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Is OutBüro a dating site?

Simply put. No.

OutBüro is not designed NOT intended to be a dating site. The intent is to form, build and nurture the LGBTQ professional and entrepreneur community in a professional manner and demeanor. However, might people connect on that level and also potentially spark additional interests? Sure. It happens in the office. But it is not the intent and is generally not sought by other site members.

It is similar in that regard to LinkedIn. There too, I have had persons contact me via LinkeIn from far reaches of the planet expounding their interests in me. They have gotten a bit smarter and have begun conversations that don’t appear to be heading in that direction, but soon do. I strive to remain polite, yet professional. I thank them for the compliment and remind them that it is not the forum for that, and beside, unless they are willing to travel to my location to meet for coffee with no expectation beyond that it is pointless. Right?

Be safe and be aware that there are many scammers and phisher out there who try to take advantage of others. On some other sites, you may get contacted by an profile with an attractive photo who is claiming to be searching for their soul mate. They cannot travel becuase they are on a ship, or a service member stationed somewhere. Soon, if allowed, they ask you to buy online gift cards, take photos of it and send to them. Hello, this is about extorting money from you. Be very cautious on any online platform.

If you believe such activity is happening on this site, REPORT the content and user profile. See the following:

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