Hiretual Releases Market Insights Feature Updates With Diversity Intelligence in All Reporting

New Features Provide Diversity Insights and Talent Market Data to Fill Hiring Gaps.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hiretual, the global talent platform and pioneer of AI-powered candidate searches, announced today amplified functionalities of its Market Insights feature to provide hiring teams with flexible talent intelligence capabilities during a year of shifting employee and job-seeker behavior. The updates also improve the quality of candidate searches for underrepresented talent by giving companies comprehensive talent reports to put effective diversity hiring plans in action.


As hiring trends continue to fluctuate, employers are looking for targeted and personalized hiring approaches to best match ideal employment opportunities for talent today. Hiretual’s enhanced Market Insights features give companies more data visualizations and customizations to narrow down on a targeted area of the talent market for candidate searches.

The platform’s Diversity Intelligence capabilities provide companies with robust reporting to drive impactful diversity hiring strategies in the right places and to the right people. These reports aggregate data on how diverse talent pools are responding to the market, including the top locations, companies and schools they come from. Hiretual analyzes these data points to predict benchmarking factors, such as average tenure and average market value, to help teams prepare for better attraction and retention rates of minority talent.

“As organizations combat hiring challenges like the Great Resignation as well as prioritize embracing a culture of diversity and inclusion, talent intelligence has become critical for hiring teams,” said Steven Jiang, CEO and co-founder of Hiretual. “Hiretual’s Market Insights gives companies the ability to allocate hiring resources tailored toward a particular group of talent, segmented by factors including location, average market value and seniority, for hiring teams across the country.”

Market Insights feature updates include:

  • Talent Pipelines: Talent teams can now generate insights reports on candidates in different stages of their Hiretual pipeline, including those who have been imported from an applicant tracking software (ATS). Reports can be customized before exporting to show select charts.
  • AI Sourcing Search Results: Talent teams have the opportunity to generate insights on candidates surfaced after creating a search with Hiretual’s AI Sourcing. Charts can be clicked to generate a list of candidate profiles attributed to each data point.
  • Interactive charts in Hiretual’s Market Insights tab: Talent teams can click into each chart to generate a list of candidate profiles attributed to each data point. Profiles can be added to an existing or new AI Sourcing project directly from the chart.

“Hiretual’s new diversity intelligence product takes sourcing to the next level,” said Keirsten Greggs, founder at TRAP Recruiter. “By offering organizations committed to building diverse talent pipelines a centralized location for sourcing across underrepresented communities including gender, race, and veteran status, really gives everyone an opportunity to help fill any open role.”

About Hiretual

Hiretual is an AI-Powered Global Talent Platform that empowers businesses to achieve their goals by hiring the right people and bringing forth visibility of underrepresented talent. Our Talent Data Cloud is your single source of truth for recruitment, built as a system of native integrations to centralize and refresh siloed data. Experience AI Sourcing across 45+ platforms to go beyond typical resumes and uncover real candidate potential. Build personalized outreach campaigns with sequences, tracking and calendar scheduling for meaningful connections. For more information, visit hiretual.com.


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