Counter-Notice to Alleged Intellectual Rights Infringement

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Counter-Notice to Alleged Intellectual Rights Infringement

  • Instructions

    This Counter-Notice should be used if you have received a message regarding a Notice of Copyright Infringement that you believe has been improperly submitted against you. For more information about our copyright policy, or for the mailing address of our copyright agent, please visit our Support page and Copyright or Trademark Policy.

  • I declare UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that I am the person (or the authorized agent of the person/organization) who posted the content identified in the Notice of Copyright Infringement and referring to content located at: (provide URL or describe where the content was previously accessible)

  • A brief description of the content.
  • Provide the URL on the OutBüro site to the alleged content.
  • Upload any supporting documentation or images to support your counter-claim.
  • By submitting this Counter-Notice and entering my signature below, I confirm the following: I consent to the jurisdiction of the United States federal district court for the jurisdiction in which my address, set forth above, is located, or, if I reside outside the United States, to the jurisdiction of the United States federal district court in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA; I agree to accept service of process from the Complainant submitting the Notice or his/her authorized agent; and I understand that this Counter-Notice, including my contact information, may be provided to the Complainant.
  • Typing your full name in this box will act as your digital signature
  • Note: Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, upon receipt of a copy of this Counter-Notice, the Complainant has 10 business days to commence a formal judicial action against the User in relation to the User's infringing activity. If such action is filed, the allegedly infringing content will be removed or will remain removed from the OutBüro site until the matter is resolved. If no action is filed, we will allow you to re-post, the content 10-14 business days after receipt of this Counter-Notice.

    Note: In order to answer your question or troubleshoot a problem, a LinkedIn representative may need to access your account, including, as needed, your messages and settings.

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