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How to Become a Certified LGBTQ Business

If you’re a business owner in the United States who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, intersex, or queer you can become a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise® and take advantage of the benefits the NGLCC offers.

To do so, you must first become a member of a local LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. Find an affiliated chamber directly on the NGLCC that is in your city. If there is not one yet, locate the one closest to you. Often local LGBTQ Chambers of Commerce have options for those living in their state but beyond their home base city. Check out their website. If it doesn’t have information regarding living a distance away, don’t get discouraged. Call and/or email them to get a conversation going.

After becoming a member of a NGLCC local LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, you may then apply to the NGLCC to become a certified LGBTQ owned business. For our research, in most cases the application for this certification is at no additional cost. But, be sure to get all the facts from your local LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. There are requirements, documentation, and even an in-person (maybe virtual right now due to COVID) to go through. The process can take a few months, so prepare and practice patience.

Once accomplished, celebrate. You have now distinguished your business as an underrepresented minority owned business.

Okay – Now What?

Big Client Potential B2B

The NGLCC has partnered with many corporations that have Diversity Supplier Policies and are seeking LGBTQ-owned businesses that provide products and/or services they need. You can learn more on the NGLCC website.

Local Client Potential – B2B

Even if you are a local business serving local businesses, organizations that aren’t part of the NGLCC you may encounter business prospects who have official diversity supplier programs, and some who even if not official will value the distinction and view it as a competitive advantage.

Consumers – B2C

Even if you are a local business serving the public, getting certified and displaying the accreditation logo for all to see can create tryst and loyalty with your customers.

Other Minority Certifications

There are other minority owned business certifications that you may qualify for. After or during the process of becoming a Certified LGBTQ Business Enterprise seek out others. Why not? You now likely have most of the documentation required. With just a little bit more effort to prepare jump in and go for it. Check this great resource to learn more about other diversity certifications.

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