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Robert S. Insolia
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Goodwin Procter LLP welcomes and invites all our LGBTQ employees to rate-review us here on OutBüro in support of LGBTQ corporate equality.  Help us continue to be a great place to work and improve with YOUR voice here on OutBüro
Goodwin Procter LLP respects and values all our team members and know that your feedback here is vital to our mission of supporting our intent of a diverse and inclusive workforce while providing a safe and welcoming work environment. Your rating-review is mission critical above any outside report or index. 

Growth. Performance. Managing risk. However you define it, success in today’s global and digital age means addressing increasingly complex issues faster and more efficiently amid rapid change. Making the right decisions in this environment requires strategic counsel from an advisor who not only knows how laws are evolving in jurisdictions around the world but also has a deep understanding of your particular industry. This is Goodwin. We are a global 50 law firm with a history of working on groundbreaking matters. Goodwin focuses on working with clients in the financial, private equity, real estate, technology, and life sciences industries. Our more than 1,000 corporate and litigation lawyers leverage their specific experience and assemble full-service teams to advise clients in these and adjacent industries.

Goodwin is committed to promoting diversity in our law firm and in the legal profession. We are also committed to an inclusive environment in which each employee can excel and thrive. Diversity and inclusion are core to our business and our values, and our Chairman-led [email protected] initiative ensures that we make our efforts in this area a top priority.

It’s also a matter of justice. We believe that equity demands a diverse workforce and legal profession, and we have a long track record of enabling equal access to the legal system through our extraordinary pro bono efforts and our broad non-discrimination policies.

Goodwin is an equal opportunity employer. We hire, train, and promote without regard to race, color, gender, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, citizenship status, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, military or veteran status or another legally protected status.

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