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LGBTQ Corporate Equality – Employer Rating/Reviews Overview [Video]

Be sure to check out the following:

Steps to Add Your Employer Company to OutBüro

Steps to Rate Your Employer as an LGBT Employee

Employer Review Guidelines

Referenced in the video:

LGBT Diversity And Inclusion: Benefits Company, Employees and Customers

Study finds LGBT people less likely to be hired, paid less, and not promoted

LGBT Workers in over half of the United States lack full protection

OutBüro Launches Ambassador Program

LGBTQ workplace studies:

New Study Suggest LGBTQ People in Management Great for Business

72% of LGBT People Experience Mental Health Issues Due to Work Environment

Studies Show Men Get Penalized for Not Holding to Masculine Norms in the Office

Research Finds Females Favor Hiring Gay and Lesbian Job Seekers

Study: Occurrences of LGBT Workplace Discrimination Cases in the USA

Heterofexible – 29% of Young Americans Say They Are Not 100% Heterosexual

LGBT Queer People Face Challenges Being Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Fields

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