pride flag and threw it into a nearby bin, toppling it over. The video ends as the attacker appears to strike the student who tried to intervene. José, a graduate of Lowndes High School, shared the video to Twitter, noting that his brother currently attends the school. They called the attack “a fucking hate crime,” adding, “I’m so fucking LIVID that girl at the table was smiling and laughing at this kid getting assaulted.”

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