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Jennifer & Stephanie: Science and Loving Yourself Toward Great Relationships

In this episode of OutBüro Voices featuring LGBTQ professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders from around the world, host Dennis Velco chats with Jennifer and Stephanie of Enchanted Awakenings – they are holistic relationship coaches.

Listen in to learn more. Jennifer and Stephanie are a warm, open, and giving couple that immediately makes anyone feel comfortable and safe. Jennifer and Stephanie both have long careers in service to others. Stephanie has long been a social worker focusing on victim support while Jennifer, along with her past career and education in psychology, recently became an ordained minister. They have taken their past and built upon their strengths mashed up with their own personal relationship experiences as a couple to form Enchanted Awakenings as holistic relationship coaches.

In our discussion, they clarify that they support clients in all relationships of any kind, with yourself, friendships, professional, family, and of course romantic. They stress that the most important relationship is with yourself first and foremost. Having a good relationship with yourself allows you to then be open and available for relationships with others. They focus on mind, body, and spirit helping clients peel back layers to live their full and authentic self and as needed set boundaries to ensure respectful interactions with others.

Does the word holistic immediately make you think of woo woo stuff like burning incense, lots of pillows, and tie-dye fabric? In our discussion, we chat about the science of trauma triggers, quantum mechanics, magnetic fields, neuroplasticity, brain function, and neuron cells in the heart. All this comes together with their expert guidance to help others lead a rich and fulfilled life of first loving and respecting yourself and then being open to others while maintaining you first.

Listen in to how Jennifer and Stephanie use natural language to share when the other unknowingly step on a trigger of past emotional baggage and how they use that to broaden their own self-discovery and deepen their emotional bond together. Jennifer and Stephanie work with individuals and couples providing one-on-one and group sharing. They offer weekly free guided sessions via a Facebook group and recently started a group on

Here is a link to the group:

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