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Ambassador Program Overview

As an OutBüro Ambassador, if you choose to participate, you are an independent marketer.  Since OutBüro promotes entrepreneurialism we feel it is only right that we offer this potentially lucrative income earning opportunity to every OutBüro member.  We believe this will foster an entrepreneurial spirit.  It will grow and strengthen our community and your personal, company or organizations active and passive income.

Welcome to the OutBüro Ambassador team.

Be sure to review the following:

Steps to Claim an Employer Listing if the Employer is already listed on the site yet not currently claimed.

Steps to Add an Employer Listing if the Employer is not already listed on the site.

Note that employees who add their employer for free naturally do not generate Ambassador credits/funds.  However, those listings may be claimed via the Step to Claim an Employer Listing.

Let’s GROW TOGETHER while promoting LGBTQ workplace equality.

Any employer, any size, anywhere in the world.

Start by introducing OutBüro to the employer companies and organization you already have a relationship with.  Then expand from there as you market your products/services to other companies and organizations.

When you log into  OutBüro you’ find the Ambassador Area under the Support menu.

OutBüro Ambassador Program Overview: 

  • Start immediately earning a stream of income by referring visitors to OutBüro using your unique Ambassador URL slug for any page and using the creatives provided for you located in your Ambassador Area.
  • Your referral will be active for 90 days from each click.
  • If visiting the company/organization in person, you may guide them in registering them.  Just use your unique Ambassador URL slug to navigate to the Add Employer Listing page when you begin to ensure you are attributed with the new Employer Listing.
  • You’ll earn 10% commission, per successful new Employer Listing and upgrades during that period.
  • Your converted referrals will remain associated with you and you’ll earn 10% commission on future subscription renewal of uninterrupted membership.
  • If two OutBüro Ambassadors attract/invite the same visitor, the most recent Ambassador link used by the visitor at the time of registering is attributed.  So invite those you have a relationship and follow up with them to encourage them to join immediately.
  • Earned funds distributed monthly with a minimum balance due of $50, else it rolls over until your account exceeds $50.
  • The OutBüro Ambassador area is open and transparent on the funds earned and due to you.

Just think how quickly those funds could:

Use the funds in any way you see fit.

If you are an individual Ambassador:

  • Add your employer for free, then convince them to claim their Employer Listing and you’ll earn.
  • Apply the funds to an LGBTQ employee resource group.
  • Or keep it for your efforts – we don’t mind.  It’s your choice
  • pay a bill or two
  • pay down your credit card debt
  • be applied toward your car principle
  • pay down your home principle
  • fund a vacation
  • the possibilities are endless

If your company is an Ambassador:

  • Apply the funds to any business expenses
  • Donate the funds to local LGBT non-profit charities
  • Throw a great party for your employees or customers
  • It’s up to you.

If your organization is an Ambassador:

  • Speak with your accountant on how best to categorize the funds.  Consider it a donation/stipend or income earned.
  • Use the funds to fill in the gaps from your members’ donations.
  • Use the funds to expand your community services.
  • It’s up to you.

Employer Listing subscriptions are on a sliding scale based on the number of employees the employer currently has.  The larger the employer the more you earn.  But even smaller employer listings add up.

Log into your OutBüro account.  Then navigate to the Ambassador area to retrieve your Ambassador link, track your progress, track monies due and paid, access settings and marketing creative resources.

We’ll be expanding the feature to make your Ambassador experience as simple and beneficial as possible.

Site social share buttons integrated

The social share buttons on the OutBüro are integrated with the Ambassador tracking system.  Naturally, your in-person relationships will be of higher value and convert best.  However, as you use the site’s social share buttons to promote OutBüro via your online social networking efforts, any click-throughs from those postings will be attributed to you for the indicated duration of 90 days after each click.

Understanding last referrer associated

So, let’s say that we have an affiliate named Ambassador_1 (John) and Ambassador_1 (John) shares a link. Now, visitor_1 clicks on the link to a c, but they don’t sign up as an Employer Listing.  Hours, weeks, months or later, a second affiliate named Ambassador_s (Suzzy) shares an Ambassador link that the same visitor_1 clicks on and then at that time signs up as an Employer Listing.  Ambassador_s (Suzzy) will be attributed and associated with the new Employer Listing account.  Thus Ambassador_s (Suzzy) will receive the commissions from visitor_1‘s Employer Listing subscription fees.  It is therefore important if you are working to attract an Employer to OutBüro that you follow up and do what you can to get them to register as soon as possible, even sitting with them to complete the registration is a great idea.

Referral Link Format

You’ve all seen ?Ref=XXXXX in URLs.  Those are often affiliate links.  To help lessen the appearance of our Ambassador system we’ve opted for “oba” which stands for OutBüro Ambassador.  That is then followed by your OutBüro ID or your own custom slug you choose.  Since this is often your OutBüro profile name and often that is not your personal or business name, we’ve added the ability to create a custom slug.  This allows your OutBüro profile ID to be different from your Ambassador ID which you may want to clearly identify you.  The choice is yours and you may change this anytime and maintain the history and credits.

You can create a unique slug too.  Keep it short and simple.

Tracking Your Ambassador Activity


On this page, if your Ambassador Payment email is different than the email you registered on the site with, or to just make 110% sure, enter your desired payment email here.

Enable New Referral Notifications if checked you’ll receive an email when someone who followed your link signs up on the website.   

If you’d like you may alter the “slug” that defaults to your site profile.  You may enter a Custom Slug here.  This is useful if you don’t want your name as your slug for example.  If unique for the site it will be accepted.


Our system is completely transparent.  From your Ambassador Area you can see all the references, commissions earned and past payouts.  Payments will be made at the end of the first week of each month for the previous month’s earned commissions.  Payouts will happen when Ambassador funds due are $50.00 or higher.  Funds roll over monthly until $50.00 is reached.  We distribute funds via PayPal.  You must have an active Paypal account and use the email registered with PayPal for the system to recognize and pay you properly.

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